Developer Reveals How Live Actors Sneak into the ‘The Under Presents’, and When You Can Find Them


The Under Presents is a genre-defying VR experience with a curious secret: from time to time some of its characters are puppeteered by real people, and if you’re lucky, you could be part of the show.

Created by Tender Claws, The Under Presents is a unique VR experience that mixes game and performance in mind-bending ways. Aside from interacting with past versions of yourself and the ability to control time, you’ll also come across a roster of mysterious characters which are at times live acted remotely by real people. Tender Claws recently revealed how this works in practice and its quite fascinating.

There’s a whole side of the game which is only seen by hand-picked actors. When donning their headset, a special interface allows them to select and customize a unique avatar. They also have the ability to move themselves and players, spawn items as props, and control the scale of objects. With these tools the actors jump into the game world and find players who get to experience a slice of immersive theater.

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But how to find these moments as a player? Tender Claws says that through the month of May, players can jump into The Under Presents every Friday for two hours starting at 5PM (your local time here) for a chance to catch one of these fleeting performances.

The Under Presents is available on Oculus Rift & Quest and Steam.

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    Never seen an unlisted YouTube channel before. All their website says about them is that they are in the PST timezone. Now I wonder if something in their app must make people mad at the actors!

  • “They also have the ability to move themselves and players, spawn items as props, and control the scale of objects.” Except for move other players, all players in the game can do these things. At least I could when I was in there.