This HTC Vive PAX Reactions Video is Pure, Honest Hype

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The HTC team are in marketing overdrive mode right now, with an estimated arrival date for their (and Valve’s) first VR headset slated for the end of the year (albeit in limited numbers), the team’s whistle stop ‘world’ tour is getting the tech onto as many people’s heads as possible. As a result, it’s garnering some pretty good reactions from the public (and the occasional celebrity). This video, collated from reactions to the company’s PAX Prime presence, is the best kind of hype.

This video, from HTC themselves, is clearly designed to amp up the hype surrounding the device and therefore should be taken with a pinch, as always. However, we know from our own experience that these kinds of reactions are what happens when you introduce people to really great virtual reality. We charted this over numerous shows with our Oculus Rift reaction videos and interviews.

The HTC Vive, which will be Valve’s flagship hardware for their Steam VR platform, is said to be shipping later this year in limited numbers, with the release proper beginning Q1 2016. This means it joins the Oculus Rift consumer edition, also slated for launch in the first part of next year, with Sony’s Project Morpheus on it’s way in Q2.

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  • bji

    I don’t need more hype videos! I could not possibly be more hyped as it is! I just need these companies to release their products so that I can enjoy them!

  • bji

    By the way this site is awesome. You do an amazing job finding good stories to report on that I don’t see mentioned anywhere else. Thank you!