‘Tokyo Chronos’ Studio Announces VR Team Shooter ‘Brazen Blaze’, Coming in 2024


MyDearest, the Japan-based studio behind the Tokyo Chronos VR series, revealed it’s next VR game, a team shooter called Brazen Blaze.

The studio describes Brazen Blaze as a “3v3 smack & shoot VR action with a heavy focus on close quarter melee combat.”

You’ll be able to “choose from a variety of characters with unique skills to destroy whatever lies in your path to achieve victory,” the game’s Steam page reads.

As seen in the reveal trailer, Brazen Blaze equips players with super-powerful gauntlets that let you dash through the air and destroy buildings, punch your enemy into space, and offers up some unique weapons to do things like shoot mini-missiles, activate large gravity fields, heal friends, etc.

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There’s still plenty to learn about Brazen Blaze before its 2024 launch; MyDearest has only said so far that it’s targeting SteamVR headsets, where it will hold the game’s initial closed alpha. The studio’s head of oversees marketing & producer Alberto Moreno however confirmed in the game’s Discord that “Quest 2 can run the game,” which could mean we’re getting a version for Quest 2 and Quest 3 too.

In the meantime, you can request access to the game’s alpha test by joining the Brazen Blaze Discord (invite link), which will be open for signups up until September 24th. Announcements of who gets into the alpha are due on September 28th, with the closed alpha set to take place between October 6th – 8th.

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  • Andrey

    Ooof… That’s really hilarious when developer shows a nice CGI part of the trailer… and right after that there is a real gameplay footage with a statue made of like 5 polygons that collapse in a 2000’s B-rated movie style, lol.
    The worst thing (two things actually) is the ending where, instead of more gameplay and showing unique features of the game, they just start to list some people who, I suppose, should make gamers like myself love this project more because they were working on non-VR stuff in the past?… But after one “competitive VR shooter” (it’s name starts with V and has 4 letters in it) that was heavily supported and promoted by this exact “VR Expertise Producer” and now literally abandoned and mostly forgotten (14 players peak in 24h, woohoo!) I don’t think this game will have any luck either. And it’s sad, because Tokyo Chronos was pretty good actually, especially because there are very few good visual novels in nicely done anime style. Imo they should just continue working in that direction and mastering this genre instead of 180 flip to a development of a “team shooter” they never worked on before.

    • ViRGiN

      LMAO thrillseeker is such a ertard. He doesn’t love VR, he loves being a e-girl using valve index with “full body tracking” and spending 24/7 in vrchat. He is a businessman, not an enthusiast. Meta hater, cause he realised talking bad about meta will get you clicks.

      Vail (why afraid to name it?) is absolute trash and is completly dead, there are no 14 players peak, it’s all fake numbers, and been fake since day 1. It’s literally the servers running, inflating the numbers. But dont knock off VAIL just yet – they made at least about 10 million dollars through “investors” and NFT sales. They will be around for a while, even if noone plays it. Quest port was supposed to come out “summer 2023” and despite 2-3 weeks left, obviously it’s not coming, and obviously that will be “good news” cause they will make product even better than before! I could talk about vail trash for hours, there is so much scam and red flags. Even their discord is full of 50k fake users.

      Habie is also a businessman now. Said he doesnt accept sponsorships, so instead he partnered with vail to sell his skin in-game lol! Surely that was vail idea to use popular youtuber hoping his kids (no adult can watch his videos) will buy vail to support their favorite “content creator” (word used for someone who records just a gameplay). He was all about immersion etc. Now Crossfire sponsored him, and he is loving the game with auto reloads…

      Don’t forget about Oasis VR! Yet another VR shill who claimed to “invest” in VAIL, made a single video announcing it to be free to play (never happened), and never covered it even once afterwards.

      “VR influencer” sphere is pure cringe.

      • namekuseijin

        Lol for the quick jabs at the YouTube shill gang

      • CrusaderCaracal

        Spot on

    • Jonathan Winters III

      Agreed. They should stick to their strengths rather than squandering it on a usually unsuccessful genre.

  • Eric Clapton

    Another soon to be dead multiplayer
    Can’t wait til the unreal injector

    • ViRGiN

      I can’t wait as well. It will split the community into Quest 3 vs 3DTVR.

  • Nice!

  • I’m definitely curious.

  • Anonymous

    This is what ThrillSeeker helped develop?
    Seriously, this is disappointing coming from him and MyDearest. MD’s strong suit is character and story that no one will care about when engaging in PvP, and more so in VR because you are even busier than using mouse/KB.

    When I heard Thrill said he is helping develop a game with MD I really thought he being an anime enthusiast he would know better, but looks like he just wants Japanese anime characters slapped to overasturated Western competitive gaming crap and hoping it will work – it won’t.

    • CrusaderCaracal

      This is exactly the kind of game thrillseeker would develop

      • Anonymous

        I should have sensed it when he almost always uses random VR shooter for his background video.
        I genuinely thought it was just those games tend to have pinnacle graphics for Quest 2 / PC and would look cool. I thought too highly of him thinking he knows how to make VR and Japanese anime work in the western audiences. But all he thought of is PVP.

      • Anonymous

        TBF on second thought it could have been MD’s part making the mistake (since many successful VR games are PVP), and Thrill is just trying to give whatever advice he can based on his knowledge about the genre.
        My past experience in video game industry was that games should be already way past Alpha to bring in “advisors”. It is usually suicide to get these advisors too engaged early on.

    • ViRGiN

      He doesn’t care what is developed, he just wants his name attached to actual products rather than pigeonhole as “youtuber”

  • CrusaderCaracal

    This game looks awful