It’s been a year since Japanese studio MyDearest and LA-based studio Sekai Project successfully concluded their Kickstarter for Tokyo Chronos (2019), the VR mystery game told through the lens of a visual novel. Now, the studios are getting ready to launch the game on PSVR.

Tokyo Chronos is slated to land today, August 26th, on the PlayStation Store exclusively for PSVR. The game first launched on the PSVR platform in Japan on August 22nd. As far as we can tell, no official release date has been set for the international version. We’ve reached out to Sekai Project for clarification and will update this once we know more.

The game, which was led by Kazuma Miki, a producer behind VR-centric anime series Sword Art Online (2012), previously launched on Quest, Go, and PC VR headsets back in March. The game has since garnered a ‘Very Positive’ user rating on Steam, and a near five star-rating on the RiftQuest, and Go platforms respectively.

The game is centered around eight childhood friends trapped inside a strangely deserted Shibuya, where time has mysteriously come to stand still. The message, “I am dead. Who killed me?” appears along with the ominous statement: “To kill, or not to kill ─ YOU decide.”

Tokyo Chronos boasts 5,000 lines of voice-acted dialogue in Japanese to go along with English subtitles, making it ether an exercise in reading the visual novel or brushing up on your Japanese skills: something the ‘subs-over-dubs’ anime contingency should be just fine with. There are multiple pathways through the game, and multiple endings as well, the studios say.

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At the time of this writing, there’s currently no pricing available for the US PlayStation Store version, although the Mexican store quotes a $50 US price tag. We should know more when Sony flips the switch later today.

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  • Joshua Corvinus

    I used to think VNs and VR weren’t compatible at all but this game changed my mind on that. It’s good.

  • funi22

    still no release for europe