Studio Alta, the developer behind open-world RPG A Township Tale (2021), announced it has a new title in the works, this time focusing on a “dark fantasy game” exclusive to VR headsets.

The studio hasn’t said much about the game, which for now is simply codenamed ‘Project 2’, however Alta says it will be showing regular updates on its new YouTube channel from start to finish.

Check out the channel trailer below to get a peek at some possible early prototype features:

At least from what we can tell from the trailer, the studio’s second project looks to be a multiplayer dungeon crawler of sorts, which puts heavy emphasis on sword and sorcery melee.

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Considering the studio’s work on A Township Tale, which features a ton of object-based interactions and immersive upgrade pathways, we’re hoping ‘Project 2’ turns out to be just as thoughtful and expansive. For now, there’s no telling which platforms the game is targeting, however if A Township Tale is any indication, a good bet would be Quest and PC VR support.

You can follow Project 2 by joining the studio’s Discord (invite link), which will no doubt eventually allow some sort of alpha access, as Alta Studio seems pretty intent on engaging the community for feedback.

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  • STL

    From what I see it doesn’t even come close to what you could get from Skyrim VR in 2017

  • BananaBreadBoy

    On the ATT discord, they mentioned they were exploring something in the PvPvE space for Project 2. So something along the lines of Ghosts of Tabor or (considering the aesthetic) Dark & Darker.

    As for the game itself, I’m a lil hesitant. Alta was great with Township Tale for a time, with regular updates and even consistent MASSIVE Q&A devlogs on their channel. But sometime in the last few years, development feels like it’s slowed down immensely as focus became porting over stuff to the Quest version. And communication become downright anemic. No more videos, maybe a devblog every once in a blue moon, and new gameplay content was becoming increasingly rare. But they would always make time to be consistent for their microtransaction store outfits…

    Overall, I’ll keep an eye on their new Project, but I hope they can remain consistent with it.

  • philingreat

    Is it just me or does this look very similar to Dungeons Of Eternity