‘Twilight Zone VR’ Quest 2 Release Date Announced with New Gameplay Trailer


Developer Pocket Money Studios today revealed that Twilight Zone VR is set for a July 14th release date on Quest 2 and released an action-packed gameplay trailer.

Based on the iconic anthology series, The Twilight Zone VR is said to feature three self-contained single-player episodes which will span the sort of genres we’ve come to expect from the franchise: hard sci-fi to psychological horror.

Thanks to a new trailer revealed today we now know more about what the gameplay will look like.

The game promises to deliver “three self-contained single player episodes at launch and span multiple genres ranging from psychological horror to science fiction.”

Twilight Zone VR is set for release on July 14th starting on Quest 2. The game has also been confirmed to launch on PSVR but the studio says that will come at a later date.

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  • Not going to lie, looks like a pretty bland creature shooter. Not really the psychological horror Im looking for in a Twilight Zone VR game

    • Corellianrogue

      To be fair, I expect something based on The Twilight Zone to be full of twists so they probably don’t want to reveal too much in the trailer.

      • I would agree, but I’d also expect them to have more to show than a guy in mixed reality hiding behind corners and shooting at eyeballs. I can’t say for the new show, haven’t watched it, but the old show had soooooo much to pull from there should be infinite VR potential here and it’s just not doing it for me

    • jbob4mall

      Yeah, doesn’t look very twilight zonish. Looks like they just slapped the movie title to a game they were all ready making after they got the rights to it.

    • kool

      The twilight zone is ripe for a psychological puzzle VR game. I think they’re trying to balance it with some shooting mechanics you have to have a big bad to shooty shoot to sell a game after all right.

    • namekuseijin

      at least it’s not Twilight Woke the new tv series…

  • Maybe the stories are really good? Otherwise, kinda simplistic fare to be the face of the “Twilight Zone” IP in VR. Then again, what was the last “Twilight Zone” video game? Anyone?

    • James Cobalt

      I said the same thing on Twitter and one of the people on their team replied that it’s not quite what it seems from the trailer. So… hopefully it has a much stronger narrative bent and the action scenes are just the marketing team pitching to the lowest common denominator.

  • The trailer is well made for s ure