Unello Design, the indie studio behind Eden River HD, has just released two new apps for Cardboard, Zen Zone and Nebuland. Taking a few ‘me time minutes’ in the middle of a hectic day was never so easy.

Pop on a pair of headphones, slide your smartphone into your Google Cardboard, and be prepared for two meditative experiences that will release those sweet endogenous endorphins into your work stressed brain, because Zen Zone and Nebuland not only help take your mind off work and learn to cultivate zen-like mindfulness, but also feature tracks written and recorded by Unello Design‘s founding developer Aaron Lemke.

Zen Zone


A soft female voice instructs you to take a look at your new environment, an enclosed space encompassed by rock formations hiding a tranquil koi pond. Sun streams through the branches of an old tree that sways lazily in the breeze. The voice tells you that your meditative nook is “a place just for you, to relax, and feel comforted, to slow down and forget the worries of the day,” and it’s hard not to believe it.

Download ‘Zen Zone’ for Google Cardboard

The nature scene fades to the blackness of deep space, and you are told to focus on your breath, a sort of guided ‘mindfulness’ meditation used in many Buddhist traditions and secular Vipassana courses alike. The reassuring voice leads you through a full body relaxation technique and leaves you to contemplate your new found lunch break meditation regime.

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And the best part, Zen Zone can be had for only $1.99 on Google Play.

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Nebuland is puzzle game featuring a trippy nexus of changing patterns and colors, much like how the late and great psychonaut Terence McKenna described a session with one the most powerful psychedelic compounds, dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

“colors begin racing together, and it forms this mandalic, floral, slowly rotating thing…usually yellow-orange…the chrysanthemum. you either break through it, or you require one more toke.” -T. McKenna

Download ‘Nebuland’ for Cardboard

One slide of the magnetic washer on Google Cardboard and you’re launched into a galaxy of spiraling whizzbangs and other geometric light entities that aim to dazzle. Unfortunately at this time, if your Cardboard variant headset doesn’t have the little magnetic washer, you won’t be able to join in the fun, as tapping directly on the screen doesn’t produce any interaction with the app.


At $0.99, Nebuland is an easy buy for anyone that needs a mindless puzzle to help them relax, like Star Trek TNG’s ‘The Game‘, except with far less psychological addiction and zero Wesley Crusher.

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  • Stray Toaster

    Psychedelic trip simulators could become a popular genre in VR. A few weeks ago I had a Lucia No. 3 45 minute session and something like that would work very well with any VR headset.