Unity have been present during and indeed a key component of VR’s current renaissance. The earliest major 3D game engine to support the Oculus Rift DK1, Unity 3D rendered VR games still number in the majority.

unity-logoNow, Unity Technologies have announced that they’re reaffirming their commitment to the space with a dedicated virtual and augmented reality conference – the annual Vision Virtual and Augmented Reality Summit – aimed at supporting and tracking these rapidly evolving industries.

A press release issued by the company states:

The rapid advancement of virtual and augmented reality technologies is opening incredible new pathways for people to interact with digital creations. New commercial, entertainment, and educational experiences using VR and AR will be as transformative as the jump from television to the Internet. The Vision Conference will be a developer driven event focused on exploring the new opportunities, thought­ provoking challenges, and extraordinary potential presented by current and future VR and AR technology.

The new conference is resolutely developer focussed, with talks and panels “…aimed to extend knowledge and create discussion on a wide range of topics including conceptual and practical design, technology deep dives, and new challenges facing developers”.

The conference will also integrate a new awards ceremony – the Vision Awards, designed to celebrate achievements in the VR and AR space over the previous 12 months.

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Unity are requesting submissions from those interested in presenting and talking at the new summit – due to be held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel February 10-11 next year.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to attend – you can sign up for the Vision Conference newsletter to get notified as soon as tickets go on sale.

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