At Epic’s Unreal Engine presentation at GDC, the team demonstrated their forthcoming Unreal VR Editor working with both the Oculus Rift VR Headset and the Oculus Rift motion controllers.

On stage at Epic’s Demonstrated full editor menus represented, content browser, material editor and blueprint scripting GUI all in virtual reality. What’s more, anyone who has access to motion controllers and Unreal Engine as well as as VR headset, can try the VR editor out right now.

Here’s a few shots of the editor in action.



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  • brandon9271

    Great to know it works with the Oculus Touch today even though nobody has one …today.

    lol :-P

    • AuxPlumes

      Great to know there is no full triple A quality game involving hand controllers… today

      ; ]

      • brandon9271

        Nobody to sell them to if there were. Hell, i don’t know of any AAA VR games period. :-/ Battlezone? Maybe?

        • The AAA VR games are from the big players, are in development, and on the slate for 2017 and 2018 launches. You could certainly consider Lucky’s Tale, Eve: Valkyrie, and Elite Dangerous Horizons to be the front runners of that pack.

  • Unreal : if you’re serious, you need Vive Lighthouse support immediately, since by my read there are less than 500 pairs of Oculus Touch controllers actually “in the wild” today, with a nebulous ship date.