Schell Games’ latest VR title, Until You Fall, launched in Early Access on Steam last week to strong reviews, but currently the game only officially supports the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Come October, the developers expect to add support for Index & Windows VR as well.

Until You Fall launched in Early Access last week. In our review of the game we found an impressive experience which combines some very satisfying VR melee combat with RPG-elements, ultimately delivering a sense of deliberate combat strategy which we haven’t found elsewhere in VR.

Unfortunately, the Early Access version of the game launched only with official support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and without support for both Valve Index headset and the Windows VR headsets, leading the game to crash when attempted to be played with either.

Come “early October,” the developers of the game expect to add support for both Index and Windows VR headsets, the studio confirmed on the game’s Steam discussion board today. The update should bring compatibility with “most OpenVR supported setups,” which we would expect to also include Pimax.

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The developers say they are “talking about getting some more unofficial support out earlier than that,” which could mean that upcoming updates to the game will add experimental support ahead of the developers giving the official stamp of approval in the October update.

'Until You Fall' Early Access Review: VR Hack & Slash, with Depth

As for Until You Fall coming to Oculus Quest, the developers aren’t ready to commit to anything, but aren’t putting it off the table either. In a Reddit Q&A about the game last week, Schell Games senior game designer Dave Bennett addressed the request:

“We’re focusing on PC VR initially before focusing on other VR platforms. We’ll likely start having discussions about this some time in 2020, but we have no official plans right now.”

The studio has said that it expects Until You Fall to remain in Early Access at least until 2020, so it seems they hope to move the PC VR version of the game further toward its ‘1.0’ release before thinking too much about whether or not it will make it to Quest.

While Until You Fall is only currently available on Steam, the developers have said it will eventually launch on the Oculus Store for Rift as well.

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