Valve’s The Lab, the ridiculously fun Portal-themed tech demo for HTC Vive, recently released a new update that will have you sharpening your skills against the best in the world.

Called the Appliance of Science Update, Valve is now including global leaderboards and infinite play for Longbow, Xortex, and Slingshot in The Lab, a free collection of mini-games which is apparently shaping up to be some of the best room-scale games out currently.

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Longbow, the archery sim that has you shooting up Portal’s pocket universe minions, now has a scoring system that gives you extra points for things like head shots and popping balloons when in infinite mode.

Xortex’s infinite mode now offers a new bomb weapon, and new powerups, which increases your score multiplier when you gun down enemies. Using a bomb however resets your score multiplier, so use sparingly!


Valve has also upped the intensity of the explosive barrels in Slingshot along with scoring adjustments for receiving another core, making you reach 4 million points for the next core instead of the previous 1 million.

Optional voice subtitles and text translations for several languages within the Intro, the Hub, Slingshot, Robot Repair, and Secret Shop—determined by your current Steam language—come alongside the new game mechanics.

And the best part of the update? Now your robo-companion ‘Fetchbot’ elicits a haptic response to your controller when you give it a well deserved scratch on the belly.

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  • dotsmada

    The only mini-game I found somewhat interesting was the tower defense one. The others I played once and didn’t go back to.

    • Pete

      What! Are you sure you tried Xortex?? The game is simply amazing!

      • realtrisk

        No accounting for some people’s (lack of) taste, I guess.

      • dotsmada

        I did and it wasn’t for me I guess.

  • DiGiCT Ltd

    Xortex is my favorite, although i finished it, now time to go back into it.
    Thx Valve.

  • Zobeid

    I’ve spent way too much time in Slingshot. I find the update a bit disappointing. I would have liked a little more impact force and stronger explosions, but the explosions now are so extreme that the finesse and strategy is gone. Just hit the barrels — any barrels — and you’re done! At the same time, it’s so stingy with replacement cores that any missed shots are severely punished.

    The improvements to Longbow are welcome, though. I’m glad it gives an opportunity to rest once in a while, or this could become a real workout.

    • Gus Bisbal

      Oh no a work out!…. quick… run!!! (damn it, thats a work out too)

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    In longbow today I got to wave 25, I’m not bragging or anything, but yeah, I’m that damn good. :p

    • Zobeid

      It really is a fantastic feeling when you’re “in the groove” nailing shot after shot with the bow, isn’t it?