High-end enterprise headset maker Varjo is teasing an online “special event” where it says viewers will “discover the future of VR/XR.” The tease heavily points in the direction of the company’s next headset, likely the XR-4.

Varjo has been steadily making its high-end enterprise focused XR headsets better and cheaper over the course of years. The company’s key differentiator has been its ‘bionic display’ system which adds an extra display to each lens which offers retina resolution quality in a small area at the center of the headset’s view.

Photo by Road to VR

The company has also focused heavily on making high-quality passthrough and interesting features to take advantage of it. It’s latest flagship headset, the XR-3, was announced back in late 2020.

Today the company announced a forthcoming “special event” with some photography that heavily implies we’ll see the announcement of a new XR-4 headset.

Image courtesy Varjo

The online-only event will take place on November 27th at 10AM PT (your timezone here).

While it looks like we can probably expect to hear about the Varjo XR-4, it’s unclear if the company will have any updates on its high-end consumer headset, Varjo Aero, which got a big price cut recently. While we don’t know exactly what the company’s plans are for the future of the Aero, Varjo told us last year its plan was to make it a whole series of headsets, not just a one-off device.

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  • ViRGiN

    VR FLIGHT SIM GUY and MRTV about to milk dozen videos

  • Andrew Jakobs

    I’ll bet the price drop was to clear their current stock. These headsets are pretty pricey so I won’t be buying one anyway, but I’m certainly looking forward to what they will present and how much better it will be compared to current new headsets.

  • xyzs

    I just hope they are tiny with wide FOV.
    Because their high price needs to be justified with top notch specs.

  • Well, with the Vision Pro incoming, makes sense they want to show off something that gives customers a reason to buy a Varjo headset.

    • ViRGiN

      Do you truly believe lack of iOS-alike is what really withheld customers?

  • Bumpy

    Is there any hope this model will do EVERYTHING right finally? All they really have to do is copy Quest3 but put in higher res, larger FOV screens.

    • ViRGiN

      nope, zero.

    • Bruh

      The current gen XR3 already has higher resolution screens (4 of them) and wider FOV than Quest 3 (110° v 115° ), including higher resolution passthrough cameras, and it came out two years before Quest 3 . Who copied who?

    • Somerandomindividual

      Sigh. The XR3 is a professional-grade headset with MR technology far in advance of anything rlse on the market. It costs several thousand dollars. It’s nothing to do with a Quest 3 competitor.

  • MosBen

    I said this in response to a post when the Quest was released, but stuff like this is just cool to see that VR tech is still making significant advances. I’ve been around long enough to have heard the moaning of people in every year from 2017 on that VR was dead because it hadn’t become a mainstream tech platform/modality yet. And to them I would respond that it’s ok for VR to not hit the mainstream right away. As long as there’s a dedicated base of fans willing to continue buying VR products in sufficient numbers to encourage companies to keep making those products the tech will just quietly get better year after year. And at some point the tech will likely get good enough and affordable enough to make sense as a mainstream consumer platform. And along the way VR/AR developers will get better and better at refining the design language of VR/AR software and coming up with fun and useful uses for it.

    And here we are, ten years after the Oculus Rift came into the public consciousness and the technology continues to improve year by year. It’ll be neat to see what a high end company like Varjo is working on; tech which will surely trickle down into consumer headsets in the next couple years.

  • Somerandomindividual

    The Aero 2 will likely come next year they are not a huge company and will likely not release two classes of headset at once. However, it’s clear they are getting rid of Aero inventory so imo they are preparing for something else on the consumer field.