Third-person VR platformer Ven VR Adventure, which launched on PC VR last holiday season, is now set for an August 12th release date on Oculus Quest. The game has been confirmed for PSVR as well, but there’s no word on a launch date.

Much like Astro Bot or Moss, in Ven VR Adventure you’re tasked with guiding little Ven on his journey from a third-person standpoint, but you’re also present in the world too. Ven sets off to save his fellow pals, all of whom have been scattered across the planet by space invaders. As an intergalactic police officer, you track the game’s chief villain, Bruce Nelson, and save them from machines and deadly enemies as you maneuver around traps and other various dangers.

Image courtesy Monologic

Ven VR Adventure launched initially on Oculus PC in December 2020 and on Steam in January. With a promise of four to six hours of gameplay, it’s seen generally favorable reviews, currently sitting at 4.2 out of 5 stars on Oculus PC among 51 reviews, and 88% ‘Positive’ on Steam among 45 reviews.

Now developer Monologic has announced an August 12th release date for Ven VR Adventure on Oculus Quest, priced at the same $30 as the other platforms.

Thanks to a comparison video posted by the studio on Twitter, it looks like they’ve done a good job of maintaining the game’s graphical style in moving from PC to Quest:

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While the game seems generally liked, a common complaint has been about how the camera system works. In May the studio revealed the results of a survey it conducted to understand how players felt about the camera system; they’re purportedly still working on a fix, but it doesn’t appear that it will be ready in time for the launch of the Quest version.

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  • Good luck to the devs for this launch

    • Natasha Ponce

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  • Harbaldne

    Just bought the game this morning. It’s awesome. Played through the first world. Playing it on Quest 2. Interesting how the resolution on the game world is better as it gets closer to the “camera”, and a bit more pixelled in the distance. This is probably how they solve the high framerate.

    But it works. I am really enjoying this game! Please – MORE GAMES LIKE THIS! – Moss and Ven are my favorite entertainment games on Quest. The others are used for VR fitness.