Vertigo 2 (2023), the Half-Life-style sci-fi shooter that initially made a splash on PC VR headsets earlier this year, was slated to land on PSVR 2 back in October. Now the game is finally set to come to PSVR 2 next month.

Update (November 22nd, 2023): Vertigo 2 has its updated release date for PSVR 2, now coming to the PlayStation Store on December 12th, 2023. A physical edition is also set to launch on February 9th, 2024.

This follows the studio’s “final content update” to the game, called the Bottomless Update. The update brings a level editor, modifiers, and new playable characters to the game, aiming to extend it well beyond the game’s 10+ hour campaign.

The original article follows below:

Original Article (April 25th, 2023): Reacting to Twitter user Timo Schmidt, Tsiakalis-Brown confirmed that PSVR 2 support is still on the horizon, as he recalls an earlier tweet from January saying he “would love to port to psvr in the future. It’s definitely a possibility!” (see update)

As many have noted in the recent past, PlayStation 5’s rendering ability is pretty much on par with a mid-range PC, which has allowed for a big bump in graphics over legacy hardware, such as PS4/PS4 Pro.

That bump lets developers create even more immersive and graphically intense games than we’ve ever seen on PS platform, like Horizon Call of the Mountain (2023), or the remastered version of Song in the Smoke, the latter of which rivals even the PC VR version of the game.

'Beat the Beats' Rhythm-Boxing Game Launches on PSVR 2, Coming Soon to Other Major Headsets

Still, developing for PSVR 2 isn’t so cut and dry. Outside of actually getting it to work on Sony’s latest VR headset, which is a much more precise target than creating a PC VR game in general, Tsiakalis-Brown admits he’s never gone through the certification process to publish a game on the PlayStation Store. Up until now, all of the developer’s games have been PC VR only.

Nathan Rowe, the solo dev behind VR art app SculptrVR (2016), had some sage advice to overcoming the process:

And what good is Vertigo 2 without Vertigo Remastered (2020)? Tsiakalis-Brown says releasing both games for PSVR 2 would be a “great way to expose [the series to] a bigger audience!”

While the solo dev hasn’t published a post-launch release schedule, the order of operations is fairly clear. First the game’s upcoming sandbox DLC, which will allow users to create and share their own content based on Vertigo 2 assets and worlds, then … who knows!

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  • Ookami

    I say go for it! This game needs more attention

  • ViRGiN

    the game peaked at 297 concurrent players on release date and only went downhill from there.
    it’s a fun game, but not pc-worthy.

    i saw another article where the question was if it will come to quest. there was only one side of the story, but it sounded like guy had a hate boner for meta, or porting to standalone was way above his skill level.

    • ViRGiN


      It’s still constantly going downhill. In the last 30 days, the peak concurrent players was 42. Right now there are 12 players the game. Meanwhile #1 PCVR game on Steam, $20 Gorilla Tag has 640 players online right now, and peaked at 1149 in the past 24 hours.

      Question is – will the game do insanely better on PSVR2? Or it will continue to be outsold by 2016 Job Simulator?

      • Peter vasseur

        You’re so out of touch with reality. Anyone who listens to anything you say loses brain cells. You’re a cancer and need to just go away.

        • ViRGiN

          You are deluded. Seek help.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            You should seek help..

          • ViRGiN

            Ignorant troll alert!

          • LMAO

            Ignorant troll alert!.

        • kakek

          It’s a theme account you know.
          It’s fine to play with it a bit, but don’t get emotionally involved.

      • kakek

        The game is awesome, nonetheless.
        Funny, original, very well realised, with a truly satisfying amount of varied content. The best video game experience I had since HL alyx.

        It’s not encountering the success it deserves.

      • LMAO

        Ignorant troll alert!

        • ViRGiN

          Someone said something I don’t like alert!

    • kakek

      What I saw as only that he didn’t want to compromise the quality of hte experience. And quest 2 simply did not have the hardware to port the game in any satisfying state.

      Wich is fair.

      • ViRGiN

        Any satisfying state?
        Vertigo looks like a Nintendo Switch game. It failed to gather any real interest from PCVR community. Often praised to be the best VR game at around Alyx level, and yet noone is playing it.

        • kakek

          Even if it was true that it looked like a switch game, that would still make it impossible to run 2×80 FPS on a quest 2. Wich is really about as powerfull as a switch.
          And failing to attract attention was never a proof of bad quality. Yeah, people overlook it. But all those that play it thorougly enjoy it.

          You know, it not like whatever you say can convince me that I didn’t enjoy both games ( Alyx and vertigo 2 ) a lot.

          • ViRGiN

            It has nothing to do with you enjoying these games. It’s your right. Just the number of actual players perfectly represents the state of PCVR. This is something you can not fight with.

            And yeah, Vertigo 2 would run great on Quest 2. Stop fearmongering. This game doesn’t have amazing graphics and highly detailed models. It’s basic as fak. Bonelab runs on Quest. Saints and Sinners runs on Quest. Medal of Honor runs on QUest. Tons of games run on Quest, and not all of them are horrible mobile ports like Onward or Pavlov.

            I don’t know why are you focused on “2×80 FPS”, what does it even mean lol. How do you even set to 80 hertz? Most games run in 72. PCVR minimum requirment is GTX 970 from 2014. It won’t even run constant 90 FPS on PCVR with Oculus CV1 on such PC. There is nothing really impressive or impossible about Vertigo.

          • kakek

            I’m not fighting that. I know that PCVR is barely surviving, sales-wise. That’s a fact indeed.
            But I don’t understand why you bring that up as an attack against PCVR’s quality. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just that it failed to find it’s customers.

            Flat video games in general sell more than any VR plateform. Does that prove VR in general sucks ? Do you hate VR ?

            2x80FPS is what is needed for VR to be confortable for me. For most people really. Most games on Quest 2 run at 72Hz because they already struggle to display mobile games at that framerate. And that’s with ASW.

            You must not have played Vertigo 2. The game has some large scenes that would be a challenge to fit on Quest 2 limited RAM.
            Probably not impossible, with lower res textures, optimising every asset, simplified lighting…
            Wich would really affect how good the game feels.

            I recognise that, yes, commercialy PCVR failed. But mobile VR is severely limiting the scale and quality of VR games. This is also something you can not fight with.

          • ViRGiN

            Far more complex scenes are already running on quest. Modders have achieved far more than any developer. You never even attempted to build anything for quest, you are just obsessed with it being x extremely x under powered.

            PSVR2 has already proved to be underpowered. Most games running at 60fps

          • kakek

            I’ve played PCVR games ported to quest 2. Notably hubris, or maskmaker. I’ve seen how much they had to downgrade to fit in the headset. I’m not saying it’s absolutely impossible to port vertigo 2, I’m saying it would require heavy optimisation, and still implies a lot of visual sacrifices. And that you would still end up with a game running at 72FPS with ASW. ( Wich personally makes me sick. )

            It’s a single dev, maybe he doesn’t want to “betray” his game like that. More importantly, this would be very heavy work.

            And no, I’m not a game develloper. I dabled a little, but not enough to encounter optimisation problems.

            Why, are YOU an active dev ?
            And you didn’t even answer. Have YOU played vertigo 2 ?

          • ViRGiN

            I “played” V2 but it’s not my type of game. And it’s definietly not impressive at all being a PCVR title.

          • kool

            It’s a small team and they’d basically have to make a new version of the game to put it on quest. Which if it does well on the the psvr2 they will do.

          • ViRGiN

            No, you’re wrong. There will be no quest port, because the developer hates Meta. I’m not even joking.

    • kool

      I’m confused isn’t this a single player game why would it matter how many people are playing it at the same time how many people have bought it?

      • ViRGiN

        Why does it matter if it’s single player? Beat saber might have multiplayer now, but haven’t had for years and still remains on top of the list.

        Why are you confused? Alyx had 40k+ concurrent players on launch. Forty Thousands! And this game is claimed to be at least as good if not better than alyx. I thought thirsty PCVR market wanted another long quality game – and then nobody plays it. Killer Klownz VR is more popular than Vertigo.

        People want more games, and then they don’t buy them. PCVR is dead AF

        • kool

          How many people buy it is more relevant than people who are playing it at any given time how many people bought it?

          • ViRGiN

            You will never know. And don’t even attempt use 3rd party estimates. If noone is playing, noone is buying.

        • kool

          I just looked it seems like there’s 240k playing vr right now how is that dead.

          • ViRGiN

            You are mistaken, there are seven billion active vr players now.

          • kool

            Your off by about a billion.

      • kakek

        Forget the troll account hate boner toward PCVR for some strange reason.

        He has a point : peaks of concurent players are a good indicator of global playerbase. Although it’s generally less relevant for singleplayer games than multiplayers, and even a bit less for VR games.

        Still, you can aproximate peak of concurent player x 40 = number of sales, or something like that. I’m afraid vertigo 2 probably sold between 30k and 40k copies. At best.

        Now, it still enough for the dev to live decently. But considering what he produced alone, he deserved so SO much more.

        • kool

          I looked It sold about 42k on steam and grossed almost a million. Not bad for a PC only release, id expect it to do well this holiday on psvr2.which seems to be the way alot of ports are going.

          • kakek

            I don’t know where you see that info, but I’m very hapy to hear it. This guy deserve a confortable life, and I hope he makes more games.

          • kool

            It was on a steam page apparently they keep metrics for all the games on there.

    • CrusaderCaracal

      Even though you are sometimes petty for no reason you do raise a good point

  • Man, the game is going to look stunning on that headset for sure! Now I just gotta get one XD

    • shadow9d9

      It is a pretty weak headset. Fresnel with tiny sweet spot, lots of screen door, and a weak system that often goes at 60 hz with reprojection. PCVR is way better.

      • Nevets

        Relevance check incoming. Nobody who has psvr2 is going to buy this on pcvr.

    • ApocalypseShadow

      Ignore his nonsense. PS VR 2 gets another game that is possible because of the PS5 and eye tracking. They’ll keep pushing negativity just to promote Quest. Doesn’t matter if the headset gets Synapse and they don’t. Or get a way better version of RE4 or continue to have exclusives that blow away stand alone like RE8 or GT7. They’ll still spew the same nonsense to downplay Sony having better graphics, better haptics and better controllers than even Quest 3 will have.

      It’s like, what good is having pancake lenses when graphics are a generation or two behind.

      • Tanix Tx3

        He is right, PCVR is better quality… if money doesn’t matter.
        Try to play VR on a PCVR system that cost the same as PS5+PSVR2! Hint, you might not get a capable gpu for that price, not even talking about the rest of the rig and an comparable HMD + controller.
        If money wouldn’t matter, sony could also do better, but they are focused on the sweet spot, not the extreme.

        • ApocalypseShadow

          No. What he’s saying is nonsense. PS5 is not a weak system. And PS VR 2 has features PC gamers wish were standard like eye tracking. Which is why many of them want Sony’s headset to work on PC.

          PC doesn’t have eye tracking as standard so that you don’t have to buy an expensive graphics card, most PCs don’t have SSD as standard, don’t have haptics as standard and don’t have high quality 3D sound as standard.

          So, if PC was way better, which is only a few of you as most of you are not rocking 4090 Nvidia cards, why is it lacking in those areas that Sony had made standard? You elitists fool yourselves when you have to spend lots of money just to outdo a console.

          To speak of fresnel or screen door when many PC VR headsets have it is hypocrisy. And all PC headsets aren’t pancake lenses. So, don’t lie to yourself. I bet your headset isn’t pancake.

          Right. There isn’t a perfect VR headset. So, he should keep his mouth shut.

          • FloridaOJ

            I think you were too hyped up to realize that Tanix was agreeing with you and using sarcasm, mixed with a comparative analysis.

      • Sonyboy

        Maybe cause psvr 2 is really not that good….has a couple good exclusives…wow….any game that’s on both psvr 2 and Quest 3 is better on Quest 3…sorry it makes you upset but Quest 3 is by far the better VR. Non gaming apps alone make it way better if you only have one headset then your really missing out with psvr 2….sure both headsets have issues that keep them from being perfect but psvr 2 issues really set it back. Even if you don’t have a PC the Quest 3 standalone blows psvr 2 away….psvr 2 is few exclusives and rest are Quest games and yeah better than Quest 2 version…but not better than Quest 3. VR is cool for games but its also really cool for non games like Bigscreen…Drive inn…Journey through the Cosmos…Space Titans…Anne Frank’s House…Google Earth…and lot of good free stuff. I wish Quest 3 had couple big exclusive games at launch but the sad truth is the Quest 3 launched without any big new exclusive and still blows psvr 2 away overall and games and non games apps and looks better.

        • ApocalypseShadow

          Straight up lying to yourself. Nothing released on PS VR 2 and Quest 3 is going to be better on Quest 3. What are you smoking?

          RE4 VR on Quest will not be even close in gameplay or graphics to the Remake of RE4 on PS VR 2. Saints and Sinners, Moss, Red Matter 2, etc look better than Quest 3. Don’t be ridiculous.

          Gamers like playing games. Not sitting around using non gaming apps.

          Quest 3 launched with nothing because Facebook had nothing. The device has nice tech specs. But there’s nothing big for mixed reality or regular VR games. No killer app. Facebook launched with no big games and is held back by Quest 2 development. They should have dropped Quest 2 and only made Quest 3 games.

          Name these huge games Quest 3 is getting or has gotten? No Hitman, no Skyrim, no Batman, no No Man’s Sky, no RE8, etc. Anything big it won’t get just like Quest 2 didn’t get because they aren’t powerful enough. Nothing but smaller indie titles and shallow games you can beat in an hour because the headset’s battery can barely last 2 hours.

          Lol. You’re funny. A supposed “gamer” saying look at all these non gamer apps.

          • Sonyboy

            Whatever….90% of psvr 2 game look like Quest 2 games…Wow…RE 4 for Quest was a Quest 1 game so that’s amazing psvr 2 RE 4 will look better…again Wow. I’m not the only one that likes non gaming VR which is why Quest sales better. Quest 3 bows psvr 2 away…sorry…but anything that’s on both psvr and Quest 3 the Quest 3 is the better version…. Stay wired my friend….with GT…RE and bunch Quest ports…Lol

  • kool

    I forgot about that, it’ll probably be next year before they try to put that out hopefully.

  • kool

    Money usually helps we need more cooperation in vr if we want more games with bigger scopes. I’m hoping meta gets vr streaming Working sooner than later. The way I see it is meta needs streaming revenue asap, we need better games, game devs need bigger playerbases to find better games. Meta and Sony are the only major players making headsets and they need AAA parity for VR to thrive the cloud is the only way I see that happening anytime soon.

  • CrusaderCaracal

    Link exists

    • Yeah, but Link isn’t Quest 3, is it …??
      I can use Link on ANY Quest: I want it on Quest 3 specifically.

  • Arno van Wingerde

    I believe that when I see it. But in principle it certainly could work!

  • ViRGiN

    the best game since half life alyx, even better than alyx for many…
    has 11 concurrent players!!! LMAO!! PCVR so great, everyone still waiting for praydog the messiah?