Virtual Reality is still in it’s infancy, but in the last two years has inspired countless developers to push the boundaries of this fledgling platform. The 2014 Virtual Reality Awards aims to highlight the talent that’s helping to build the future.

Cast You Vote For The Best

'Reverend' Kyle Riesenbeck
‘Reverend’ Kyle Riesenbeck

It’s still staggering to think that virtual reality’s renaissance has really only been 2-3 years in the making. At Road to VR we’ve watched as developers have come to grips with the wonders that the Oculus Rift DK1 brought with it. Those developers are, at the same time, helping to  lay the groundwork for a technology that promises to herald the beginning of new era of entertainment and interaction.

Hot on the heels of the successful Proto Awards held in September, the Virtual Reality Awards on Friday November 28th plans to champion the best and the brightest developers of the last 2 years. The event will be held, appropriately enough, in VR using the popular RiftMax virtual conferencing and chat application. The event will be hosted by Road to VR’s very own Reverend Kyle and Virtual Reality Reviewer‘s Sandra Whelan. Awards are split into six categories which aim to cover the wide gamut of VR applications that have appeared since the launch of the DK1.

  • Best Simulation Award
  • Most Immersive / Presence Award
  • Best non-game Application Award
  • Best Game Award
  • Best Overall VR Experience (critics’ choice)

The sixth category is the People’s Choice ‘Neo’ Award, the winner of which is to be chosen by you, the VR community. You can vote online right now, picking anything you like as long as it’s related to virtual reality. The polls will be open until Tuesday 25th, and will allow one vote per person, per day. So, head over to the voting page now and show your support for your favourite VR developer.

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