Fancy re-living one of the most iconic scenes in Cinema history? Author Boone (of Rift Coaster fame) has released video of new Star Wars inspired demo for the Oculus Rift.

“Thank the Maker!”

A new VR demo being developed by Boone, author of probably the most famous Oculus Rift demo of all time  ‘Rift Coaster’, has revealed his next project; a virtual reality Star Wars inspired title that has you piloting an X-Wing through the trenches of the infamous Death Star, presumably packing a healthy supply of Proton Torpedoes. The video demonstrates Boone already has a full, convincing model of an X-Wing cockpit, complete with iconic weapons and (if you look behind you) your trusty astro droid R2D2. What’s more, the modelling of the trench itself is probably the best realisation of Imperial Architecture seen in a game since the classic Rogue Squadron on the Gamecube.

Few demos have made my heart leap with joy as it did when seeing this (it was as if a thousand Fanboys cried out with joy ..etc.) and I can’t wait to get my hands on (heads in) the demo to see it for myself.

We’ll keep you updated on this as we find out more.

Edit: Boone was kind enough to send me an early build of the demo and I absolutely love it! I’ll try to get a preview video up for you soon.

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