A new annual conference from Greenlight Insights is angling itself to sate the growing desire for “actionable insights” from the rapidly expanding VR industry. The 2016 Virtual Reality Strategy Conference aims to layout the “new rules” of the VR economy.

Research company Greenlight is leveraging the knowledge and insight gathered from its production of major VR industry reports to create an event aimed at those hoping to lead it to success. Greenlight says that the VRS Conference, to be held on November 1-2 in San Francisco, was created “specifically for executives in the technology, media and investment industries.”

The conference will play host to various leading lights in the technology industry, many of whom are forging businesses in the immersive technology space. Speakers and presenters at the event include Danielle Segal, Head of Experiences at AR headset developer Meta, Eric Romo, CEO of social VR platform AltSpace VR, Byan Mooser CEO at immersive media company Ryot, Tim Milliron, VP of Engineering at lightfield camera specialists Lytro, Devon Copley, Head of Product at 360 camera Nokia and many more.


The event is spread over two days, with the first offering two tracks. Track one, Delivering Immersive Entertainment focused on immersive media and games with the second track focusing on business strategy and insights from immersive company leaders.


10:00am – VR Studio Tour
12:00pm – Registration

Track One – Delivering Immersive Entertainment​
1:00pm – Welcome Address
1:15pm – Reimagining Live Entertainment in VR
1:45pm – Keynote Presentation
2:15pm – Paths to Achieving Higher Engagement in VR Games
2:45pm – Networking Break
3:15pm – From LA to Silicon Valley to Shanghai: The New Hollywood Rulebook
4:00pm – Perspectives on the VR Camera Market 2020

Track Two – Disrupting the Enterprise
1:00pm – Welcome Address
1:15pm – Industry 5.0: Reinventing the Enterprise
1:45pm – Keynote Presentation
2:15pm – From NFL to Walmart: How to Use VR to Grow Your Human Capital
2:45pm – Networking Break
3:15pm – Accelerating the Ecosystem for VR
4:00pm – Lightning Round: Top 2020 Disrupting Technologies

Day two at VRS is dedicated to a single track of exclusive research presentations from Greenlight VR and a series of executive keynotes from industry pioneers.

9:00am – Registration and Expo
10:00am – Opening Remarks
10:15am – Keynote Presentation with Special Guest
10:45am – Networking Break
11:15am – Unlocking the Platform Opportunities of VR
11:45pm – Winning Strategies: How to Invest in the Long Term
12:30pm – Working Lunch: Greenlight Research Master Class
11:05pm – Real Talk: Lessons from Riding High and Failing Fast with Special Guest
2:10pm – VROI: Building a Profitable Business
2:40pm – Fireside Chat with Special Guest
3:00pm – Networking Break
3:30pm – Beyond VR: Strategies for NextGen Immersive Platforms
4:00pm – Happy Hour: Enjoy the Best of San Francisco

You can register for the VRS Conference 2016 now, with a one day pass to the main conference priced $595 and $795 for a full, two day pass.

Road to VR are proud media sponsors of the 2016 Virtual Reality Strategy Conference.

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