Dora-ChengDora Cheng is one of the co-founders of uForis VR, which is a VR company that is focused on creating pragmatic applications of virtual reality. One of their first big VR projects was to create virtual tours for the Domus Student Housing. They had to figure out a production pipeline that could operate at scale in order to capture thousands of photo spheres of apartment units within a 3-month period. Dora talks about all the production and post-production challenges that they had to solve that included processing, stitching, color correcting, and creating a VR application wrapper that’s viewable within the Gear VR.


Domus Student had the problem of high-turnover rate with a lot of students changing their apartments at the end of year, and they saw that virtual reality could help the students be more efficient in their apartment-hunting journey. Instead of seeing dozens of units in real life, prospective tenants can go into an office and very quickly see a dozen units to get a sense of the look and feel of the apartments at scale. From there, then they can narrow down the options, and then only go to see a handful of their favorite ones.

Dora breaks down some of the challenges that uForis VR had to overcome in order to both capture and process thousands of photo spheres over many months. They’re looking to expand to other real estate applications, but also expand into other pragmatic applications of VR.

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