Virtuix, the company behind the VR treadmill Virtuix Omni, debuted their previously announced VR eSports attraction ‘Omniverse VR Arena’ at the Dave & Buster’s location in Austin, Texas this past week.

The location-based attraction accommodates up to four players, and currently features four games at the VR Arena in Austin, with the promise of more coming soon; games are said to last 15 to 20 minutes.

The attraction also features a queuing system that notifies guests by text message when it’s their turn to play, letting them roam Dave & Buster’s in the meantime.

Outside of local play, VR Arena-goers can take part in Omniverse weekly leaderboard contests for cash prizes. Users can enter by signing up for a Omniverse account and going to participating locations that feature Omni VR treadmills.

Hands On: Multiplayer VR eSports with the Virtuix Omni

In addition to the Dave & Buster’s Austin location, Virtuix today announced that they’ve opened one at Sky Zone in McDonough, Georgia.

As a result of a successful Kickstarter that garnered over $1,000,000 from consumers in 2013, the company has since shifted their focus to the enterprise market and in driving repeated engagement with their Omniverse contests. To date, Virtuix says they’ve shipped over 3,000 Omni treadmills across 45 countries.

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  • Xron

    We need something even more compact, to solve our rl to vr locomotion problem.

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  • JesuSaveSouls

    Nothing like putting kids in surreal violent experiences with firearms.Everything doesnt need to be violent.Those arcades look very cool but not everything has to be guns or zombies.Jesus is my Lord and Savior!

    • sfmike

      Maybe is all powerful Jesus would do something about it or anything…but that’s way too much to ask from imaginary people.

    • aasd

      In a galaxy called this one, a long time ago, we proved that violent game dont produce or influence kids in a negative or violent way. but whatever, keep believing crap, your’e already head high in crap as is.

      • beestee

        Of course there is scientific evidence to back that up, right?

        Violent Media and Aggressive Behavior

        • beestee

          Not sure why the post below was marked as spam, but it had a good counterpoint?!

          Anyways, based on what I saw in that article I would like to know more about their baseline/control qualifications. It seems that if an adolescent was pre-disposed to playing violent games before the study then logically they would show no additional aggression than normal when presented with the same or tamer violent entertainment than what they were acclimated to?

          For instance, there could be an argument that Fortnite is a violent game since it involves humanesque characters shooting/bludgeoning other humanesque characters to win.

          If Fortnite was the test for “violent” media, and the kid was playing GTA5 and watching GoT at home, then logic tells me, the uneducated layman on the subject, that the adolescent would be unaffected due to desensitization.

          Basically a different way to use Scientific evidence to reach a different desired outcome, the same fallacy of the studies of their peers.

      • Peyton Lind

        While I am an agnostic, please prove to me there is no god. Show me how you can prove that.

    • 3872Orcs
    • Peyton Lind

      Nothing like reading the bible to kids and having them hear about all the violence in the old testament.

      I guess that’s A-OK violence though, correct?

    • Grey Lock

      Yeah, totally agree not all games need to be about killing, and that youngsters should play games appropriate to their age level.
      That said, I use to love games like COD and Battlefield. But now that the grandkids are getting into gaming I’m staying with T rated co-op games.

    • MAGA Man

      Jesus was a Zombie! Don’t kill Jesus! MAGA!!!

    • Daniel Gochez

      If you look closely at the games menu you’ll see that there are experiences just for kids.

  • Grey Lock

    Man, I think that thing looks pretty cool! Wish I had the funds to start up a VR Arcade!

  • JDawg

    I’d rather jog in place on the floor then slide my feet around weird like that with a belt riding up my crotch.

    • BloggersRallKnowingDeities

      I’ve tried the Omni it’s freakin awesome! Very natural, not sliding

    • VR Cat

      There are no straps between the legs anymore.

  • Firestorm185

    SELLS THESE TO THE PUBLIC ALREADY! UGH, I got so excited when the kickstarter went live for these, but the fact that the general public can’t get one anymore stinks

  • ZenInsight

    I hope its better than the sit down coaster VR. That thing SUCKS! Men in Black made me so motion sick I took the headset off halfway through and sat there. Terrible

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    looks like a lot of fun, now I just need a Dave & Busters to come to my city! (Sioux Falls)