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Today is the last day to get in on the Virtuix Omni cyber weekend sale. Through 11:59PM PST tonight you can save $70 on a Virtuix Omni pre-order.

The Virtuix Omni is an omnidirectional VR treadmill—a passive unit with no moving parts that enables a player to walk, run, and jump in any direction. Virtuix raised money to produce the Omni with a spectacularly successful Kickstarter back in June that raised $1.1 million dollars; 739% of the $150,000 goal.

Virtuix has joining in the Black Friday / Cyber Monday craze and offered a $70 deal on a Virtux Omni pre-order which is now expected to ship in May 2014. The deal brings the price down to $429.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out the Virtux Omni for myself and catch up with CEO Jan Goetgeluk to hear the latest on this interesting product.

Virtuix’s “Cyber Weekend” deal is good until 11:59 PST tonight (December 2nd). Get it here!

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  • BlueGimbal

    I was sorely tempted to throw down the cash for the Omni. I was thinking about integrating it into my smartphone VR apps, but I wasn’t sure if the input would work with the iPhone. It really got my mind spinning, and I eventually wrote the good folks at Omni a letter asking about the input methods. Read the letter here

    I think that a major problem with Rift/Omni is the wires, but with smartphone VR and Omni USB to Bluetooth, that problem would be eliminated.