This Black Friday HTC is focusing on pushing its high-end Vive Pro headset and will be offering discounts on the ‘full kit’ and the ‘headset only’ option. The company is also offering big discounts on its Viveport Subscription service, which will include a free copy of Fallout 4 VR, $10 in free credit, and more.

Vive Pro

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Come Black Friday, HTC is offering a $200 discount on the Vive Pro Full Kit, which includes the Vive Pro headset, SteamVR Tracking 2.0 base stations, and 2.0 controllers. The Full Kit normally runs $1,400, and the $200 (14.3%) discount drops it down to $1,200.

As the Vive Pro headset is backwards compatible with 1.0 base stations, existing Vive owners who just want to upgrade their headset without buying new base stations or controllers can opt for the ‘HMD only’ option which HTC is discounting by $100 (12.5%), from $800 to $700 during the Black Friday deal.

Both Vive Pro deals will be available directly from the official Vive site starting on Black Friday (November 23rd) until Monday November 26th. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that the company has any plans to officially discount the original Vive headset, but it’s possible other deals will crop up elsewhere.


Image courtesy HTC

HTC is also slinging deals around its Viveport Subscription service, which allows users to play five titles from the service per month, and rotate different games monthly. The company recently opened the service to support Oculus Rift titles too.

Starting Tuesday November 20th until Tuesday November 27th, Viveport Subscription subscribers (even those on the free trial) can get SUPERHOT VR, Accounting+ and The Wizards for $1 each, and all will also get a $10 Viveport credit.

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New users will also be able to save 25% on a 6 month plan for Viveport Subscription, and 50% on a 12 month plan, and anyone signing up for any new plan will get a free copy of Fallout 4 VR.

If all that wasn’t enough, Viveport will also be running a sale over the course of the week, offering discounts on some 100 titles. And anybody using Viveport (even if you don’t have Viveport Subscription) will be able to download Arcade Saga for free from November 22nd at 4PM PT to November 23rd at 11:59PM PT.

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  • jj

    Just one easy payment of $1,200!! I don’t see why these aren’t flying off the shelves!

    • Lucidfeuer

      I would buy one at this price if it wasn’t crap from the design to the specs.

      • Raphael

        Yes but aren’t you chaps missing out on the HTC after-sales customer support? My vive developed a fault a few weeks ago. Picture glitching then going off after a few mins. Thus began a week of dialog with various HTC support staff including one woman who had no interest in customer relations. Someone on reddit told me he was sure the fault was my Vive 3 in 1 cable. He was right. HTC chat told me I’d have to pay a 35 if I didn’t like the price they were going to charge for a new cable. The woman didn’t want to tell me how much I’d have to pay for a new cable… until I got angry. Then she told me “34.99”. In any case the shipping on that cable would have been 26.

        I purchased a new cable from Scan uk.

        • jj

          wow from what ive heard you got off lucky as well, ive read lots of post of people getting charged about 250 for simpler things

          • Raphael

            I was saved from shipping the headset back by one particular reddit postee who said he works in a VR arcade and 98% of Vive faults are the 3 in 1 cable failing. So what about all the people who don’t get that tip before shipping their vive back to HTC? They get billed heavily for out of warranty. HTC told me my vive is “just out of the 2 year warranty” so I’d have to pay for any repair.

          • Them reps are some lazyass untrained hooligans…(or bastards if you prefer).


        • Baldrickk

          I saw a post about a damaged strap connector over the weekend, and HTC wanted ~$300 to replace the unit instead of just replacing the connector.
          As much as I want a nice VR headset, I have heard enough bad stories about HTC’s support to drive me off. I wonder how close the Valve headset is to release?

          I don’t think the design of the Rift is bad as OP thinks, but the support stories are putting me off.

          • Raphael

            Yup, I’ve heard a few bad stories. From those photos the design looks very close to final. It doesn’t look like a prototype board, the case doesn’t look 3d-printed/prototype. The design looks pretty complete so by Valve’s timescale we’d be looking at 2025 release.

            I watched a clip of Gabe discussing VR with some of his employees and it was very clear he knows what the future of VR is. When he talks about first gen not cutting it and the future bringing 200hz displays.

          • jj

            i’m confused, i’m OP and i didnt mention Rift or a bad design of anything.

            Lucid said he though the pro was crap, not the rift.

        • Funny, looked up the issue on google and found out about wire.

          Man, the amount of grief one saves googling every issue.

          Google aint no sassy bitch :D

          Shit support is only good for one thing…RMD.

        • HybridEnergy

          I love Vive and am now Wireless. I prefer it over any other HMD but I consider this hobby and their support like I considered support for when I was into modding my cars. If shit breaks, I gotta open my wallet and buy a new one. I don’t even bother with their support. Oh well, VR master race being $$$ and all that.

          I think I’m on my 3rd set of Vive wands too. lol (but I do throw them in active VR sports and fuck the straps)

      • jj

        i’m the other way, i have a pro at the office and its pretty nifty, its the only thing that compares to the odyssey +. but its still not worth that much.

        • Charles

          It’s the best currently available, but it’s garbage compared to the semi-released Pimax 5K+. And the Pro is unjustifiably expensive.

    • HybridEnergy

      They do though, for the amount they produce.

  • Tom Szaw

    Vive is a JOKE headset.

    • HybridEnergy

      It’s the best VR set available. Noob.

      • Tom Szaw

        SAmsung Odyssey Plus beats that crap in all categories, beside 300% price.

  • brubble

    Based on their CS and warranty scamming alone there’s not a chance in hell would I touch HTC at any price. Just another unscrupulous Asian company who’ll screw you for a nickle.

    • Jerald Doerr

      I love Asian chicks! How could you say no at a screw a nickel?

      • jj

        …that’s not racist at all…

        • HybridEnergy

          Everything is these days, did you miss the memo ?

        • Jerald Doerr

          Oh JJ… If anything (other than the joke it was) its called sexist…

  • HybridEnergy

    Was hoping 200 off the Vive Pro stand alone HMD. I have one, wireless, but was thinking of getting a second to quick swap to wired for seated stuff. lmfao