Because VR is so demanding, hardware makers have issue ‘Recommended’ or ‘VR Ready’ guidelines to help customers understand what kind of hardware they need for a good VR experience. For the most part, the VR industry’s biggest players have agreed on the key parts of that recommended hardware. With the introduction of the Vive Pro, HTC is now suggesting the more powerful GTX 1070 as its ‘Recommended Spec’ for the Vive Pro, differing from the GTX 1060 suggested for use with other major headsets.

Among other improvements, the Vive Pro brings a screen with 78% more pixels than the original Vive (1,440 × 1,600 vs. 1,080 × 1,200, per eye), which means that, for the same scene, a GPU powering the Vive Pro will need to do a non-trivial amount of extra work to draw all the pixels at the 90 FPS target framerate; dropping below that target can cause visual artifacts and discomfort.

While HTC’s official Vive Pro page had initially listed the same Recommended GPU as the original Vive (the GTX 1060) for use with the Vive Pro, today the company updated the page to recommend NVIDIA’s GTX 1070, Quadro P5000, or AMD’s Radeon Vega 56. HTC tells Road to VR that the change was “based on NVIDIA’s testing.”

Vive Pro Headset Pre-orders Open at $800 for April 5th Launch, Original Vive Drops to $500

While the GTX 1070 or equivalent is now part of the ‘Recommended Spec’, a new ‘Minimum Spec’ is listed, which still includes the GTX 1060. Additionally, the Vive Pro’s ‘Minimum Spec’ differs from the original Vive’s ‘Recommended Spec’ by requiring a USB 3.0 port (instead of 2.0), and dropping HDMI connectivity (now requiring DisplayPort 1.2 or newer).

The Vive Pro ‘Minimum Spec’ also no longer lists Windows 7, instead now showing Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. It’s not clear if that means the Vive Pro simply won’t work with Windows 7, or if HTC just advises against it, though we’ve reached out for confirmation.

Image courtesy Nvidia

While SteamVR’s new auto resolution function means that SteamVR content should automatically adapt to the Vive Pro’s increased rendering demand and allow the GPU to maintain framerate, it may come at the expense of reducing the rendering resolution when the headset is used in conjunction with a GTX 1060-class GPU.

The move from GTX 1060 to 1070 as the headset’s ‘Recommended Spec’ isn’t a small change for consumers, as current prices on the 1070 (~$625) are roughly twice as expensive as the 1060 (~$325). Commercial users, however, are less likely to be impacted as they are often less price-conscious and may already be using higher-end hardware.

This change could be the start of a trend of fragmentation among the ‘VR Ready’ and ‘Recommended’ VR specs, which has been relatively consistent among leading VR companies to date, though we hope HTC and others will take steps to avoid consumer confusion.

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  • gothicvillas

    I have Titan X rig but HTC can eff off with their ridiculously priced gear. Gonna stick with my original Vive until something else comes out.

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  • Luke

    so they will sell vive pro without the new controllers?

    • For now yes. Nobody knows when the new controllers are even coming.

      They still need to launch Steam Tracking 2.0, controllers that support them and then finally get to work on Valve Knuckles.

      • Mei Ling

        HTC is working on the next iteration for sure but whether or not they will continue to partner with Valve and use their technology remains to be seen. So either the Vive 2 will use Steam tracking or HTC, with their recent investments and cash injections over in the East, will look at creating their own solution which won’t be a surprise at all.

      • Luke

        If only viv e were not so expansive I would have bought one, but I’m not sure 100% because of the controllers.

  • Andres Velasco

    Oh man, this Vive pro price will be a train wreck.

    • Raphael

      Good. They deserve it! And I’m a Vive user.

      • gothicvillas

        Same here. Been Steam customer for over a decade now and bought Vive on launch. I was waiting keenly on upgrade but since they released the pricing, I can confirm that I have absolutely no intention to upgrade anymore. I’m sure there are coming out soon much better headsets.

        • Ellie 187

          You shouldn’t confuse Steam (Valve) with HTC …. this is HTC’s product not Steam (Valve) … Valve only designed the hardware, they don’t make money on the headset. HTC makes money on the headsets.

  • Muzufuzo

    No surprise here and they have to raise requirements but hardware needs to get cheaper for people to get into PC VR. 1300$ for VR set and 1300$ for a PC? 2600$? Billions of people don’t earn that much in a year.

  • John Keenan

    If no one else is buying one, I should get mine on Apr 5! Don’t think I’ll have a performance problem with i7-7700K @4.7GHz, 32GB and two Titan Xp’s.

    • gothicvillas

      I’ve got a single Titan X. Does it work in SLI? I’ve heard SLI for VR is not great..

      • Ellie 187

        Depends on the engine, drivers, and particular game

    • ReadyPlayerNone

      Don’t worry, I can confirm that there won’t be a queue for this overpriced piece of junk.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        jealous and poor are no way to go through life son

  • ShiftyInc

    Well i guess HTC does not want to be competitive in the VR race it seems. They are not doing that great anymore in terms of sales with the current version and it’s price. Do they really think people will jump on it now.

    • Raphael

      Unfortunately dumb people exist and only too ready to place orders. Some of the dumb people have no idea about the controversy (HTC breaking trade laws in Europe etc).

      I hope HTC are hit hard by their dumb decisions. Makes me want to run back to OctopusVR. Not sure I could live with those awful USB tracking cams though.

      • Lucidfeuer

        Don’t worry dumb people never drive market, if not down. That’s the difference between Apple driving exponential growth by targetting a certain power users, designers or engineer crow at first, and now constantly stalling and going down by catering to couch potatos, hipsters and dumb teens.

        Except VR is not even there yet.

        • Muzufuzo

          Apple has not updated their Mac Pro since 2013…

        • Andrew Jakobs

          Uhhh Apple has a LARGE group of dumb people……

          • Lucidfeuer

            This is exactly what I said: Apple became successful because they cattered and targeted smart people.

            Today, they’re going nowhere to having cattered to dumber and dumber people for the past 6 years or so (the post-Jobs era).

      • ymo1965

        There are dumb people for sure. I discovered the Vive site has a finance page where you can buy the regular Vive and Pro on higher purchase. I was shocked to see the Pro was sold out. Wtf? The power of plastic is strong! lol

  • oompah

    what about foveation
    If HTC ppl implement foveated images
    then the h/w requirement
    would fall to Nvidia 1050
    and thats the diffenece between Arab Sheiks
    & rest of the world

    • Morfium

      Wouldn’t that require eye tracking?
      Did the Vive Pro even come with eye tracking?
      Otherwise you’d only see a smudged blur when you look to the sides without turning your head.

      • Doctor Bambi

        The Vive and the Vive Pro are using the exact same lenses. One of the pain points of the Vive was it’s limited sweetspot which, based on the impressions so far, remains a problem for Vive Pro. So they are actually great candidates for fixed foveated rendering which is to say, lower the resolution along the edges because you’re already losing detail there anyway.

        Oculus Go is actually implementing this and apparently it can provide a noticeable performance increase. And it should be even more beneficial with higher resolution panels like those in the Pro.

        For the technique to be realistically implemented though, there probably needs to be a collaboration between the SteamVR team and Nvidia/AMD so that developers can take advantage of it through the SteamVR SDK.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Samsung Odyssey is just 400$ and has the same specs + icluded controllers and sensors. Why is this Vive pro relevent to VR, when no one will buy one?

    • WantToVRToo

      Because it’s not being sold in Europe? I mean the Odyssey.
      But I guess I should be used to that treatment by now… second world citizen.

      • Jean-Sebastien Perron

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        • Harry Cox

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          • Jean-Sebastien Perron

            Hello Harry Cuck, nice seeing you again. Always enjoy your comments. But sometimes, try to bite a little harder, be mean a little more or grotesque so we can all laugh more.

          • Harry Cox

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          • He’s suffering from severe mental retardation :D

          • jj

            Nobody is here to be grotesque but you, and you just proved your motive is to be grotesque and initiate trouble. We are all here to talk about vr and its a real shame we have to sift through your scummy comments every day. It reflects on the road to vr staff when they continue to allow this type of behavior.

          • Jean-Sebastien Perron

            Look at my first comment, then look at the first reply : a personal attack. I am the one talking about VR and warning people about the fraud that is Vive warranty and customer service. I want VR to succed and not move backward.

          • jj

            the first reply has no personal attack in it at all. you must have such a low IQ to misinterpret that. Go get a real life and a job like the rest of us jean. If you resort to posting shit posts on here for fun then i feel sorry for your sad life.

          • ymo1965

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          • It’s best to not confront the creature. It’ll go away on it’s own if let be especially w/ reporting…if that’s possible.

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          • Andrew Jakobs

            Oh great you’ve had one vad experience with HTC, and it’s all crap now… Well samsung isn’t any better with their products/services.

          • He’s mental :D

          • You can imagine he’s the type to scratch his balls in public :)

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        • jj


          hey mods is this enough to get this guy blocked yet??

          Europe doesn’t even come close to a terrorist area or a reference to any of the countries your issues refer to… What you said is not only extremely racist but incredibly wrong.

          If jean isn’t removed from these comment boards i’m done coming to road to vr because its turning into a cesspool of illiterate flatulence and it hurts to read or be near such idiocy.

          • Jean-Sebastien Perron

            Go to bed kid, and dont forget to drink your soya milk.

          • This is what a brainwashed fool looks like :)

          • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

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        • MalcomXWasRight

          too bad it will take several hundred more rapes and terror attacks to wake them up.

          • Jean-Sebastien Perron

            The only logical explanation : they enjoy it.

  • antonio mora

    I have a 1060 but fortunately don’t have the slightest interest in HTC Vive Pro

  • Hmmm, my Samsung Odyssey seemed to work just fine with a 1060, even okay with a GTX1050 at low settings in Arizona Sunshine. It should also be noted that all you get is the Vive Pro headset; no controllers or lighthouses bringing the cost to more than $1300 AND without the new V2 lighthouse or controllers, the only advantage is the higher resolution panels and optics (if this has been confirmed) since I don’t think you can do anything with the front cameras yet. Also not knowing when the V2 lighthouses, trackers and controllers are going to be released, I am not going to waste my money upgrading until I know they will be available, and even then I can already can walk around with my VR Budget Backpack and the Odyssey in four times the space.

  • IMHO if you can afford this headset, you have no problems for your graphics card