Looking for some free PC VR games to play on Quest? Viveport, HTC’s storefront for VR games and apps, is throwing out free promo codes to owners of Oculus Quest and Quest 2 which will let you play all of the games enrolled in its Infinity program for a whole month.

Viveport really has come a long way in the past few years by streamlining its interface and making it more attractive to developers financially so they’ll list their games there. To get more Quest users on board with Infinity, HTC is throwing out a limited-time promotion starting today to both new and existing Viveport Infinity members which lets you play for free for a month. The promo ends on August 30th, so make sure to act fast.

Right now there’s over 500 games available through Infinity that support Quest over link, some of which are definitely worth your time. Highlights include The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Superhot VR, Moss, Until You Fall, Stride, I Expect You to Die, and Gun Club VR.

Viveport Infinity normally costs $13 per month when billed monthly, or $9 when billed annually—and typically includes a free 14-day trial. There’s no obligation to pay after the trial is up if you decide to opt-out. As it is, that’s a pretty great deal considering the list of titles on offer through the Infinity subscription service, but extra time never hurt.

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To redeem, you’ll need to download and update the Viveport desktop app and connect your Quest to a USB 3.0 port or a Type-C port on your VR-capable computer. You should then see a pop-up message like the one above. The code, which you can redeem via the ‘Redeem Code’ dropdown in the app, must be used by December 31st, 2021, at 23:59pm PST, or it will expire.

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If you don’t see the message above for whatever reason, or can’t because you’re using Air Link, you can also submit your Quest headset S/N (the 14-digit alphanumeric serial number) and your Viveport account email to Viveport Support to get the code.

Check out our hands-on with Viveport from 2019, a majority of which still rings true if you’re hesitant to download yet another store front on your PC. It’s a great way to play a good chunk of the top PC VR games, especially if you’re a ‘one and done’ type of gamer and rarely revisit games you’ve already beaten.

Is your PC capable of playing VR games? Check if your PC is VR ready and we’ll walk you through the process.

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  • Ender772

    doesnt seem like a bad list…but its padded with free games too and thats super lame!

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  • Christian Schildwaechter

    I just went through the whole list of apps and games included with Viveport Infinity, and I must say I am impressed. At least users new to VR should definitively take a look.

    In 2018 I got a three months Viveport subscription for their Fallout 4 VR promo, tried a number of titles, but then decided against extending it due to the limited amount of interesting titles, a limit to only play five additional game per month, plus a lack of time to really utilize it.

    It seems a lot has changed since then. You can now play all the titles included at any time, their average quality has increased significantly, and there are a lot of them: 925 games (plus 265 free ones), 211 VR apps (plus 311 free ones). Not sure how many fully support Quest 2, the article only mentions 500+, but there are enough high quality titles to keep you busy for a long time.

    My Steam VR library has grown rather large over the years, and my guess is that I already own about 100 of the titles, maybe even more. I nonetheless consider subscribing again, as their library contains numerous games still on my wishlist, and there are lots of other games or apps that I’d like to give only a short try to get an impression, but would never buy. Titles like rather expensive educational anatomy apps, or games like FNAF VR, sort of a classic, but not a genre I enjoy. There are also many titles that I own on Go or Quest and wouldn’t want to pay for again just to play them on PC.

    For someone who hasn’t accumulated a large library yet (and with enough free time), Viveport Infinity now looks like an astonishingly great deal, esp. the yearly subscription. In Europe you end up paying more, EUR 120 (~USD 130) per year compared to USD 108 in the US, but HTC itself is selling digital access codes on amazon.com for USD 99/EUR 86 (12 months) and USD 30/EUR 26 (3 months).

    • Paveln4

      Digital access codes on amazon.com is only for USA.
      “Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States.”

  • Viveport is great if you’re new to VR… but if you’ve been in it for awhile, I bet you already have every good game on that list that you bought outright.

    Also might not hurt to mention you do need a powerful gaming PC to run these. Viveport itself is not a streaming service for PCVR games.

    Facebook has actually been trying to stop such things, I guess so they can launch their own service eventually.

  • This is a very interesting promotion…

  • nawfal

    Is it available on Linux

  • Abu Yunus Toshqandiy

    This article lists some top VR games such as “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners” and “Until You Fall” but it doesn’t mention that neither of these (nor some other newer titles) are available in the Quest free promo. They are listed as “Paid annual infinity only”. It would be great if this was reflected in such articles. I had signed up just for those games based on articles on this and another VR news website.

  • guest

    Can anyone explain how they are ” making it more attractive to developers financially”? I don’t understand how developers benefit from subscriptions.

    • Nostrildumbass

      They either get a cut of the subscriptions based on the game’s popularity or an up front lump sum. It depends on what the developer agrees to.