We were lucky enough to recently get our hands on the latest beta of the soon-to-be-released vorpX DirectX injection drivers, similar in aim to the community supported Vireio Perception offering, which adds Oculus Rift head-tracking, stereoscopic 3D, and pre-warping support to vanilla games not built with the Rift in mind. The commercial product is due for release very soon and the extensive play-testing we’ve done so far shows it to be an impressive package.

Note: Because YouTube doesn’t deal with 16:10 aspect ratios well, the video has been scaled to fit a 16:9, 720p frame. As a result there are slight borders in the video that are not present in the actual version. Just to be clear to those eagle-eyed video dissectors out there. :)

The Oculus Rift Game Band-aid

We’ll have a full in-depth preview of the vorpX drivers very soon, but we thought you’d enjoy a taste of what’s to come so we’re sharing some of Oculus Rift Crysis 3 gameplay footage running in enhanced VR mode. The video shows the driver’s DirectX 11 capabilities with Crysis 3 running with settings maxed at 1280×800 with a touch of anti-aliasing. Most of the in-game orientation is done via head tracking with mouse control used for precision aiming and swift character rotation. The combination of these next-generation level visuals coupled with the high FOV of the Rift and crosstalk-free stereoscopy is impressive to say the least.

Hand-tracking Game 'Hand Physics Lab' for Quest Releasing April 1st, Trailer Here

Machine Specs used in the video:

– Intel Core i5 2500k

– nVidia 580 GTX

– 16GB RAM

– Windows 8 64 bit

For best results, view the video in full-screen mode, at 720p, with your Oculus Rift in place. Stay tuned for the full hands-on preview and enjoy the video.

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  • Feike

    Would be interessting to know what kind of graphiccard here had been used

    • Paul James

      Good point Feike, now added.

  • Alexander

    So with that hardware setup, I guess what we see in the video is the Z-buffer mode?

  • James Iliff

    Just watched the video with Rift, looks pretty sick! Although the visible area is much smaller due to the dark edges being so.. binocular. I’m sure there will be a larger image for the next version of VorpX.

    The more I play ported games, the more I realize there’s got to be a major overhaul in how first person shooters are designed. All this fast-paced gunplay and superhuman movement is almost painful to watch in VR :P

  • deadering

    Neat to see it running so well on a mid-range gaming PC. Looks like I don’t have anything to worry about when i get mine.

  • Mr.Green

    I hope this won’t sound like trolling but is this driver doing anything better than Vireio?

    • Ben Lang

      I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised : )