I am pleased to announce that VR Casters, the world’s first and only 24/7 streaming VR podcast radio station is turning on its servers today at 12:oopm EST, and is ready to broadcast the future to you.

VR Casters is a joint effort by six of the top podcasting groups in the VR community. Our goal is to bring you a nonstop stream of VR news, interviews, commentary, and conversation. We are kicking off the stream with a new podcast, “The VR Casters LaunchCast”, which includes all of your favorite VR podcast personalities.

Here are the folks involved:

The stream will consist of a mixture of episodes from each of these podcasts. Each podcast will still publish their own episodes on their own sites, but VR Casters will also include them in the stream. We plan to include exclusive, original content, as well as broadcast from LIVE events, such as panels, expos, and conventions. The website includes a schedule which will keep you up to date on what is being broadcast, and when.

The VR community is global, and that means that at any given time, there is an active audience waiting for more VR content. With VR Casters, that content will be constantly flowing to you, no matter where you are located on the planet.

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VR Casters is mobile friendly, too! No need to install an additional app to listen. Simply browse out to the site, and hit PLAY. If you switch tabs, or turn off your screen, VR Casters will continue to provide the stream.

We are also reaching out to developers and companies in the VR industry who may want to take advantage of the opportunity to speak directly to their target market with advertising during the VR Casters stream. If you are interested in learning more about this, please email us.

Stay tuned… The future is being broadcast on VRCasters.com.

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