Titanic VR (2018) is an immersive educational interactive story and game that takes you to the depths of the final resting place of the RMS Titanic, where you explore the 1912 shipwreck, its history, and experience over 6 hours of story-driven gameplay. The game, which first launched on PC VR headsets, is landing on PSVR November 22nd.

Titanic VR was created by Immersive VR Education, the same minds behind the well-received educational VR experiences Apollo 11 VR (2016) and the 1943: Berlin Blitz (2018).

Image courtesy Immersive VR Education

Here’s Immersive VR Educations’s description of Titanic VR:

Diving to the bottom of the North Atlantic, you take on the role of Dr. Ethan Lynch, Associate Professor of Maritime Archaeology at the fictional University of Nova Scotia. With funding from a mysterious investor, Dr. Lynch and his PhD Candidate Jean Robinson have set out aboard a research vessel to dive the wreck of Titanic and answer questions that have remained submerged for a century. This game allows you to explore the shipwreck inside and out and recover items and complete missions such as recovery of a downed ROV, Documentary Film Making and the creation of a photomosaic.

Besides making the trip aboard a submarine, the experience lets players observe key historical events through the eyes of a survivor onboard lifeboat 6.

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Image courtesy Immersive VR Education

Immersive VR Education says its gone to the lengths to make it “a historically accurate recreation of events, based on eye-witness testimony and substantial research. Players will leave with a deeper understanding of this historic and tragic event.”

Take a look at the trailer below:

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  • Proof XR Lab

    Tried this at EGX2018, first the lifeboat experience and then on the sea bed using the ROV.

    Very impressive, but of course sombre and somewhat haunting.


    • John Pollard

      Does it explore the ammunition holding area? Does it explore the history of the ship when it belonged to the Cunnard Lines? Thanks.

      • Proof XR Lab

        My second demo (exploring the wreck) was only 10 minutes long, so not sure the extent of what has been created to explore?

        Strange using a gamepad instead of motion controllers, but otherwise a worthwhile demo.

        • John Pollard

          thanks ! I just bought the bundle !

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Try titanic honor and glory too in third demo available.Praise Jesus !

  • dk

    next 9/11 vr …..too soon