There’s a few short VR experiences that just stick with you, and one of my favorites is the 2015-era VR music video Surge. Now, Netherlands-based synthwave producer Sheaf has created a real-time rendered VR music video for their debut EP that is definitely on my list.

The free experience is set to the music of Sheaf’s debut EP ‘Together’, a three-track synthwave album dripping with nostalgia for the ’80s with its “smooth DX7 chords, melancholic synth work and pulsating bass lines,” developers Stryde Games says.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of a red convertible, you cruise through a number of beautiful locations while listening to each of the EP’s tracks—TogetherInnervision, and Point Break—making for a total listening time of about 10 minutes. It’s not an interactive experience, so you’re just along for what proves to be a surprisingly relaxing ride.

Although it makes heavy use of low poly assets, the experience’s art direction is nothing short of awesome, as it gives you plenty to look at along your way through some pretty breathtaking locales. Tactically placed tunnels punctuate the road as you enter desert biomes, glittering ocean-side views, and nighttime cityscapes.

In a way, it reminds me of the positively ancient driving game Cruis’n USA (1994), the beloved low poly arcade racer, although it’s clearly conjuring some of the classic ’80s tropes of neon sunsets, cool Miami nights—the sort of artwork you’d seen printed on the more inspired Trapper Keepers of the Reagan era.

You can download the VR experience for free on Steam, which includes support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index. If you’re interested in buying Sheaf’s ‘Together’ EP, you can name your price and download it via BandCamp.

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  • Moe Curley

    I love this kind of VR experience. I think it’s undervalued. The whole point of VR is being transported to another place. I love to travel and experience new places in this way in real life, and in VR. I used to enjoy an early VR app, don’t remember what it was called but you could view Youtube sitting in a room suspended over a night cityscape with a fireplace. I used to turn off the Youtube screen and have a real life beer just enjoying the view.

    • vtid

      I agree. As well as loving all sorts of other apps, these sitting, music/visual-orientated apps are one of my favourite genres in VR. These type of apps tend to tick the various boxes for immersion imo. Surge and Fantasynth are both as enjoyable today as they were in 2016 & 2017 imo. Also Aartal is still a greaat app. There are several more, but those 3 stand out to me. i just tried ‘Sheaf’ and it was a really good experience; one I’ll try again. Very simple poly graphics but that doesn’t mean immersion is lacking.

      • Moe Curley

        Can’t wait to get another headset. Would love to get an Index (or win lotto and get an Xtal ;)

    • vtid

      Also, are you thinking of an early BigScreen environment (re: old app/city nightscape)?

      • Moe Curley

        No it wasn’t Bigscreen, I think maybe it was called skybox? I was an early adopter of the Vive and it was an early Vive experience.

    • y_m_o

      You want to try ‘Conscious Existence – A Journey Within’. One of the most impressive VR video’s. Yes I know it’s a video but it’s full 3D depth… amazing stuff. Just remember to turn the voice over off before you start. Ruins it and not needed anyway. Bit short but worth the price easily.

      • Moe Curley

        I will when I get another VR headset. Can I view it on a PC screen here in meatspace?

    • Completely agree!

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    Sounds great, I got curious and drawn the moment it was mentioned you actually sit in a car throughout the whole experience. Sounds like a perfect setup – a bit of relaxing low poly VR crusin’ and while you’re at it why not check out this new EP by Sheaf :p

  • Kyokushin

    Thats a pure gold. You just made my day.

  • Tharny

    This one was really awesome.

  • Jarilo

    It was decent. Loved the second one where you go through the rain.

  • Farnborough

    Loved the menu choice “low – high -max”. Is there an HMD out there that is not able to play it on “max”? But honestly, someone should turn something like that into a 2- (or 4-) people chatroom.