Synth Riders (2018), the VR rhythm game for PC VR and Oculus Quest, was supposed to launch on PSVR on July 27th. After a last-minute delay which could have seen the game pushed back by “several weeks,” developer Kluge Interactive now says the PSVR version’s launch will officially arrive August 10th.

Update (July 29th, 2021): Kluge Interactive has officially announced that the PSVR release of Synth Riders is coming on August 10th, 2021. You can keep tabs on its exact launch with a the game’s countdown timer here.

Update (July 22nd, 2021): A studio spokesperson took to Reddit yesterday to announce the game will be delayed, something that the studio admits may take “several weeks.”

“We are very disappointed, but sadly we have had to delay the launch of Synth Riders for the PlayStation VR. It’s an unavoidable, last-minute issue with the distribution that’s outside of our control,” the studio says. “We’re grateful for your patience as we work with Sony to resolve this, and we’ll announce a new launch date as soon as that happens.”

Continuing: “We are really hoping to be able to launch in up to several weeks. This is not up to us, unfortunately. We are working with Sony on resolving this distribution issue.”

We’ll update this piece with the new launch date when it’s announced. The original article announcing PSVR’s launch (including all DLC) follows below:

Original Article (June 30th, 2021): First launched on PC VR headsets back in 2018, Synth Riders is billed as a “freestyle dancing VR rhythm game” that gets you moving by launching orbs that you have to ‘catch’ with your hands. You have to catch notes, ride rails, and dodge obstacles, which should get your heart pumping as you play to music genres such as synthwave, electro swing, EDM, and punk rock.

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The game is launching on PSVR with two different game modes: catching notes in ‘Rhythm Mode’, and punching notes in ‘Force Mode’ for a tougher workout. It doesn’t appear multiplayer will arrive at launch, as the studio has only mentioned a local ‘Party Mode’ for the PSVR version, which lets you pass the headset around to other people in the room.

Like the PC VR and Quest versions, tracks feature five difficulty levels and plenty of modifiers to change things up like ‘Spin Mode’, which makes note appear from different directions.

Here’s Kluge Interactive’s full list of main features coming to the PSVR version of Synth Riders:

  • Free your style with 55 diverse songs.
  • Get add-ons featuring Muse and The Offspring, and more.
  • Master your skills and climb the leaderboards.
  • Remix your gameplay with a wide selection of modifiers.
  • Explore 10+ immersive environments.
  • Pass the headset for fun in Party mode.
  • Have a great workout in the process.

Paid Music Packs include:

  • Adrenaline featuring The Offspring, Bad Religion, and more Punk Rock legends.
  • Synthwave 2 Essentials featuring Muse, Gunship, and more.
  • Electro Swing Essentials featuring Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry, and more.
  • Cyberpunk Essentials featuring songs from the Monstercat label.

You’ll also find Synth Riders is on SteamVR headsets via Steam and Viveport, and on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, which features cross-buy.

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