The VRNRGY Power Pack, an auxiliary battery pack designed specifically to fit on the back of an Oculus Quest, is now available for order on the company’s website.

Generally, the Quest only offers up around 2 hours of gaming battery life on a single charge, as we mentioned in our mostly glowing review of the standalone headset. When both devices are completely charged, the VRNRGY Power Pack promises to keep the Quest alive for triple that amount of time, offering “up to 6 hours of VR gaming” as stated on the product webpage.

The VRNRGY Power Pack also acts as a counterweight by placing the battery on the back of the front-heavy headset, right inside of the triangle opening that normally grips the crown of the user’s head. While we noted in our review that the perceived weightiness of the Oculus Quest is often a result of users misfitting the side and top straps to the shape of their head, this counter-weight is supposedly designed to allow easier fitting and adjustment right off the bat.

The power pack is held in place by a “breathable” neoprene strap, which is visibly designed around the form factor of the Oculus Quest. The battery itself is based on Samsung’s Li-Ion technology, boasting 7,000 mAh which VRNRGY says can subsidize up to 6 hours of VR gaming or 8 hours of video streaming without interruption.

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The VRNRGY Power Pack retails at $50 MSRP, but is currently available at a discounted launch price of $35. VRNRGY also sells a protective front travel cover (MSRP $20) for the Quest, which is currently discounted to $15. The protective cover ships on October 20.

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  • Justadude

    Why didn’t Oculus thought of of this?

    • Ted Joseph

      They did. Their initial design had the computer and batter in the back I believe. Look it up. My biggest complaint about the Quest is comfort. It is horrific. Even with the DAS that I cobbled up into it, it is still horrible on the front face. The HALO Rift S design would have made the quest an A+ product. Right now its a C+ as the comfort is horrible.


    I would prefer a PSVR halo like headstrap before adding even more weight on my head…

    • jammer63555

      I honestly hate Halo straps… They get uncomfortable over long hours and don’t stay in place as well. They also tend to squeeze my head if they’re tightened to a point where it holds well, but then the HMD isn’t on my face. The bottom of it floats. In general, they’re just hype. Nothing actually good there imo.

      • VR4EVER

        Hype? When they distribute the weight more evenly? Maybe they are not for you, I guess…

        • Greyl

          Ben Lang also doesn’t like halo straps.

          • Gerald Terveen

            some people like coke, some people like pepsi … choice is good :)

          • care package

   some people like Pepsi? that shit is nasty. I need to go to war against all Pepsi lovers now. Nice one dude.

      • sfmike

        Thanks for your opinion but of course that is all it is. I’ll take the weight off my cheeks.

        • bmichaelb

          “Thanks for your opinion but of course that is all it is.”

          LoL. Could you be any more of a pr*ck? If you’re going to change the stock strap with a halo, then try the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap then…it lifts the weight off the cheeks all by itself. The Halo sucks when you’re moving your head around quickly, since it’s not cranked tight to your face, it causes the front of the HMD to move all over the place. They can also cause light leakage due to not being tight against the face, and they can also be difficult to put on when wearing glasses. The DAS is far more comfortable than the halo.

      • Jimmy Ray

        I thought the straps on CV1 was great. He is telling the truth it does squeeze and want to slide off with quick turns.

    • care package

      I wasn’t impressed with my Rift S’s halo. The weight distribution was definitely better than it’s predecessor, but it also came with its disadvantages, like bulkiness, and it was a significantly more of a struggle to get it on. The Rift I could just slap on like a ball cap.

    • Ted Joseph

      I agree 100%. Sony is 4 years ahead of the Oculus comfort strategy. Sad…

    • CliffK

      I use NVG’s regularly, and they come with a similar set of problems, except with NVG’s you’re a lot more active than in VR (actually running, jumping, quick head movements in all directions, etc). My Sentinels weigh 20.8oz, which is nearly identical to a quest, my dual bridge PVS-14’s are 31oz. I have several options for wearing them, a Crye cap which is more or less a mesh baseball cap without a bill that utilizes a chin strap, and a few outrageously expensive helmets that use a chin strap as well. I can tell you this much….it doesn’t matter how good you mount that much weight to your forehead with straps. It can be the best ergonomic form fitting contraption that crushes your skull when it’s tight, but without a counterweight, it’s still terribly uncomfortable and will leave your neck sore. The only thing that makes any of those options comfortable for a solid 6hrs of intense movement is a properly balanced counterweight. A chin strap will compliment the whole contraption, seeing as now your head has more inertial mass, and well fitting head straps are a must, but the counterweight is THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. FACTOR. Aim for at least 75% of the weight on your forehead, more if you can. So look for anything between 15-20oz to strap on the back of your quest and you’ll be set.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I would think playing for that many hours straight could really overheat and damage the device.

    • Considering I made something similar with a 3D printer and an Anker 10Ah pack, it really doesn’t. Also, the counter is a must have. Considering how many Quest battery packs are on Thingiverse, it’s no surprise that someone wants to capitalize on the idea.

      • JesuSaveSouls

        I should get it since its on sale.

    • dota

      u didnt say ur magic words

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Hope this company goes big and Jesus is mankinds sole hope.

    • Rosten

      Wisdom is mankind’s sole hope, and it’s not a big hope considering the level of decadence we are at. Meanwhile, please keep your sectarian cult of an imaginary “loving” god (who, if he existed, would be to thank for having created a bunch of creatures who need to kill and eat each other to survive for a short and mostly painful time, how sick is this?) to yourself please. Your proselytism is misplaced and annoying.

      • smithg5

        Your comment seems to indicate that you know 1) how to save mankind, and 2) how God ought to behave. Impressive!

        • paleion

          I think he/she actually suggested that the god referred to in the original post probably, on reflection, didn’t exist – except within the confines of the original posters imagination – rather than suggesting how the aforementioned made up deity ought to behave. Presumably that would be entirely up to the mind of the original poster.

          I’m also not entirely sure he/she ever actually stated they knew the secret of how to save mankind either – rather that being wise about things would probably be a useful survival trait.

          At least that’s my interpretation of his/her reply.

          • Rosten

            A pretty good interpretation, thank you.

          • smithg5

            While he did say that God didn’t exist, the bulk of his comment about God was a remark on how “sick” he must be if he were real – which to me is clearly a comment on his hypothetical behavior. He basically said because of his assessment of the state of the world, he judges God’s works to reflect a depraved character. It follows that he believes he knows what a good God ought to do, otherwise how does his judgement have any meaning?

            Also, why is “wisdom” such a neutral response for the hope of mankind? Maybe wisdom causes awareness, leading to depression which dooms us? Saying “X is the sole hope of mankind” is literally the answer to the question “what is the hope of mankind?” Clearly he thinks he knows the answer.

            Both of these answers stem from the same fallacy, arrogantly assuming that your thoughts are perfect and constitute some kind of neutrality. The non-existence of God is not some default truth, it’s also a belief, on the same level as the original poster. Likewise, “wisdom” is just as specific as “Jesus” as a hope for mankind.

          • Rosten

            The bulk of my post was to say that God doesn’t exist.

            Of course I know what a good god ought to do, it’s in the name! A good god does good things and no evil things! Pretty straightforward concept.
            So the god described in the Bible cannot exist, it’s a logical deduction: he is described as being good and loving, while being described as omnipotent and omniscient, while being described as having created creatures suffering from very bad things. It’s a paradox.

            A quick search just showed me that lots of people have formulated this paradox before me, it’s known as the Problem of evil.

            As for wisdom being mankind’s sole hope, it was a way of saying that since there is no one above to take care of us and fix our mistakes, we can only count on ourselves to do it.

    • questionMan

      What are some of the key Biblical experiences you want to see in vr?

      • questionMan

        ..the one goddamn time someone asks for your opinion and you dont answer…. yet everyday you’re shoving your opinion into others faces nonstop.

        HYPOCRISY but then again you practice that daily dont you?

    • JesuSaveSouls

      If my statement about God is wrong I have nothing to lose but you reluctant to let Jesus into your heart is right then you have everything to lose.

      • Rosten

        It sounds almost like a threat.
        And I’m not reluctant to let Jesus into my heart (whatever that means), my life is a pain, I’m ok to try things as long as they sound good to me. But Jesus is just nowhere to be seen. I can’t let someone in if there’s no one at the door.

        • JesuSaveSouls

          It’s impossible to please God without faith.For you must believe He exists when you come to Him.God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.Just take a open minded open hearted step of faith.If one is dead set on disproving something then nothing will change your heart.

          • Rosten

            It’s impossible to please God without faith.For you must believe He exists when you come to Him.God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

            Thanks for the Bible quotes, it’s the good old cultist threat again: “If you’re not a good boy and don’t submit to your Lord, he will leave you to eternal torture in Hell”. This is neither nice nor humble… It’s the description of a stereotypical tyrant.
            And you speaking in his name, telling me what I should do and threatening me of what will happen to me if I don’t is not humble either, it’s arrogant.
            By the way, what about opening our mind and heart to the hundreds of other religions? Every religion is full of fanatic followers, as sure as you are that they are following the only truth and trying to convince me to join their ranks. So I’m a bit confused, if I open my mind and heart, certainly I shouldn’t open them only to one religion, when they are all equally convincing?

          • JesuSaveSouls

            You can go in any direction you choose for God gave us all a freewill But our actions and decisions have eternal consequences too.Many choose to checkout early as believing there is nothing thereafter.Not true and what you do and choose now matters.My life was over and I decided to throw in the towel and give up.Jesus stepped in but didn’t force me to choose.The devil is a liar and wants us to believe there is no hope beyond this life.That’s not true because Jesus is the answer and solution to everything in this life and beyond.

  • CyborgOne

    Trivial concern, but this article’s title is incorrect and very confusing: The company name is *not* “VRNGRY” (“VR Angry”?) – but rather, “VRNRGY” (“VR Energy”). This is correct in the body of the article – but the HTML TITLE and URL slug have this incorrect – which could affect SEO…

    • The Bard

      Idiotic name, anyway. They could’ve made that mistake because of that.

  • The Bard

    Adding weight to VR headset is DUMB. Just a primitive, pseudo solution. And an ad.


      Actually, it is a good solution for some….the headset is front heavy, and adding a battery as a counterweight at the back, solved my comfort problem and gave me an extra 4 hrs playtime.

  • Not a bad idea, especially for exhibitions, where you need lots of consecutive play time

  • Travis Foster

    This is a shitty price to performance battery pack. Got my 24,000 in a lightning sale for $22 and before I got it I was looking at 10,000mAH packs in the same price range.

  • MatiasDemian

    Or just do this and get a way better battery (I did it and can confirm that it works perfectly).

  • SataNeedSoulsToo

    Counter-weight on the quest is a must. No amount of adjustments to the strap is going to change the fact the quest is massively front heavy. Also this product is a joke it’s not difficult to attach a better more trusted brand battery.

  • doug

    So this weighs probably about 300 grams? Added to a 571 gram Quest for a total of 870 grams. That’s about twice the weight of the original Rift and Vive. Have fun turning your neck.

  • Sven Viking

    The headline names this as “VRNGRY”, as in a group of Germans announcing their annoyance. I think it’s supposed to be “VRNRGY”.

    • For some reason it’s name seems like an abbreviation for “Virgin Angry”.

    • benz145

      Yeah, whoops! Guess that’s what happens when you make your product name an all-caps portmanteau with missing vowels >_<. Thanks for the heads up, fixed this.

    • K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚eˮ

      sven viking is alive ? ? ?

    • Dene Messina

      having bought one only to find that it is completely broken and unable to either charge the quest or take a charge from mains, is made of the cheapest, nastiest plastic ever seen, after paying vrnrgy for import duty only to find that they didnt actually pay it(so all in all we have paid around £50 for basically nothing), i would say that the headline actually is closer to the mark.

  • Ace of Spades

    Headline reads like VERGINITY

  • Jimmy Ray

    Am I the only person not seeing this as a bad idea with a battery by your head?

    • morfaine

      With the Quest you already have a battery in front of your eyes. I don’t think this is going to make it much worse.

      • The Bard

        There is a difference what Oculus installs and what you will have at the back of your head. Don’t make an idiot of yourself.

        • kontis

          Yeah, because one of the most experienced company in electronics, Samsung, never had problems with exploding batteries, right? Compared to Samsuing Oculus are still total amateurs.

          The truth is that with current battery tech HMDs are dangerous. No way around it.

          • GigaSora

            Samsung has strong motivation to make your phone’s battery life last longer, which leads to batteries exploding. Oculus’ main motivation is going to be batteries not exploding in your eyes, and they’ll make that happen at the cost of 30 mins to an hour battery life. But this random company doesn’t have that same motivation.

          • Caven

            There are three problems with that theory. A: The Oculus Quest has a higher capacity battery than the Galaxy Note 7 did. B: A cellphone needs to stretch that battery life over a whole day, whereas the Oculus Quest needs to prioritize high performance over battery life. This means the battery will run hotter on the Quest than on a cellphone, which is where the real risk of fire comes from. And C: Oculus doesn’t make batteries, so they don’t have any control over how the batteries are actually built.

          • Dene Messina

            it would be a problem if these units actually worked, but seeming as the vrnrgy pack i bought has about as much capacity to hold a charge as a wedge of stilton, it’s pretty safe…just completely useless.

          • The Bard

            100x less dangerous than smartphones you keep hot under pilow or talk for hours holding it near your head.

    • Caven

      People do that all the time with cellphones and manage to not die.

      • Jimmy Ray

        It just takes one time. Remember Samsung batteries.

        • Caven

          Food kills more people per year than cellphone batteries do, and that’s a product that absolutely needs to be safe for people. As for a product less critical to human life, cars kill tens of thousands of people every year in the US alone, despite being loaded with safety features. Putting a cellphone battery near your head is nowhere near the most dangerous thing a person does each day.

          • Jimmy Ray

            Yes we can tit for dks but I just don’t like the idea. Just takes one and then the politicians get involved.

        • Derp

          And? The bloody thing has a near 4,000mah battery already inside planted to your EYES.

    • Dene Messina

      it’s fine…it doesn’t actually work…mine’s completely dead and arrived that whilst it is totally non-functional, the upside is that it is 100% safe.

      • Derp

        Once again pretty sure you are using that annoying adapter rather than a proper usb to TYPE C cable. I couldn’t get mine to work with that adapter either but I had plenty of USB to Type-C cables due to having a Note 9 and now a Note 10+

  • I’d love to hear a review of this, it seems like a solid product. I was playing Pinball FX, a game which primarily requires you to look down, and it was PAINFUL. The game was great, just like the PC version, but the goggles were so uncomfortable when leaning down constantly.

  • Ted Joseph

    Sorry, but all the people complaining that the Rift S design would not be better is confusing to say the least. I can play sports games, and any other games for hours on my S. I put down the Quest in about 45 minutes (even with the DAS installed), and scream at the TV after thinking that Oculus got this so wrong…

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Still only 7,000mAh, with the low prices of large batterypacks with double that amount of power you’d expect an addon to have a much larger capacity.. Just buy a cheap large capacity batterypack and connect that to your belt, or with some velcro to the same place as this VRNRGY pack..

    • Dene Messina

      yep..and said battery packs arent malfunctional pieces of c**p from a dodgy largely unknown chinese company who’s facebook page is a ghost-town and has been since october.

      • Derp

        Sorry but my pack is working pretty well…what did yours do?

        • Dene Messina

          not only does mine not charge the quest,it only registers a connection to my headset 1 in 8 times, it also blinks 3 lights instead of charging from mains (this flash is a universal fault indicator for charge-packs)..also you should be aware that even fully functioning as best possible with the innards it has, that it only supplies half the needed juice to your headset as it is underpowered: this is because the innards were actually made as the charger for a headlamp and not even designed to take a usb in: if you look on the left hand side of your battery pack you will see a small round socket which was it’s actual original power supply..if you look in your instruction booklet you will see that this is fraudulently marked as a “input for future upgrades”…you really dont want to undercharge your quest and i assure you your vrnrgy is doing just that. also see this link to know why you probably shouldnt be using it anyway: and this link also:

          • Derp

            Are you using a USB Type-C cable or just their adapter? Mine works fine with a USB Type-C cable. Also you are “under-charging” unless you have a 3-amp charge source but I highly doubt you are “hurting it” as if you were going down to 0%. The Quest isn’t that stupid and runs the same chipsets as smart phones do and adjusts accordingly like every phone I assume.

          • Dene Messina

            sorry, i didn’t see this… i’ve actually tried it with several usb cs… as to if it hurts the quest or not isn’t entirely clear, as even info from different allegedly clued up sources is conflicting to say the least but i will say that plugging anything into your quest that shows a fault indicator when attempting to charge from mains isn’t a good idea and using this thing definitely invalidates your warranty according to oculus, but then so does any battery pack. in the end it’s down to the individual to decide, i just thought i’d share my personal experience and the possible pitfalls of use.

  • dota

    A counterweight thingy tech is taught to all engineers in first year. Why these so called nerds cant do in the beginning itself. Mabbe they should provide a detachable stainless steel counterweight alongwith their product. I said detachable so that a solution as in this article could be attached.

  • Anthony Kenneth Steele

    Does it have usb 3.1 pass-through?