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VRVana, developers of the Totem virtual reality headset, have announced they’ve pulled their Kickstarter campaign in favour of a pre-order system for interested VR enthusiasts.

About – turn!

Kickstarter campaigns are tough and far from all are successful. VRVana’s campaign which had begun a couple of weeks ago was doing better than most. With a lofty target of $350k CAD however it was an ambitious goal and, at their current total of $181,643 the company has announced it’s to cancel the campaign in favour of a new approach.

We received an impressive number of responses to last week’s survey, thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. We really appreciated your kind words and encouragement!

Based on the comments and feedback, we’ve made the decision to pull our Kickstarter campaign and offer pre-ordering directly through our website.

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So why now? The company cites some rethinking of how they approach getting the new VR headset, which sports onboard hardware acceleration for pre-warping headset images and  was to sport a 1080p low persistence OLED display. Their reasons?

We didn’t get the traction we had anticipated on Kickstarter for a number of reasons:

1. Most Kickstarter supporters are VR enthusiasts who would prefer a polished consumer headset instead of a developer kit.

2. Because some key features are still in development, some supporters wanted to hold off on purchasing.

3. The price was perceived to be a bit high considering that we could not show all the features. We can’t wait to show you our new OLED screens when we receive them ;-)

So, instead we decided to go back to the drawing board to focus our efforts on developing the consumer version of Totem.

So if you were a backer or, for some reason elements of the Kickstarter campaign had put you off but were otherwise interested, you can head over to their pre-order page here to grab a spot in the queue for a unit. Placing a pre-order will set you back $50 for the initial deposit with the full unit cost running $450 not including any shipping, tax / duties incurred at shipping. The first 1000 units are estimated to reach customers around October 2015.

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It’s certainly a bold move on the company’s part, it’ll be interesting to see how existing backers and the community at large react to the news. Were you a backer? Or had you held off due to the nature of the campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • SuperDre

    Oh really? they saw they couldn’t reach the goal, so they are now trying to get your money directly, with a release around this time next year? Are they f-ing kidding me?

    Don’t fall for it and keep you’re money in your pocket, because I’ll bet you never will receive a headset and you won’t get your $50 back..

    • brandon9271

      regardless of whether they follow through and deliver the product, who cares? I mean, Rift CV1 will probably be out by 4th quarter next year with better specs and for the same price if not less. Why would anybody preorder a Totem? It seems like a boneheaded idea. For $100 less I could just buy a DK2 and not wait until Oct 2015. Nobody is even sure if Totem’s inside-out tracking even works like they say.. I dunno, I’m VERY scepical when it comes to unproven tech from a new start-up.

    • davidb38

      Sure, we will hold your bet alright, don’t forget it to get Totem if they success. I’m sure you have misread DK2 and Totem consumer release on Oct. Maybe you don’t need CV1?

      I hope Oculus Rift CV1 won’t turn out too similar to Sensics HMD.

      Inside-out tracking has been proven by 13th Labs for some time, have you even watched their Youtube video? I guess you are the last to know. :)

      • brandon9271

        say what you want about VRvana but the truth is they are a wildcard at this point. Oculus has the funding, the research and a proven track record in VR. VRvana could flop and go bankrupt or they could succeed.. nobody knows. Also, the inside out tracking of Totem hasn’t been demonstarted to anyone in the media as far as I know. Will it have the accuracy and low latency required? Again, nobody knows. Dropping $450 on a relatively untested product from an unproven company is stupid. I wish them luck and success but I would be VERY cautious with my money and recommend others to do the same.

    • davidb38

      Sensics dSight HMD does also use Inside-out tracking

  • Don Gateley

    This also increases their apparent integrity given the fraudster nest KS has become.

  • Don Gateley

    @SuperDre: it’s sorta the opposite. With KS you have no recourse when fraudsters rip you off. With pre-order there are FTC regulations and legal precedent that will burn them bad and even imprison them if they fail without refunding.

  • Curtrock

    If you really want to see what a joke KICKSTARTER has become, check out the “AirVR” campaign. Please tell me I’m not the only one who can spot a scam in the making….

  • davidb38

    I’m expect CV1 would be $499 USD exclude tax duties and shipping when it’s release. While Vrelia Pro costs significantly higher.

    • davidb38

      Oculus Rift CV1.

  • Patricia Miller

    I will read more about this campaign. Thanks for the information, friend. Bye!