Time-traveling Adventure ‘Wanderer’ Delayed to “later this year”, Extended Gameplay Video Here


M Theory and Oddboy today announced that its time-traveling VR adventure title Wanderer is being delayed from its initial Q3 2021 release window. To soften the blow somewhat, developers also released the first half of an extended gameplay video.

Announced back in April, Wanderer is an upcoming VR adventure game inspired by time-travel shows like Quantum Leap (1989) and Dark (2017), taking you through moments in history on your quest to stop the collapse of civilization. It’s set to launch on a PSVR and PC VR headsets (including Quest via Link).

The studios haven’t mentioned exactly when Wanderer will arrive, saying that it will release sometime “later this year.” The developers promise however that news of a release date is “not far away.”

“The last year has been a pretty tricky one. Navigating Covid-19 and its effects while maintaining a healthy and productive environment and developing a unique game for VR has meant we’re running a bit behind on our schedule,” the studios say.

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The gameplay video is the first of a two-part series which explores the main character’s Asher’s trusty companion, Samuel the Watch.

“It’s all about this magnificent and multi-talented timepiece, which is more than just a smart accessory, as we take a deep dive into the watch’s features and just how it can help you on your journey through time,” the studios say.

Additionally, the team behind Wanderer have partnered with publisher Perp Games to bring a Wanderer PlayStation VR physical edition to retail.

Update (6:00 PM): A previous version of this article reported that Wanderer was coming to Quest, when in reality it will only be accessible to Quest via Link or Air Link and a VR-ready computer. This has been fixed in the body of the article.

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  • JakeDunnegan

    This looks amazing. Definitely on my shortlist to buy on Steam to play on my Quest 2.

  • NL_VR

    This games seems pretty Good.
    I like how it looks like a real PCVR game and not a watered down (graphics) Quest port.

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