Watch: ‘Robo Recall’ is Playable on HTC Vive Using ‘Revive’ Mod, Here’s How


Oculus Rift exclusive title Robo Recall – which launched just yesterday – can already be played on the HTC Vive, using the infamous Revive mod. And, as you can see in this video, the game seems to work remarkably well.

Oculus’ approach to encouraging development on their Rift virtual reality platform via funded exclusive (be that timed or permanent) has been one of the most divisive and hotly discussed since consumer VR became a reality. It’s something that’s divided the VR community and is brought into sharp focus when exclusive titles are perceived as particularly desirable, as is the case with Robo Recall – a title developed by Epic Games exclusively for Oculus Rift and Touch motion controllers, published though Oculus’ content portal Home.

'Robo Recall' Review

Whatever your views are on Oculus’ stance on the subject of exclusivity, the fact remains that there are a lot of VR enthusiasts out there who only own the Steam VR powered HTC Vive headset who would very much like to play Robo Recall, one of the most polished VR titles yet published. Luckily for them they can, thanks to the infamous Revive software mod, and as seen in the video above, this is exactly what some Vive owners are now doing.

Platform Politics: Inside the Oculus and 'Revive' Dilemma

What’s perhaps surprising is how well it seems to work. The YouTuber MERPTV (above) puts the title through its paces, with the most obvious potential issue – the lack of thumbsticks on the Vive’s Steam VR controllers – taken care of with the trackpads used in substitute.

Of course, if you don’t own an Oculus Rift and Touch device, the title won’t be free to play on the Vive. You’ll need to stump up the £22.99 ($29.99 in the US) on the Oculus Store to get access to the game first – a price I’m sure many are willing to pay for such a polished VR title. After which, Vive users should head to Revive’s GitHub page which includes the latest version of the injection software as well as a setup guide for new users. One important note here – we’ve not yet had a chance to try this out for ourselves and would point out that running such a configuration will be officially unsupported by the software’s developers and publishers. If you’re happy with those caveats, you should be good to go.

robo-recall-1Of course, the game was developed with the Touch controllers in mind, and as pointed about above, although using the SteamVR controllers may not be the optimal experience, they are certainly more than functional.

Let us know how you get on with Robo Recall on the Vive using Revive in the comments below.

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Based in the UK, Paul has been immersed in interactive entertainment for the best part of 27 years and has followed advances in gaming with a passionate fervour. His obsession with graphical fidelity over the years has had him branded a ‘graphics whore’ (which he views as the highest compliment) more than once and he holds a particular candle for the dream of the ultimate immersive gaming experience. Having followed and been disappointed by the original VR explosion of the 90s, he then founded to follow the new and exciting prospect of the rebirth of VR in products like the Oculus Rift. Paul joined forces with Ben to help build the new Road to VR in preparation for what he sees as VR’s coming of age over the next few years.
  • Me

    As a Vive user, I am VERY reluctant to pay anything unless there’s proper support for it.
    I’ve tested Revive, and it’s nice to play with the freebies from Oculus. Enough to see the potential of what polished games look like. Something we desperately need on the Vive side. But as I said, unless there’s official support from Oculus, it’s a big nope from me.

    • 1droidfan

      I hear you. I am on the other side. There are plenty of games on SteamVR that dont support the Rift and if you get them anyhow you are treated to hands in the incorrect position, actions that are not mapped, ect. You would think its pretty easy to support both but I dont think that will happen with this first gen.

    • J.C.

      Same here. Obviously, had it been free there would have been no real excuse NOT to try it, but Oculus clearly is relying on third party software to help them sell their own. This move, selling the game to Vive users who get zero support, while giving it away to those who DO, is a dick move.
      Oculus has the most to gain from getting the vive working on their software, yet they clearly aren’t going to do it. Otherwise they’d have already hired the ReVive dev and made support official. The day Oculus makes Vive support official on their store, they’ll make a rather decent chunk of cash from me. I don’t care that they have store-based exclusives, I care that they’re making store AND hardware exclusive games.

      • Get Schwifty!

        They don’t care about selling software …. that’s not the play. If you think establishing a competitor to Steam is what its about you clearly don’t get their strategy.

        • Javed Asghar

          Well then they will soon loose real bad in simply the hardware space.. You who do get their strategy implying agian that you work there, should wait and see now. LG is just +1 for steamVR for now. VR will proceed don’t worry, let’s see how your favourite does in the next few years.

        • John

          Anyway you can clarify this more?

          Im on the oppisite opinion, in that its ALL about software sales. Its where the money will be, and not in the hardware. Before long i expect headsets to be free when you subscibe to services. Like VR services that have the same model as spotify and netflix.

          In the current VR-landscape we are still quite far from that. Right now its about growing the userbase any way possible. And to do that you need to artificially kickstart the industry by throwing money on titles that might not even be near to break even finacially. Before long there will also me multiple hardware choices for SteamVR where LG is just the start. And with lots of similar hardware, there will be even harder to keep high enthusiast prices on the hardware any longer. So, again its on the software and subsriptionbased services you will make the revenue.

          • Get Schwifty!

            It’s about establishing a VR brand that allows for ultimately social media revenue. The hardware and software are incidental to that.

    • M0rdresh

      Your prerogative of course, but I’m telling you are missing out. I am personally convinced the HTC Vive is the best out of the two and Revive gives you access to most in the Rift world. Revive is not thing since yesterday, they keep on working on it and when logging an issue they are very responsive.

    • Taun

      Hopefully the OpenXR group will create a standard as soon as they can. That way Oculus can add support for all non-Oculus headsets at once. Or at least all the headsets that will be compatible with this future OpenXR standard. And if this support is good enough that non-Oculus devs can easily add support for the Rift & even put their game on the Oculus store without native Rift support. It could then be a VR competitor to Steam.

      As an Oculus Rift + Touch owner, I have a rather sizable library on the Oculus store. And I’m looking forward to these new standards so that when I get a next gen headset in a couple years, I won’t have to worry about losing any of my library if I choose a non-Oculus headset.

  • NooYawker

    I find it unusual that Facebook pays these companies for exclusives while on steam there’s many titles not supported by oculus but as a decsion by the devs with no motivation from Valve.
    While this looks like a fun and polished game, it’s not designed for room scale, or more like, does a shit job of room scale. None of Facebooks paid exclusives are. So this is a glorified wave shooter which is an already tired genre.

    • Tom MIlls

      The roomscale is awesome in Robo Recall, completly awesome. I don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Justos

        He hasnt tried it is my guess.

      • NooYawker

        What are they talking about???

        It’s obvious the game wasn’t designed for full room scale just for people facing forward.

        • Ombra Alberto

          l play full room scale. I don’t know what you are talking about.

          • M0rdresh

            Robo Recall has to work with the 180 setup a lot of Oculus Rift users have, it is certainly not true room scale. I mean it makes you port and select your orientation, maybe you do not know better but that is absurd for those that used to real room scale. Walking around and the game knowing your orientation. Turning 360 degrees is not room scale, let alone being forced to select your orientation when you post…

          • Tom MIlls

            Vive fanboys…hating on one of the best games VR has because they are jelly…
            It does NOT make you select your orientation! Only on the vive! When you tilt the analogue stick, you are ALREADY choosing a direction, just by moving it. You have no need to choose a direction unless there is a cutscene, then they make you look at it. I have a 12′ x 10′ area and walk all over it. Mobs intentionally run behind you to get in your blind spot. The direction choosing is for for strategic advantage. Manual turning is so slow, and some battles have you teleporting every second literally, you could not finish the game if you refused to use the direction system (Which you can completely do!)

          • M0rdresh

            Are you daft? Where do I hate Robo Recall ? I bought it, I play it, I love it. So check your facts before ASSuming. The debate was about whether the game was designed for true room scale and it is clearly not.

            There no true support for any kind of 360 setup. If you have a room scale tracking setup and are accustomed to using it, the teleportation system is an absolute nightmare. It uses a fixed ‘forward’ direction to orient you every time you teleport, instead of using the direction you are currently facing.

            There are many reports, by Rift users, of this rather strange system for 360 setups, albeit very good working for 180 degrees.

            I guess some Rift fan boys cannot realty talk room scale, ignorance is bliss.

            (whatever the answer or opinion on the topic of room scale, Robo Recall is an excellent game nonetheless, let that be clear)

          • Tom MIlls

            “It uses a fixed ‘forward’ direction to orient you every time you teleport, instead of using the direction you are currently facing.”

            You obviously read nothing else of my post, this statement by you is a complete lie. It DOES use your existing direction on the oculus, just not the vive since you have no analog stick. You look where you want to teleport, use the stick to choose the spot and let go and it will teleport you exactly as you were facing…which is the stupidest choice ever BTW . Time slows down to give you this strategy. Manual turning is NOT useful. Every time I tried it I just died before I finished turning around.

          • M0rdresh

            Dude please, go and read the numerous reports of the port-orientation thing, even Epic Games acknowledging it and is planning a ‘fíx’ to improve the experience for 360 users.

            If you do not believe me, there are numerous articles, even on this site, that explain why the orientation system was designed to cater to 180 degree users. Hell even the game gets a front facing label on the oculus store, so stop being ignorant.

            I am not tearing down the game nor Oculus Rift, just simply stating a fact that right now Robo Call is more catered towards 180 users and mods are already out and Epic fix coming. You really think they all did that for a none-issue??

          • Tom MIlls

            Whatever dude, I am playing it, and I never need to choose a direction if I don’t want to….but that would be dumb.

          • M0rdresh

            You don’t get it do you ? The debate was if Robo Call is designed for room scale and it is not, period. The label on the Oculus store, comments by Epic Games on the orientation thing they had to do as they are catering to 180 degree users, etc.

            You said when you tilt the analogue stick, you are ALREADY choosing a direction, just by moving it. And you claimed that is not the case on the Vive, well guess again, it functions the same. The whole orientation upon porting instead of just taking into account your positional orientation automatically shows this game was not designed for room scale but for 180 degree users. But hey that is all fantasy right, Mr Tom Mills don’t have that issue.

            If you are unwilling to accept that, hell, go argue Epic Games if you are not willing to realize that. They clearly indicated they had to because the game was designed for 180 and they have a patch planned to remove it for those interested in room scale But whatever, there is not talking sense to you it seems.

            So next time before coming in and accusing people of being Vive fan boys, check your facts.

          • Tom MIlls

            You must define “room scale” then. I walk all over my area, hiding behind cars and whatnot. Sometimes the action is behind me sometimes left, sometimes right. You keep saying “it’s not “room scale” but cannot point to one specific reason what it would have to do to be “room scale.” “It doesn’t do roomscale” is the mantra of vive users, but I hear none of that from my friends who own both.
            And again since you don’t have an oculus you dont realize that it is NOT the same. Vive users have to use the touch pad to choose a location, and then the touchpad again to choose a direction. With an analogue stick you are doing both with one motion.

            As I also saw in another reddit someone who spoke with the developoers said nothing about 180, and oculus gave them no constraints at all.

          • M0rdresh

            I said the game is clearly not designed with room scale in mind, because it have mechanics in the game that are clearly there for 180 degree users which are annoying for those with better room scale setup and prior experiences. Again, before you blame me to state incorrect information, go look to its label in the store and come back.

            Now meanwhile lot’s of users, yes Oculus users with room scale setup, have complained about this and Epic Games agreed to patch it. If what I say is all just my imagination and a non-issue, why do you think Epic Games is patching it? Why are already a community mod? Yes in the Oculus community, this is not a freaking Vive Robo Recall thing for crying out load.

            I never said you cannot walk around, or that you cannot have action on the left or on the right. Get your facts straight, but you are so hell-bent on detecting fan boy stuff that you are blind.

            And for the second time, the mechanic playing Robo Recall on a Vive is exact the same as on Oculus. There is no two-step on the Vive as you suggest, I do it in one swift motion as well.

            But I guess you don’t have a Vive and you are persistent on bashing on this Vive player, me, that tries to bash on the game because through Revive he has a subpar experience. This while I am exactly complaining what so many Oculus players with room scale are requesting to Epic Games to make it optional in the settings.

            You had it wrong from the very start. I experienced an important mechanic in the game that was clearly tailored to 180 degree users, as such I concluded this is not designed with room scale in mind. You do not have to agree with me, but stop this crusade of yours trying to direct this to me being a Vive fan boy or that my opinion – which is shared by several Oculus Rift owners with room scale setups – is because I have some imaginative setup that makes me play the game differently that you.

          • Tom MIlls

            You have said it was “clearly 180” like 4 times in that post above. I see nothing “clear” about it. You still can’t tell me one design feature that “clearly” shows it was designed for 180.

          • M0rdresh

            You obviously do not believe a word I say, go read this article and feel free to go make your case against the writer too, maybe he got a Vive too and is a Vive fan boy just like me, right? You’re name should be in the dictionary, right below Stubbornness.

            Article that clearly describes what I have tried to explain you since the very first start. End of discussion.

            Robo Recall Mod Already Adds 360 Play, Official Fix Coming

            Still not clear for you after reading that or are UploadVR vive fan boys? OK read this contribution then by an Oculus player:


          • Tom MIlls

            So I ask you what you mean by your statement that it “clearly” was designed for 180, and you respond by linking me someone else’s article. “Clearly” you have no actual evidence.

            And having read that article I can say I have no idea what it’s talking about, perhaps it is something for people who only have 2 sensors? I am not using mods and have zero of the issues he mentions. I can turn any direction and walk anywhere as it is…but again I contend it is a silly solution, manual turning < teleport turning… it is simply not fast enough.

            It was nice going back and forth with you, I am glad you enjoy the game, I still think you are a fanboy, but don't hold that against you. Take care.

          • M0rdresh

            No evidence? Because you are unwilling to accept any word I wrote I started pulling outside sources to confirm what I was talking about, and now even those are insufficient. You are impossible lol.

            Just because you don’t see any issues it does not mean other cannot, and in the process feel their needs or setup had not being fully addressed. Unless you are really losing it and claim all the reports are false, fan boys, and Epic Games working on a patch of thin air.

            With an Oculus Rift on order (Revive is nice but I want to have both worlds having started with the Vive) I must indeed be one heck of a Vive fan. But I am glad you admit to your prejudice of me being one; the true source and only reason of your unwillingness here.

          • CaptainHappy

            I think if a guy fixed it with a mod in a few days you can’t really say the whole game isn’t designed for 360/roomscale. The game is fine with you looking and moving about until the teleport rotation issue rears its head. Once it’s an official fix, it’s roomscale ready.

          • Ombra Alberto

            i have 3 sensor. i plays full room scale 360.

        • CaptainHappy

          Once Epic release the patch they’ve announced to sort the teleportation issue, the room scale will be perfect. It already feels far more fluid as enemies jump from roof tops all around you than Raw Data. A jumping mechanic like Sairento VR has would be great though.

        • Michael Powell

          I’m a Vive owner, with a somewhat smaller play space. Importantly, it’s dimensions are very rectangular, roughly 6’x9′. The upshot of this is that my ability to move around and interact with my environment depends a lot on the orientation of my room space in the virtual environment. So even with this “room scale” setup, orientation can be very important.

          This smaller space is still well above what HTC lists as the minimum size for room scale VR. And given that one of the prime hurdles to adoption is generally seen as the space requirements, I suspect this problem is not that uncommon.

          Also, one of the games that currently ships free with the Vive, The Gallery – Episode 1, uses a similar orientation mechanic on teleport, despite being explicitly designed for the Vive. I found it quite handy.

          So I think that the idea that being able to select orientation on teleport is somehow “not roomscale” is misguided.

    • PrymeFactor

      “While on steam there’s many titles not supported by oculus but as a decsion by the devs with no motivation from Valve.”

      To put it mildly, most of those games aren’t AAA experiences or are pretty lame.

      It takes motivation for any dev to invest $3+ million to make a VR game for such a small market. If you don’t fund it, most devs will shy away from large scale experiences.

      I expect to see more VR devs focus their efforts on PSVR. Much bigger market and potentially more rewards.

      • NooYawker

        Can’t argue with that. Most games are crap on the market.
        That’s why I thought it was unusual why would an independent developer choose not to make their game cross platform. It’s possible since so many are ” early access” only steam will accept them.

        • J.C.

          Some games made for the Vive work “mostly OK” on the Rift, but the dev may not have direct access TO a Rift. A LOT of these games are one-person developers, and aren’t making much money on it. Even at the new lower price for the Rift hardware, they may not find it worth $600 to tweak their game. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. As more players come along, there will HAVE to be a standardized controller design, no one’s going to bother getting their game tweaked for a dozen different controller setups. That’s absurd.

          • NooYawker

            “no one’s going to bother getting their game tweaked for a dozen different controller setups”
            I hope this doesn’t become an issue, while Valve being open and licensing to everyone so companies can build their own devices. It could get to the point where you game may or may not be fully compatible with all devices. There is a big advantage of keeping tight reigns on the hardware.

          • Tom MIlls

            Valve is already ripping off the oculus controlers with prototypes. They should have waited before rushing to market with the “dual ice cream cone” controller solution.

          • M0rdresh

            Yeah we all clearly see how splitting your user base in two by not offering the full package on day one, and then coming up with an afterthought solution forced by the sheer success of HTC VICE, forcing HDMI and USB extenders on people that want to experience true room scale, while putting up a disclaimer during purchase room scale is experimental, was indeed the right way to go hey! /sarcasm.

            It must be way the HTC VIVE was sold twice as much as the Rift and has double the install base right, what a bunch of copy cats ripping of Rift. Whatever makes you sleep at night lol.

          • Tom MIlls

            And offering new controllers with incompatible game support to the vive is not splitting user base? Sheesh

            Stop buying Oculus games if you love the vive so much

          • M0rdresh

            You’re grasping at straws, there are no incompatible controllers on the market, stick to what is a fact now. And that fact is that the Oculus Rift is designed for a seated experience later modified to a standing experience and with experimental room scale. You have to be blind to not see HTC VIVE did all of this one day one, be reasonable.

            And why should I stop buying Oculus Rift games, if you think buying games like Robo Call is a testimony that the HTC VIVE is lacking something then I better urge you parent to quickly take over, too late to be up kido, bed time.

          • Tom MIlls

            Your the one who responded to my comment that vive is ripping off Oculus controllers. I am not grasping at straws, that was the topic.

          • M0rdresh

            That right, the “Knuckles” prototype are in no shape or form close to touch controllers. It’s very thin stating HTC VIVE is ripping Oculus tech while they had everything from the start, but hey whatever makes you sleep at night.

            I like Oculus Rift on many fronts, had the DK1, DK2 and they really drive VR games, however their lack of vision early on for hand representation and room scale is not one of them.

          • NooYawker

            They’re a little big but feedback is great. The buttons are well located. And they didn’t have any of the multiple tracking issues oculus touch did, so it’s not valve that rushed to market.

      • Tom MIlls

        3 million? Try 9 million!

  • Ryan Knapp

    So if it’s free for Oculus Touch users, are Vive owners the only people who pay the $29.99 cost? Doesn’t this imply that they intend for Vive users to access it, or am I missing something?

    • Justos

      That is part of it. Also people who buy their hardware second hand.

      • Ryan Knapp

        Ahh, good point. Thanks. Just a guess but I’d wager they’ll sell more to Vive owners than 2nd hand Oculus owners.

    • M0rdresh

      It definitely implies that they are silently supporting it. It’s a step in the right direction, if they are honest about their motivation for exclusivity being the fact that they have funded, then a STORE exclusive is fair, a HARDWARE exclusive is not.

  • Mike
  • So how do Touch owners download this free?

    • Get Schwifty!

      Like all the games… you go into Oculus Home and download it…? I notice it shows up in my portal as free….

  • The guy kept repeating the word “mate” really strangely and it eventually made my head explode. #shudder

  • wowgivemeabreak

    I think Oculus should fund games and then have them put on Steam and then have Valve make the money off them. How dare Oculus fund games and expect to get something back from it, in this case the hope more people buy the Rift.

    It is remarkable the way some people think. I can only imagine many of the Vive owners whining and just blaming Oculus for this stuff are liberals. They have the liberal mindset.

    I really like people saying it is a dick move Oculus charges for this game for non touch owners but doesn’t have official support for non rift owners. Umm, so Oculus is forcing Vive owners to buy it? Again, liberal mindset.

    • Get Schwifty!

      Yeah the same people NEVER EVER step up and say something in protest if a game is designed for Vive but doesn’t officially support Oculus… NEVER. A game comes out for Rift and Touch and it’s a crime because it isn’t direct support for Vive… so hypocritical…. the “I wantz meh gamez nowz” crowd thinks of nothing but their personal gratification….

      • M0rdresh

        There is a difference between what you describe and exclusivity contracts forcing developers to develop exclusive for Oculus Rift. That part is not helping any consumer, there are different ways to get the return on investment than exclusivity.

        Exclusivity wrecks a lot of things, both in gaming industry and in the movie business.

        • Get Schwifty!

          Same problem though – where is the outcry?

          • M0rdresh

            If you do not see the difference between a developer that has the freedom of choice what platforms they are going to support and a forced contractual obligation to one platform, then there is not much I contribute any further.

            But hey, if you want to support exclusivity and find it a good thing getting a kick out of the fact that ‘the other brand and users cannot play what I have’ be my guest and enjoy that. That for sure will help the VR industry !

          • CaptainHappy

            Developers have the choice to choose the contract. If it’s the difference between making the game or not, what would you do? As developers they want to create amazing things. No one thinks about that. Oculus/FB paid them to make the game they wanted, up front.

            I don’t think it’s right they don’t support the Vive natively in Home. I suspect they will in time as software and services will be the real money makers before long.

    • PrymeFactor

      There are a group of extremely clueless people here who expect Facebook to spend millions in funding an AAA VR game, then put it on Steam so Valve gets a 30% cut and Oculus gets much less.

    • J.C.

      Christ, not everything is about liberals vs conservatives. Please go on your political rants somewhere else.
      The issue here isn’t that it’s on the Oculus store. That’s fine. it’s always been fine. A VR-only storefront is a great idea, and I’m kind of surprised at Valve’s lack of progress on how Steam works in VR. The issue is that Oculus doesn’t directly support the Vive, AND has exclusive games. And right NOW, there are only two headsets, and with their lowered price, they’ll gain some market share from Vive. Wait until there are six headsets, or a dozen.

      Let’s change the hardware to monitors instead of headsets, to explain. There are easily 30+ monitor brands, and over 200 TV brands. I’m likely SUPER lowballing that number. Imagine all monitors cost at LEAST $600. Now, ONE of those monitor brands opens a digital storefront that sells awesome, exclusive games that only work on THEIR brand of monitor. Do you think that would survive, would everyone suddenly buy a new $600 monitor to play those games? Or would they be pissed, because it’s just a goddamn monitor and there’s honestly no good reason it wouldn’t work on it? Sure, there’s a third party hack to make it work but if it doesn’t, or stops working, you’re out the cost of the game(s) you bought.

      THAT is the issue here. It isn’t as blatantly stupid as my example makes it, but that’s just because there aren’t dozens of headsets. YET.

    • M0rdresh

      So what you are basically saying is that every single developer studio out there should start there own distribution store. Forget Steam or GoG, forget retailers. They all take a cut. Hell, let’s all go get our breakfast cereal directly from the manufacturer, cause hey, the supermarkets are stealing money. Your logic is flawed.

      I have not read anyone saying Oculus is wrong for charging money to non touch owners, if someone said this, then I agree with you, that is more than a logical move. I gladly paid for games on the Oculus store, as a HTC VIVE owner via Revive. Only the sun comes up for free, Oculus has funded polished games, they should get what they deserve.

    • Tom MIlls

      So you think Oculus should just “fund your games”
      If someone pays 9 million to build a game (Robo Recall) then they can do whatever they heck they want to with it.
      Vive owners literally HACK the system so they can play the far better games Oculus has and you complain that you have to pay for it??? They could just force a server side check of your account to see if you purchased a headset and deny your access if you didn’t. You should be lucky you can play it…you still want it Free?? You are the one with the liberal mindset…your literally pushing for VR welfare here.

      • Jason Mercieca

        As for me goes creating a good game costs tons of cash & effort, it should be paid for no matter u r plataform, but Oculus makes EXCLUSIVE stuff not OPEN like Steam (htc vive), yes oculus paid millions to create the game but does that mean exclusive is ok? In my opinion its disgusting, especially now that we want the VR to flourish, marketing is always against the client benefits and goes hand in hand with creating exclusive stuff. It baffle my mind just see people talking nonsense, clearly the htc vive is superior in every way to oculus, oculus with its roomscale tracking problems (of course the tech they used) and always at least 1 or 2 steps behind vive. Oculus should have been made open like steamvr (vive), but hey they are from USA so i understand ..

        • Tom MIlls

          Why is it not OK? Again they can do what they want with their own money. Valve is a game seller, not a hardware seller. You are basically crying that a competitor wont let you use their software. Does Sony support Xbox games? No! You have nothing to complain about.

          • M0rdresh

            He is against the principle of exclusivity and he is entitled to that opinion. You have nothing to dictate what someone else should or should not think.

            On the topic at hand; there are other ways to get the return on investment over forcing exclusivity contracts. Facebook is not doing anything illegal, but that is not to say all have to like this business strategy, is that allowed sir Mills?

            And check your facts; Valve is both a game and hardware seller. Furthermore your point about Sony and XBOX is just what this whole discussion is about, a lot of people don’t want that kind of thing on the PC platform!

          • Tom MIlls

            Wow dude, your soul is lemon juice…chill out.

    • NooYawker

      What kind of moron finds a way to turn a software argument into a political one?

  • T Brown

    Only 4 days after this article was written, the team behind Revive uploaded a new project to github that gave Robo Recall native Vive support. – You basically extract the openVR libraries into the Robo Recall installation directories and install a mod. Takes a couple minutes to set up, works really well for me. And for all of you folks that don’t want to pay for this title but want to get a taste of it, you can access the first level through the Unreal Engine Editor (Click download link on and install RoboRecall through the Mods section of the Epic Games Launcher once installed.)