Revive, the mod which lets HTC Vive owners play games released only on Oculus Home, has just got a new release and is now compatible with 35 titles in the Oculus Store.

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Revive, a free mod project created by LibreVR in response to Oculus’ stance on software exclusivity, has seen its fair share of controversy since its initial proof of concept was revealed last October. If you’re looking for a deep dive into the Revive dilemma, you’d better check out our interview with project creator for the long of it.

Here’s the quick and dirty though: With the latest Oculus Home update removing ‘headset check’ DRM from titles published on the marketplace—a security measure added back in May that stymied LibreVR’s progress into liberating the entire store’s worth of exclusive content—the compatibility tool now has free rein over exclusive Oculus content, effectively marking a reversal in the company’s DRM policy.

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In light of the update, Oculus now maintains they “won’t use hardware checks as part of DRM on PC in the future.”

Check and mate. So Vive owners can look forward to purchasing and playing 35 games directly on Oculus Home without the fear of Oculus actively blocking unofficially supported headsets, which includes platform exclusives EVE: Valkyrie, Chronos, and Edge of Nowhere; and free content such as Henry, Lost, and bundled launch title Lucky’s Tale—all playable using HTC Vive. Note that Oculus maintains they don’t guarantee the continued functionality of any unofficial mod, as updates to their platform may break things.

Download ‘Revive’ from GitHub

At the time of this writing, the list below complies all Oculus Home titles currently working with Revive. Check the full compatibility list for updates before purchasing games however, as a total of 55 Oculus games and experiences are marked to work, partially work, or not work at all.

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Revive-supported Oculus Home Titles

  • AirMech: Command
  • BlazeRush
  • Boursin Sensorium Virtual Reality Experience
  • Chronos
  • Defense Grid 2
  • Dreadhalls
  • Edge of Nowhere
  • Esper 2
  • EVE: Valkyrie
  • Farlands
  • Fly to Kuma
  • Henry
  • Hitman GO: VR Edition
  • Invasion!
  • Introduction to Virtual Reality
  • iOMoon
  • Lost
  • Lucky’s Tale
  • Ocean Rift
  • Oculus 360 Photos
  • Oculus Dreamdeck
  • Oculus Video
  • Please Don’t Touch Anything
  • Pinball FX2 VR
  • Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe
  • Smashing the Battle
  • Technolust
  • The Body VR
  • The Climb
  • The Rose and I
  • VR Karts
  • VR Tennis Online
  • vTime
  • Woofbert VR
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  • Peter

    The Rose and I is available directly for the Vive on steam.

    • glyphery

      As is VRIDEO… when it works, which has not been that often on my rig of late.

      • John Nemesh

        VRIDEO has a native Steam client. No need for ReVive. However, the videos are shyte. I HATE people calling 360 degree video “VR”! It’s NOT VR and it generally is low framerate, low resolution, and FLAT. I really wish people would start ignoring videos like this and focus on REAL VR (which HAS to be computer generated).

        • glyphery

          We’re in agreement here, John. My point above was precisely that VRIDEO, like The Rose and I, is available on Steam and doesn’t require using Revive on the Oculus Store variant.

          As for 360˚ video, I’m not sure the average person immediately associates it with VR, but I’m certainly with you when it comes to finding much of it unsatisfying. As you say, a key issue is that bog standard recordings put out by a Ricoh S or similar are “flat”, so if the viewer decides to lean in to take a closer look at something, the entire scene moves away from them. Cue motion sickness and lack of any immersion.

        • Raphael

          Actually 360 video can be amazing and YES it is VR. VR is a term encompassing any system that recreates or creates a believable reality. Vrideo is a poor experience because of the very low quality of the videos.

          VR porn industry has some amazingly real experiences.

          Excellent fractal video animations ^^

          • John Nemesh

            No, I disagree entirely. VR should mean interactivity with your environment. These are 360 degree videos, NOT Virtual Reality.

          • Raphael

            Semantics. There are some excellent 180 and 360 3d videos for VR.

          • John Nemesh

            Semantics are important at this phase. People buy “VR” headsets for their phones to watch this crap. It’s NOT real VR and it does nothing but weaken the “VR brand” at this point.

          • Raphael

            Yawn. You won’t stop me watching 3d porn fool.

          • Konchu

            There are a few really good 360 videos on the Disney app on steam there is a King Louie Scene that Weta Digital did that is really well done feels like it has 3D added to the 360 video. I think 360 stereo-scopic should be a real thing. There is a demo app out for a tech that is a cross between a 360 like video and 3d rendering that looks promising called something like precepx cannot remember the name exactly and Google is failing me at the moment so sure I have the name wrong but it does a 3d video that has parallax so you an look around the scene and it is 3D. it is limited on the angles but for a set position experience I think it would be great especially for something like VR movies that have a set point of presence.

          • John Nemesh

            There is not a really good way to keep stereo vision when recording “VR” movies. There is no good way to film it. Stereo vision requires a set distance between the camera lenses…and that can not be filmed, it can only be interpolated as “VR” movies are always stitched together from multiple camera views. In any case, its a completely passive experience, and NOT Virtual Reality…it’s a gimmick. And if that Disney app is the best on offer, then I am 100% not interested. Give me REAL VR and call this crap something else.

          • Konchu

            Actually I am pretty sure it already exist. Just Googled Stereoscopic 360 video. 1st link is Samsung comparing the two. I do agree that I don’t care for the flat 360 videos there are some cool ones but in general they are blah.

    • insum snoy

      Its free as well.

  • REP

    I wish Oculus Rift support MilkVR and Netflix. I don’t know why it’s taking so long.

  • mrtexasfreedom

    As an Oculus CV1 user, I’ve been going the other way and buying SteamVR games that are available in Oculus Home. For instance, I bought Project Cars for the same price on Steam because I wanted the flexibility of playing it on my 2D monitor. (BTW- Project Cars is phenomenal in VR with a steering wheel and pedals

    That $49 purchase bit me in the rear bumper as Oculus currently has priced it at $39 during the summer sale.

    My prediction is that when those touch controllers are released, there will be a tidal wave of new games & experiences sold via Oculus Home. Seems like the delay in the touch controllers is tied to the software devs getting all these titles finished.

    • Luke

      Project Cars is currently on sale thru the steam summer sale for $20.97.

      I would suggest you try get a refund then repurchase if you’re willing to put in the effort.

    • Raphael

      Pcars is great… Assetto Corsa is also essential. Higher fidelity physics.

    • Sch@dows

      You made a good decision by buying pcars on Steam. Oculus Store player can only play among themselves, while the SteamVR user can play with all non-VR users.

    • angus

      it seems silly to be sweating $10 after buying into expensive 1st gen vr.

  • Psycold

    Funny because I was so excited to get a CV1 after owning both dev kits. Ended up cancelling my order and getting a Vive, now the only one I’m kind of interested in is The Climb. VR games that don’t use motion controllers just feel so meh now.

    • realtrisk

      Exactly my opinion. I did get Rift as well and it’s uncomfortable, buggy, and poorly made compared to the Vive. You chose wisely.

      • OhYeah!

        I also have a rift and it is comfortable, no bugs, it’s very high quality. I do sorely miss motion controls but I will be picking some of those up as soon as they drop.

        • tvguy

          if the motion controllers are in high demand (which they will be) you could be waiting months.

          • OhYeah!

            I will have the same place in line as I did when I ordered my Rift. That is how it works.

          • Ned Hoon

            Zero problems with my Rift I love it.

        • Fanatoli Guyoff

          My rift is buggy as heckkkkkkkkk what did I get a bad one? I’d rate it at the same comfort though, I like the way the vive feels but the rift seems a little lighter so it’s a trade off for me. I have some rift games I want to finish but I’m sick of the crashes. actually thinking about using revive and ebaying my rift.

          • OhYeah!

            It might be your copy of windows or your PC. I haven’t had any crashes with mine.

        • yag

          I think patience will pay off here, we’ll have the best VR system (best headset + best controllers) when Touch will launch.

          • sirlance

            Bold claim….

          • yag

            Well we have a pretty good grasp of the future Touch now… Anyway we’ll see in a few months.

  • Raphael

    IO moon is on steam with HTC Vive support added.

  • Raphael

    Oculus store titles are overall very mundane.. seems to be filler and fluff. Only things I want are Eve and DG2.

    • Sch@dows

      Edge of Nowhere seems quite good. That’s the only title that would make me buy something on the Oculus Store.

  • tvguy

    I set up ReVive today and installed the Oculus Store. I downloaded Oculus Video and Lucky’s Tale. Both worked really well on the Vive. However, does anybody know how to access the settings in Oculus Video to reorient the headset position? The GearVR has buttons on the headset but this isn’t the same when using the Vive. When I sit on my couch, the screen is facing the opposite direction and I can’t find any setting on my XBox Controller to change this. Any help would be appreciated. (PS. although I really enjoyed playing Lucky’s Tale, I find it really boring to sit on the couch with my controller and a headset. The Vive gets you off the couch and active. Also, there were times when the motion of Lucky’s Tale made me want to vomit). I’m very thankful for ReVive – it’s awesome to be able to play Oculus games on the Vive! :)

    • Wes Ragnarson

      Most of the games you just press select on the xbox pad to recenter, i have quite a few games with revive and it usually does the trick.

      • tvguy

        Doesn’t work.

    • Sch@dows

      If the game doesn’t provide a button to reset the VR position, you may have 2 choice :
      1) long-press the system button either on the helmet or the wand (I don’t remember if you have to display the steamVR dashboard already).
      A menu should popup where you can reset the VR position.

      If it doesn’t work :
      2) you may have to switch from roomscale to standing mode or, while configuring roomscale, flip the green rectangle (play area) for the arrow to point forward.
      By default SteamVR points at the opposite of your PC, probably because with the PC in your back most of the time, the HMD cable won’t have to turn around you.

    • Scott C

      For Oculus Video, I recenter by pressing the center selection button on the Oculus remote. I have no idea how that would map to a Revived Vive.

  • Yaniv Ben David

    Just tested…. IT WORKS!!!!

  • Travis Clarkson

    hey guys I wanted to ask about 360 photo I have revive and 360 photo does not work any help would be greatly appreciated