Oculus Connect 6 is fast approaching, and while today is technically the last day for registration, you can still follow along with the company’s annual developer conference next week both in and outside of VR.

Taking place on September 25th and 26th at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California, this year promises to be where “the next chapter for AR and VR begins,” Oculus says.

If you’re looking for VR inception (watching a livestream about VR, in VR), thankfully there’s a few ways:

If you have a Oculus Quest or Go, the company is putting out an Oculus Venues livestream event for both days, which will let you and other headset users mingle and watch together in a large-format theater.

Oculus Venues, Image courtesy Oculus

If you have a PC VR headset, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows VR headsets, you’ll be able to catch both day’s keynotes in Bigscreen VR, the social VR platform that lets you share your desktop with other users.

Bigscreen is available on the Oculus platform for Quest and Rift, and on Steam for Rift, Vive, Index, and Windows VR headsets.

Oculus Quest Content Library Tops 100 Games & Apps

Day one’s keynote, which takes place on September 25th at 10 AM PT (local time here) will include some of the most important announcements. Day two’s keynote, which starts the following day at the same time, will feature Oculus CTO John Carmack and his patented unscripted speech.

Check out a full schedule of events here.

Road to VR will have feet on the ground at this year’s Oculus Connect, so check back for breaking news, hands-ons, and everything AR/VR to come from the event.

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  • TJ Studio

    I’ll watch it in Oculus Venues, thank you very much.

  • Marc-André Désilets

    That’s awesome !

  • Dave Graham


  • disviq

    1. Hopefully this time the streaming will actually, finally work. Past events it was unwatchable in VR.
    2. Hopefully it will be 3D 180, not flat 360 (mehhh…).
    3. In Bigscreen – I guess it will be just watching live video on a large, virtual display. OK, but that’s not really VR presence at an event. Am I wrong on this one?

    • Justos

      I had no issues streaming it live the last 2 years. Do you have a good internet connection? You have to remember not only are you streaming live 180 footage, but theres a host of voice chat users and avatars in there with you. It needs a fast speed

      • disviq

        I was not the only one that had issues, but I mean the video streams, not Bigscreen events.

  • MosBen

    Any speculation about announcements? With Quest having been released this year, I don’t imagine that they’re going to announce any new hardware. There will probably be a more refined version of Half Dome, or some other in-development tech, which will be neat to see.

    • Ted Joseph

      More of a recommendation… With the new AR technology coming in (and looking GOOD) – like tiltfive.com etc, possibly Apple next year etc, Oculus BETTER get on the bandwagon, or they may suffer. I think AR is going to be the bigger hit than VR. Look at some of the games on the tilt five and this is a simple start up. AR will bring people together, and also allow for multiplayer online gaming without the enclosure VR brings. Don’t get me wrong, I have LOVED Vr since the DK2 (have PSVR, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Vive), but there is something missing. It is the ability to see your environment around you, and bring the games into your space. This would be amazing. Then add the option to switch the AR glasses to VR, and we have the golden egg….

      • Tsuyo

        VR isn’t “missing” that aspect, it was never meant to have that in the first place. I play VR because I want to feel immersed in a new world. So seeing the world around you is the last thing I want with VR, and it will never happen because that’s not what VR is about.
        I’m excited for AR too but they’ll always be two separate things. They could end up being an all in one headset/glasses, but the key difference and experience will always be separate. Augment the real world or enter a virtual one.

        • Rich S

          fair comment…..VR is a niche area that really would benefit business and industry more than the likes of gaming…..MS know this, its why they havent pushed hololens on gaming

      • MosBen

        I’m not convinced that AR is ready for prime time in the way that VR is.

        • Rich S

          absolutely 100% agree…..the future is with wireless……thats just a fact…..were a long way from real AR wireless…..VR right now is very exciting however

      • Rich S

        AR is years away from mass public interest…..the future of VR is wireless…..the quest has proven that……AR will eventually follow suit…..until then…..its going to be just for a few elites

    • Ted Joseph

      Well look at this. They are one step ahead of me, but they better get cracking! https://www.roadtovr.com/facebook-luxottica-ray-ban-ar-smart-glasses/

      • MeowMix

        There’s another article (I think by The Information) that’s worth checking out. Even the RtVR article is missing this vital info.

        While the CNBC article mentioned the “Orion” AR glasses, FB is actually working on TWO AR prototypes: the “Stella” prototype is the near term AR glasses that will probably compete with the 1st gen Apple glasses. The “Ray-Ban” partnership is to help with “Stella” (and perhaps Orion too).
        The “Orion” project is a higher spec goal projected out to 2025.

      • Rich S

        microsoft is ahead of EVERYONE with ar. but ar really isnt ready for public….has a LONG way to go

      • Rich S

        apple? oh yea…..the company that locks down everything and allows NO open source???? screw that

    • MeowMix

      This will probably be an OC6 mainly focused on software, partnerships, and the continued teases with prototype news.

      But ya, the only OC that wasn’t preceded by a imminent headset release was OC3 (even though Touch was releasing a mere few months later, so it’s not a perfect example). But major areas of focus for OC3 were driving down costs of entry, expanding software content, creating new features to make VR more accessible (like ASW), and building partnerships (Epic, 4A, Ready At Dawn, etc…).

    • Rich S

      maybe a dongle for pc that allows pc connection from quest to pc streaming easier….without sideload or virtual desktop

  • sebrk

    Bigscreen TV it is. The Oculus Venues/Facebook exclusivity sucks,

  • Rich S

    refuse to use oculus venues as you HAVE to have a facebook account.
    If you cant watch OC6 on bigscreen on quest…..Thats where Ill watch