Respected and longstanding tech news media network (This Week in Tech) has kept a watchful eye on virtual reality’s growth over the years and tomorrow will live stream coverage of Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe’s opening keynote address at the company’s second developer conference, ‘Connect’. Road to VR Executive Editor Ben Lang will be joining the TWiT team on the TWiT Live Specials broadcast to give you in-depth commentary throughout the live-streamed event.

Despite Oculus founder Palmer Luckey’s best efforts to quell rumours and regulate expectations, hopes are high for some significant and exciting developments from Brendan Iribe’s keynote address at the company’s 2nd developer conference tomorrow.

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We know for sure that positional tracking for mobile VR headset Gear VR is bust (for now) and that the company won’t be starting pre-orders for Oculus’ first consumer VR headset, the Rift, thanks to Luckey’s clarifications. However, his assertions that “We will be announcing and co-announcing some really cool stuff,” has kept hopes for interesting, significant news high.

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe

The Oculus Connect 2 keynotes will be live-streamed and this year, and’s panel of tech pundits will live-commentate the presentation. Watch along with site founder Leo Laporte and TWiT presenters Mike Elgan and Jeff Grub as they analyse announcements as they happen. Also joining the TWiT crew as a special guest will be Road to VR Executive Editor Ben Lang, who’ll add informed and expert insight into the proceedings too.

We’ll update you with more details prior to the event itself tomorrow, but you can find details of TWiT tv’s live specials here.

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Oculus Connect 2 begins today, and runs until Friday. Road to VR are reporting from the conference throughout.

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  • MasterElwood

    TWIT? Are you kidding me? I was a big TWIT fan – but i stopped BECAUSE of VR!

    I watched the twit-version of the unpack event where they introduced the original GearVR – and the podcast the day after. Leo and the gang thought the GearVR – and VR in general – is the stupidest thing ever. Leo even said something like “who in his right mind wants to strap something on his head and look that stupid” – even when we admitted in the same sentence that he was a backer of the DK1!

    That was the moment when i stopped watching and listening to leo – thinking: “This will change our world – and you don realize it. Itś time to retire, old man…”

  • Paul James

    Ah but this time they have our very own Ben Lang to redress the balance. Surely it’s worth returning for that alone? :)

    • MasterElwood

      Hmmm… Ben correcting Leo over and over again?

      DRINKING GAME!!!! :-)))

  • Don Gateley

    Does that start at 10:00 A.M. PST?