google-jump-1Google’s interest in VR has been steadily growing, reaching a recent climax back in May during the company’s annual ‘I/O 2015’ conference where they announced a slew of new VR initiatives including ‘Jump’ for VR video.

Jump is Google’s VR video pipeline which consists of a ‘Jump camera rig’ specification and the ‘Jump Assembler’, a stereoscopic stitching service which takes views from the 16-camera rig and combines them together into a single 360 3D video file. Google has promised the output will be “seamless,” eliminating the unsightly edges between each of the individual camera views, something which has proven difficult or VR video creators in the past.

google jump stiching assembler

Google partnered with GoPro out of the gate who created the ‘Odyssey’ camera based on the Jump camera specification, which is designed for optimal compatibility with the Jump Assembler process.

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Now that the camera has made its way into the hands of a few early creatives, the first six Jump videos are now available on YouTube (and viewable in VR on Android with Cardboard):

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