Wave, the virtual entertainment company known for putting on a ton of VR concerts a few years back, actually deprecated VR support for its app back in early 2021 to focus on streaming its brand of digital concerts to traditional platforms. Now, through a new partnership with VR headset creator Pico, Wave is set to jump back into VR with more concerts, available exclusively on Pico devices.

Through the partnership, Wave says it’s developing “a series of immersive 3D concert experiences with massively world-renowned artists” for Pico’s line of consumer headsets. Those include Pico Neo 3 and the new Pico 4 headset.

Its debut concert is set to feature The Calvin Harris Experience, taking place on January 13th at 8:00PM GMT (local time here). The experience is said to last approximately 1 hour, which includes a five-minute preshow and 25 min exclusive extended set.

Only fans in Europe and Asia will have access, the company says, the only markets where Pico’s consumer headsets are currently available. The VR-accessible concert is said to be an “extended version,” of which only a portion will be broadcasted on TikTok LIVE.

The concert is slated to take fans on what Wave calls “a musical journey through Calvin’s virtual universe, a metaverse party filled with audio reactive visuals in a nature inspired luminous world.”

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Calvin Harris is set to perform live as a virtual avatar in an immersive environment that Pico users can join and explore for themselves. Users will also have the opportunity to influence the live experience by “interacting with others, creating dazzling effects throughout the show by clapping, writing personalized messages in the air, and even join Calvin on stage.”

To take part in the concert, users must download the Pico Video app from the Pico App Store, then select The Calvin Harris Experience in your Pico Video feed on the day of the show.

You can RSVP to Wave’s premier Calvin Harris concert here. Rebroadcasts for Pico users will re-air daily on weekends starting Jan 14-26 at 8pm GMT.

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  • gothicvillas

    I remember years ago I stumbled on this.. it was Imogen Heap performance and actually I really enjoyed it. I have returned several times to re:watch it. Besides that there was never anything close to this. Bring more stuff like this and not the every day pop. Its way more interesting to discover new cool stuff, scary unknown.

    • Tommy

      Imogen Heap was cool af!

    • King Deluxe

      look up the Silent Dawn show in vrchat that we did, it’s not exactly like the Wave shows but closer to that sort of idea. also Halcyon, both have some pretty wild visuals.

  • Tommy

    LOVE the Wave app!!

  • I can’t wait to try this

  • FakeBuster

    I have been in this famous VR experience live. There was only one other user at first and two more came along the way. If this is the best ByteDance and Meta can do for live experiences, then the whole metaverse is doomed this year and will retain the essential use cases: gaming and professional.