Cas & Chary Present: Why Working Out in VR is Game-changing


Thanks to its motion-tracked input, VR can be a surprisingly physical activity, and even a great workout if you’re playing the right games. This article explains why working out in VR is game-changing for those of us who have a hard time staying motivated with a typical gym routine. We’ll also highlight games and accessories which improve VR as a fitness activity.

Cas & Chary Present

Cas and Chary VR is a YouTube channel hosted by Netherland-based duo Casandra Vuong and Chary Keijzer who have been documenting their VR journeys since 2016. They share a curated selection of their content with extra insights for the Road to VR audience.

So I wanted to touch on a subject that I usually find a boring chore but can actually be incredibly fun in VR!

Everyone needs to work out, but I’m usually not motivated to actually dress up and go to the gym after work. It certainly doesn’t help that I find exercising in a gym boring and time-consuming. However, for a while now, I’ve been using VR as my workout, and it feels great. I don’t have trouble staying motivated because it’s fun!

Success Stories

You don’t have to take only my word for it though. Many others have made VR part of their physical fitness and with real success. See, for example, this article by VR Scout where they share a success story from Robert who developed a daily 30 minute workout routine using just Beat Saber and lost 138 pounds in only two months.

Reddit user geoffbowman says he has been on a six month VR fitness journey using Beat Saber to determine the results one can get from only adding VR cardio to an otherwise unchanged lifestyle and diet. He shows a picture of the results and says that he is 30 pounds lighter.

The Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise does research on the impact of virtual reality exercise on the human body. They concluded that exercising in VR with the right games can burn more calories than most dedicated workout equipment at the gym.

Several companies have started working on calorie-tracking apps dedicated to VR games. The VR Institute of Health and Exercise has an app called VR Health Exercise Tracker that you can download for free to accurately estimate calorie burn in specific VR games. There’s another VR calorie measurement app by YUR Fit. I’ll talk more about these apps below.

For me, the best thing about working out in VR is that it doesn’t feel like a boring session at the gym anymore. It just feels like I’m playing a game, which makes it enjoyable and easier for me to stay motivated. Plus it really does feel like a workout afterward.

This is why I wanted to share this video. I want to inspire others to give this a shot. And if you have friends who don’t like gaming, they might like getting a VR headset just for fitness.

What You Need to Start Working Out in VR

The two basic things that you need are a VR headset and some VR games. If you don’t have a headset yet. I recommend getting an Oculus Quest as its quick and easy to use, and the lack of tether is great for games with lots of motion. Quest starts at $400.

Once you’ve got the headset, using a calorie tracker and a heart monitor is useful too as it can track your workout more accurately. Tip: If you have an Apple Watch, Apple has added a ‘Fitness Gaming’ workout type recently.

However, since VR is still a pretty new industry, normal calorie trackers might not give you the most accurate data. So I recommend using a calorie tracker that’s dedicated to VR gaming. Here’s two free options that I like:


The one I prefer using is YUR Fit as it shows an overlay during my VR gaming sessions that displays how many calories I’ve burned, how long I’ve been working out, my current heart-rate, and even how many times I’ve squatted.

Heart-rate data is available if you connect a compatible heart monitor. Here’s a list of all monitors that are supported by the YUR Fit app. I am using a Wahoo TICKR, and I’m pretty satisfied with it. If you use the app without a heart monitor, it’ll estimate your heart-rate by software.

YUR Fit is currently in Early Access. You can download the desktop app on Steam or sideload the app on the Oculus Quest. If you don’t know how to sideload, I’ve made a guide on it in a previous video.

VR Health Exercise Tracker

This is the app by the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise. This one seems to support fewer heart monitors as mine didn’t work, but this app does show a list of various games which tells you how many calories you will burn per minute per game. The calorie burn for each individual game is rated by the institute themselves. More info on their ratings can be found here.

VR Health Life is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Our Favorite VR Workout Games

For those looking for some VR game recommendations. Here are the ones I like to use during my VR workout.

  • Beat Saber – Rhythm VR game that trains my arms the most. So I usually combine this with other games.
  • Audio Trip – Rhythm VR game with great flow that makes your whole body move.
  • Pistol Whip – A music game that makes you feel awesome, and since you dodge bullets a lot, you will squat a lot. I use this to train my bottom body.
  • Until You Fall – A procedurally generated sword fighting game that can be intense too. Moves your arms the most, but squatting is sometimes needed too.

If you want more game tips, I recommend checking out the rated games in the VR Health Life app. You can also check out this VR workout regime by Road to VR Executive Editor Ben Lang which suggests a specific routine and ways to play each game for the best workout.

This article may contain affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product we may receive a small commission which helps support the publication. See here for more information.

  • nullptr

    Well, when discussing VR workout, why isn’t there a single word on maintaining headset hygiene and comfort?

    • Kimberle McDonald

      Amen. Sweat. Bulky headset. Needing to constantly adjust it. Realities that were completely overlooked.

      • sasha

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      • Cas

        Depends on what headset you own. Some headsets don’t need you to adjust it at all. Comfort and sweat are very personal.

    • Cas

      I do these VR workouts 3 times a week, for about an hour. The sweat or comfort doesn’t bother me at all but it’s different per person. You’re right though, I could have added a small section about it. I recommend getting a washable face foam or a leather one for easier wipes. We use a leather foams by VRCover.

  • AlexLogin0ff

    Movement is life, but it’s better to move fun and playfully, so I think VR technology will always be in my life

  • Josh Yates

    did she just call google a bitch? lol

    • Cas

      Beeped it for any Google Home or Android device owners ;-)

  • Zantetsu

    Those kcal per minute ratings for the games show that your calories burned with these games are not very large – running on a treadmill is more than 3x the calorie burn rate of the highest game in the list presented.

    However, VR gaming is something that you can do every day and with a greater ability to self-motivate (because it’s actually fun) so I think it can really be a great exercise strategy for many people. But I think you have to do at least an hour per day of these games to have a reasonable overall level of exercise, if this is your only form of exercise.

    I wish we had full body tracking (or at least, foot tracking) and could have in-game DDR (dance dance revolution) style games. VR could take those games to a whole new level. My 13 year old daughter discovered DDR at a local arcade and loves it, and I would love to be able to get her a VR version to play at home.

    Now *that* would be a great workout!

    In fact I think that foot tracking in general could be the key to much better VR exercise games.

    Foot tracking unfortunately is getting harder to do, rather than easier, as we shift to optical inside-out tracking systems. You could do it with lighthouse basestations, but with optical tracking from the headset, the feet would be occluded so often.

    • david vincent

      “with optical tracking from the headset, the feet would be occluded so often”
      Onboard cameras on the controllers would help a lot for feet tracking (and obv. for controllers tracking with zero occlusion).

    • josh_f

      You are right about the calorie burn, but don’t forget about the VR Fitness options that work with fitness machines. I have HOLOFIT for my bike and it’s very fun. Pretty sure they also work with rowing machines and ellitpicals

      • Zantetsu

        That does sound like a great way to incorporate VR into exercise … however, I barely have room in my apartment for room scale VR as it is, no way I could also fit an exercise bike or rowing machine in there too. Maybe someday when I upgrade my living arrangement …

    • Gus Smedstad

      One of my goals when getting a VR headset was to play games as exercise. What I quickly discovered was that the really physically active games, like Holopoint, bore me. They’re too simplistic and repetitive. I haven’t tried Beat Saber but it’s pretty obvious it’d fall into that category.

      What I’m doing these days is playing flatscreen games while on a treadmill. Generally stuff where timing isn’t an issue so being on the treadmill doesn’t interfere with the game. Particularly since it’s often games that are designed for keyboard and mouse, not a Steam controller.

      It works. It’s not organic like my motions in VR, but it keeps me from being bored while exercising.

  • I agree with you, Cas&Chary, that’s why I can’t wait for you to try our game HitMotion:Reloaded!

  • Jonathan Winters III

    No offense intended, but am I the only one who clicked on the video in order to see more of the sexy asian in the video thumbnail, then realized that that image was clickbait and is not actually in the video?

    • NooYawker

      No, I didn’t click it for that, but it would have been a bonus :D

  • NooYawker

    Whenever I play Knockout league it wipes me out. But it’s only good for short bursts, it’s like running a sprint than a jog.

  • Pablo C

    Vader immortal for warming up and the Thrill of the fight for heavy workout.