Duel Monsters VR is a newly released fan project that aims to put you face-first into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, replete with the online multiplayer PvP card dueling made famous is the manga and anime.

Duel Monsters VR supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows VR headsets; you won’t find it on Steam or the Oculus Store though, as it’s only available through direct download via the game’s Discord (invite).

Image courtesy Sloth Paradise

This, we imagine, was done to abate any potential take down for copyright infringement, as Duel Monsters VR boldly features monsters, settings, sounds, and characters from the series.

The game, which opened up its multiplayer servers today, is a free fan-made game with no official ties to Konami or series creator Kazuki Takahashi; shortly before today’s v0.0.1 release, the project was tentatively named ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! VR’.

Image courtesy Sloth Paradise

“You get to duel on a Kaiba Corp blimp. You can use Yugi’s and Joey’s decks from Battle City; duel against your opponent just as you would in the show,” says developer Sloth Paradise.

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The team has also created a website so you can track your player stats and find other players too, as the game today launched with multiplayer support.

We’ve seen VR fan projects come and go, with projects such a Blade Runner 9732 and loads of Star Trek-inspired creations typically getting the ax within a few days of public release, so you may want to jump in sooner rather than later if Konami decides to pursue a cease and desist against the project creators.

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  • Arcticu Kitsu

    This just shows how tardy AAA game developers are being while making lame excuses. At least these guys are filling in the void, similar to the guy making MADNUG VR for Gundam VR side of things. At least Bethesda & Ubisoft are trying by testing the waters. When they claim VR adoption rate is low, yeah… No crap. It’s because you’re being tardy in not adding into the pool of games. Granted, it’s not as low as they make it out to be either.

    I’m still annoyed at Bandai-Namco for dragging their feet when they can EASILY make a Gundam VR game for PSVR and PC Steam side.

    But hey, I gotta try out this Yu-Gi-Oh! game while I can then. I need to see how they implemented things.

    • Psuedo

      Can you imagine a Naruto VR game made by Ubisoft? Rise of a Ninja was my all time, absolutely favourite, Naruto games and none of the Naruto games of today can hold a candle to that game.

  • Rangerman15

    Yugioh for VR would be very interesting. Too bad Konami doesn’t want to take risks on that idea cause it wouldn’t make enough “moolah” for them, even though the mechanics of the game can be easily implemented on VR. I mean, it’s a card game. I’m sure it will be a better VR spinoff than Gungrave VR.

  • seto kaiba

    do you need a vr headset to play this?

    • Buddydudeguy

      It’s a VR game genius.

  • seto kaiba

    do you need a vr head set to play this game?

    • Psuedo

      It is called Yugioh VR….. I wonder if it is a VR game…. Do VR games typically need VR headsets?