Duel Monsters VR is a newly released fan project that aims to put you face-first into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, replete with the online multiplayer PvP card dueling made famous is the manga and anime.

Duel Monsters VR supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows VR headsets; you won’t find it on Steam or the Oculus Store though, as it’s only available through direct download via the game’s Discord (invite).

Image courtesy Sloth Paradise

This, we imagine, was done to abate any potential take down for copyright infringement, as Duel Monsters VR boldly features monsters, settings, sounds, and characters from the series.

The game, which opened up its multiplayer servers today, is a free fan-made game with no official ties to Konami or series creator Kazuki Takahashi; shortly before today’s v0.0.1 release, the project was tentatively named ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! VR’.

Image courtesy Sloth Paradise

“You get to duel on a Kaiba Corp blimp. You can use Yugi’s and Joey’s decks from Battle City; duel against your opponent just as you would in the show,” says developer Sloth Paradise.

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The team has also created a website so you can track your player stats and find other players too, as the game today launched with multiplayer support.

We’ve seen VR fan projects come and go, with projects such a Blade Runner 9732 and loads of Star Trek-inspired creations typically getting the ax within a few days of public release, so you may want to jump in sooner rather than later if Konami decides to pursue a cease and desist against the project creators.

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  • Arcticu Kitsu

    This just shows how tardy AAA game developers are being while making lame excuses. At least these guys are filling in the void, similar to the guy making MADNUG VR for Gundam VR side of things. At least Bethesda & Ubisoft are trying by testing the waters. When they claim VR adoption rate is low, yeah… No crap. It’s because you’re being tardy in not adding into the pool of games. Granted, it’s not as low as they make it out to be either.

    I’m still annoyed at Bandai-Namco for dragging their feet when they can EASILY make a Gundam VR game for PSVR and PC Steam side.

    But hey, I gotta try out this Yu-Gi-Oh! game while I can then. I need to see how they implemented things.

    • Psuedo

      Can you imagine a Naruto VR game made by Ubisoft? Rise of a Ninja was my all time, absolutely favourite, Naruto games and none of the Naruto games of today can hold a candle to that game.

      • Adam Kapraun

        That would be epic, man!

    • Adam Kapraun


  • Rangerman15

    Yugioh for VR would be very interesting. Too bad Konami doesn’t want to take risks on that idea cause it wouldn’t make enough “moolah” for them, even though the mechanics of the game can be easily implemented on VR. I mean, it’s a card game. I’m sure it will be a better VR spinoff than Gungrave VR.

  • seto kaiba

    do you need a vr headset to play this?

    • Buddydudeguy

      It’s a VR game genius.

      • Overdrive Games

        That was rude. Plenty of VR games have non VR compatibility, so it’s a reasonable question.

        • Buddydudeguy

          MOST vr games are ( wait for it) vr games. It is indeed a stupid question.

          • Overdrive Games

            This one doesn’t, so I guess that makes you…

          • Buddydudeguy

            Makes me what? Are you trying to communicate? Why do you idiots think a VR game has to accommodate no VR? It’s irritating and you look dumb.

          • Yeah

            They never said it had to. One guy asked and one guy answered. Also, you said it yourself, even in all caps. “MOST”. If MOST VR games are only VR, that doesn’t mean wondering if one isn’t strictly VR is dumb by any means. Assuming is much more foolish. MOST humans don’t have something severely wrong with their brain, but you shouldn’t assume no one does because of that. Look at yourself if you need an example.

          • Buddydudeguy

            Mother of crap, the comment was half a year ago, get a life.

          • Kai Zen

            You are so fucking toxic, jesus christ.

          • Buddydudeguy

            If you get butt hurt on the internet, god help you in the real world. And again….get a life, holy crap.

          • Christopher Young

            if you get butthurt online…chances are the person did somethign they can be help accountable in the court of law…however, if this is how you ACT on the internet, lord knows how you abuse people and try and justify it in real life…and yeah it was over a year ago…but you put it on the internet and it never forgets…if you don’t want someone judging you for something you said hell 5 years ago…then you shouldn’t open your mouth in the first place https://media3.giphy.com/media/sqAIWZpoExPsQ/giphy.gif

          • Buddydudeguy

            You feel better now moron?

          • Jay

            Buddhurt is Butthurt

          • IM HARD

            no i will never forget this

          • Overdrive Games

            This game accommodates non VR though, so you look dumb for harassing people for asking.

    • Overdrive Games

      No. Mouse and keyboard are supported.

    • Adam Kapraun

      Yes you do. The article above, briefly mentions the compatible headsets. However, and not to spam the author of the content of this page, but you can also play the non-vr version on steam’s platform while you’re waiting to get your hands on a copy of this epic VR Yugioh game. I cannot wait to grab a copy of Yugioh VR. I grew up on this TV series. lol

  • seto kaiba

    do you need a vr head set to play this game?

    • Psuedo

      It is called Yugioh VR….. I wonder if it is a VR game…. Do VR games typically need VR headsets?

      • Overdrive Games

        Hey, no need to be an asshole. Plenty of VR intended games can be played via monitor and keyboard.

        • Psuedo

          please show me 1 VR game that is playable without a headset. Also, do not say things like NMS, since that has both a VR and regular monitor mode. Please give me a title of 1 strictly vr game you don’t need a headset for. I am not being an asshole, its called using common sense.

          • Luna

            VR Chat is right there….

          • Psuedo

            That falls into the category of “like NMS” as VR Chat is not strictly vr, can be played both standard and in VR and a headset is not required thusly. I asked for a strictly VR game, meaning no standard way to play. You will find that it is literally impossible because you cannot have a strictly vr game where vr is the only way to play it and play it without a vr headset.

          • Yeah

            This was never stated to be strictly VR, and also isn’t-

          • Jay

            SO the question you should have asked, which answers itself, is, “Name a game that you can play on keyboard and mouse that is specifically made not to work on keyboard and mouse.” That’s like saying “name a body of water that isn’t wet”.

          • Overdrive Games

            Literally the game we are talking about right now.

          • Psuedo

            Did you even read my comment? I said STRICTLY VR. Learn to read before you comment.

          • Mysticmagicabyss

            You’re asking for a strictly vr game, but you’re being incredibly rude to somebody for asking this when there is in fact support. Why should anybody point out only the specific games you ask for when those games aren’t relevant to the conversation at all? You’re butting in purely to make an ass of yourself and feel better about yourself. Your argument has no substance and your brain even less so.

    • Overdrive Games

      No. Mouse and keyboard are supported

  • kiki4kiki

    does it work on
    Oculus Rift s

  • WilliamS2464

    how do i join the discord server because its out of date

  • Yami yugi

    how do you play it on pc cause the discord invite expired

  • CosmicReaper

    Can I get in? Also is there a way to use my Quest if I can run it to the computer?

  • wufei

    hi i just popped in to ask if this game is still alive or dead? sound like a neat idea. thanks

    • Artorikus

      It is alive :)

  • Angel

    What’s the discord link?

  • 4K


  • gh

    it says the code is invaled when it opened up discord what is the new code?



  • necaxxz

    ja sam ja

  • Laxyz

    does it work in oculus quest 2 ?

  • Jay

    Is there an up to date discord invite code? Or is the game dead now?

  • rasen clement

    not ganna lie kinda wish i was in that discord

  • Tharun Sakthi

    I LOVED yugioh ever since I was little. I got a meta quest 3, just so I can play yugioh is vr. Can I please get the invite link?