It seems Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures is rounding the bend, as the promising VR cockpit adventure now has an official launch date, bringing what looks like some madcap ship management and action-arcade combat next week.

Update (November 3rd, 2023): Stardust Collective announced Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures is finally headed to PC VR and Quest this month, launching on November 9th. You can wishlist on Steam and pre-order on the Quest Store, where it’s currently 10% off of its $20 launch price. The original article follows below the game’s most recent trailer:

Original Article (July 21st, 2023): In Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures you pilot your own starship, which not only tasks you with maneuvering the craft around manually (as you do), but also keeping all of the ship’s systems in check, including shields, weapons, life support, thrusters, stabilizers—all of which are powered by a bank of constantly depleting batteries.

Meanwhile, you’re being chased through the galaxy with a little alien pal in tow, something the developers Stardust Collective say you “may or may not have stolen from the evil Empire.”

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There’s no release date yet for the plucky ship simulator, although it now has a big ‘coming soon’ appended to both its Steam and new Quest Store pages.

In the game’s Discord, the developers say in an update that they’ve now crossed into the “hardening’ phase, saying that both features and content are now complete.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Stardust Collective’s Twitter for more info as it arrives.

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  • Octogod

    They just murdered Ziggy. RIP buddy.

  • Mike

    Hmm… from the Steam page:
    “The little guy: Who could forget your cosmic friend, Ziggy?! This mysterious creature is a perfect fuel source. You can also play with them, use them as a resource, feed them, and most importantly pet them!”
    They just needlessly injected awkward trans ideology into this otherwise promising game. Won’t be good for sales.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Oh, I thought the them would refer to multiple creatures, as that’s what them/they mean, there is no other meaning (except for what some people want you to believe).

      • Mike

        Could have made sense as multiple if not for the first part where it says it’s just one creature with a name.

        There’s one other legitimate use: when you don’t know if a person is male of female. But that’s only used for humans – for animals, you say “it”.

        Nobody has ever used it otherwise, before gender ideology was invented and its ideologues seized power.

        • Sagefire

          Having played the demo, I can confirm there are in fact multiple Ziggies. Not that it particularly matters, since the “singular they” has been in use for centuries.

          • Mike

            Oh, okay. The description made it sound like there’s only one.

            But no, it has never been used in this specific context, before a few years ago. Only as a “temporary state” of the speaker lacking knowledge of the person’s sex, and never towards a non-human animal. This is essentially an animal, and something written by the character’s creators clearly wouldn’t have a “temporary lack of knowledge of a person’s sex”.

          • Email

            No, no, it was only invented a few years ago by trans people! /s

        • jacksp

          So if I refer to my pet as he / she you feel hurt? Man you need to go see a shrink like right now.

          • Mike

            The standard in the English language has always been that if you don’t know the sex of an animal, you refer to it as it. That’s the rule. If a native speaker of English is breaking that rule with “they”, while being the creator of the character and thus knowing its sex, it’s clearly a nod to transgender ideology.

    • Jonathan Winters III

      “Guy” means male.

      • Mike

        Haha, good catch. That makes it even more confusing. Though it could have been meant just as the colloquial expression often said about a pet or small animal, which often disregards what sex it is.

    • Email

      Wow, people like you actually exist! LGTB is all you think about, talk about, it’s your life. So much so, someone calling mythical creatures as “them” and is enough to trigger you, seeing “trans ideology” everywhere. Fascinating! To make your own identity to be about someone else’s identity. I’d love to meet you in real life, fascinating!

    • jacksp

      How TF can you see transphobia in those words? Man yo brain’s a jelly.

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Intentionally harming a cute creature like this, is disturbing. Won’t be buying even though it looks like a great game otherwise.

    • Arno van Wingerde

      Oh, that comment is just so typically racist! Harming “less cute” creatures, perhaps with an admirable character, is fully OK, harming cute creatures with bad tempers is not…
      Perhaps if you ever bothered to sit at the table with a few zombies, you may discover that you have more in common than you might have thought!