GDC 2014: Oculus Session ‘Working With the Latest Oculus Rift Hardware and Software’ Live Blog @ 11am PST

We’re here at GDC 2014 waiting for Oculus VR’s first session ‘Working With the Latest Oculus Rift Hardware and Software’ to begin at 11am PST. Join us as we live-blog the talk!


  1. MattWil says

    I am excited! I am more curious about changes to FOV more than anything else right now. Hopefully they will address that.

    The new sound is better, thank you for keeping one.

  2. Sven says

    Thanks for the great live blog. I’m particularly interested in the video card manufacturer issue to reduce latency. Did they mention anything else about that’s not in the live blog?

  3. Andreas Aronsson says

    Haha, it’s really fantastic how you can keep up with posting! It must feel like playing a typing game, and you can absolutely not allow yourself to lose! Especially gerbaffled about how you manage to link media and post pictures as well as type all this! Fun that you get grief for your Glass all the time, haha! I guess that might be how it’ll work out in the future :) Poor Google!

  4. Mageoftheyear says

    Fantastic coverage once again Ben! We need to give you a nickname for how fast you type. Ideas guys? Speed Demon? Slick Click Ben? PicoPoster (for picoseconds?) :P

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