Want to substantially improve image quality whilst immersed in your HTC Vive? Here’s details of a new tweak that allows you to engage supersampling in SteamVR and compatible games with the resulting differences impressive – as long as your system can handle it.

Update (2/7/17): This free utility makes supersampling on the Vive much easier.

Recently we published a report explaining how to use the Oculus SDK debug tool to increase rendering ‘pixel density’ in many games running through Oculus Home and just how much the process improved the resulting image quality once inside VR.

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Now, the enterprising crew over at the Eagle.ru forums have discovered a config entry for SteamVR that similarly allows players (assuming they have the GPU grunt) to tweak pixel density to add Supersampling to the image pushed to the Vive on a sliding scale. That is, rendering the image at a higher resolution than the Vive’s native 2160 x 1200 before finally downsampling and displayed in the VR headset.

Unlike the tweak for the Oculus Rift, there’s no need to engage an extra tool to get this running either and performing the changes will engage it for all SteamVR launched titles globally. Here’s how.

  • Open your Steam’s install folder. This will vary depending on where you put Steam when first installing – for me it’s ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam’.
  • Open the ‘Config’ directory and open the ‘steamvr.vrsettings’ file (make a backup first ideally) using Notepad or your chosen text editor (click for larger version of image below which indicates file location).
'Final Approach: Pilot Edition' Lets Oculus Rift Players Take Flight


  • You’ll be confronted by a scary looking JSON config file, but don’t worry, you’re interested only in the section towards the bottom labelled “steamvr”.
  • You then need to add the following line to the end of that section:
"renderTargetMultiplier": 2.5
  • Add a comma (,) to the end of the line immediately before the new line you just added.
  • Once you’re done, your config file should look something like this (note, your pre-existing lines may not be identical to what’s seen here):

htc vive supersampling config line 2

  • Save the file and fire up your favourite VR experience.

Please note that depending on your GPU’s reserve power, you may need to reduce the multiplier from ‘2.5’ to something lower and fair warning, you will need some grunt to keep your VR game’s frame rate above the hallowed 90FPS and avoid judder and general discomfort. Try reducing by .1 increments to find a sweet spot (or indeed increasing should you have the power – although diminishing qualitative returns will be felt above this).

That’s it! Let us know your experiences in the comments section below and your system configurations. It’d be interesting to see what kinds of success people achieve with their hardware.

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  • Johan Thallauer

    running the multiplier at 2.2 did it for me, it is big a difference, thank you for sharing!

    • cknight91

      What CPU and GPU do you have? What games did you try?

      • Johan Thallauer

        I have an intel i7-5820K CPU and a GeForce Gtx Titan X 12GB

        • cory

          u reckon a i7 4770 and gtx 980ti could run 1.5?

  • Torben Bojer Christensen

    Cool, will try it out ASAP when i get home

    • wcalderini

      Just tried and it DOES make a big difference. I’m running a Gigabyte 1080 Gaming 1. I set it at 2.5 per instructions. I wonder if that’s too high, just right, or not enough. Are there any rules that apply here? The Vive menu looked a LOT cleaner and Pool VR seemed on point as well. (Did get a little jerking and tearing when I pulled up the Steam menu within the game though, but as long as it was only having to process one screen at a time all seems to be working well)

      • e92m3

        If performance is not impairing your experience, it’s either just right or ‘too low’.

        Beyond ~2-3x, you’ll see minimal benefit to image quality.

        • Torben Bojer Christensen

          It’s beautiful, but tweakwise pehaps only for the more patient “high-end” gamer, as each game has it’s own sweetpoint in regard to qulity/performance. I am using a superclocked EVGA GTX 1080, and i can only get 1.3 in a game like iomoon while other games blasts away with much higher settings.

          I have already made shortcuts to the folder and different vrsettings files, that can quickly be copied to the C:Program Files(x86)Steam folder to be taken into action – Any better ideas for quick switching? …Maybe even one that does not require a restart?

          At least now there will even be a reason to buy the 1080ti for the Vive when it arrives ;-)

  • Anony Anonymous

    Some questions:
    1- It is necessary for the test have the hdm- “htc vive”?.
    2 – In the event of not being necessary, “steamvr.settings” I do not appear or does not exist.

  • John Stevens

    This caused a major problem for me. The image looked fantastic but the lighthouses were frequently losing sync, something that has NEVER happened to me before. Didn’t matter how high or low I enabled supersampling. I had to delete and reinstall steam vr, unplug and replug everything and reinstall drivers. I’m using 2 980ti’s (sli was disabled) and i7 4970k at 4.4 ghz. What a bummer.

    • e92m3

      Why would you need to delete and reinstall steamVR? Just delete the line you added…

  • Rick Whelan

    It’s very easy to mess up the edit of a config file. For those looking for an app that makes the process simple go here..


    • John Stevens

      did you guys put a space in between the quotations like this “renderTargetMultiplier”: 2.5 or without a space like this

      I did it with a space and made sure i put a comma after “true” right above it.


    • It just says error and that it can’t find the steamvr file. Apparently someone else had the same problem and the author released a newer version and said he’d linked to it. I can’t find any newer version.

      • Rick Whelan
        • Hi, thanks. Tried it but it says the same: “looks like your steam vr settings is either missing or corrupt. Please check file and try again”

          The steamvr.vrsettings file is present and appears to be working normally inside the steam/config folder. It differs in content from the one shown here though.

          I’m on windows 10 and my steam is installed default C location.

          • Legion

            You mean:”looks like your steam vr settings is either missing or corrupt. Please suck cock and try again”

    • Rob Haskins

      dang I feel bad for people who can’t paste a line into a text document, especially when its laid out in steps with pictures.

      • Rick Kelshall

        What does dang mean?

        • Daniel Passmore

          It means you are a fat no life troll.

          • Rick Kelshall

            Daniel Passmore is a registered pedophile.

  • Zerofool

    Awesome! I’ve been looking for ways to increase the render target resolution for the past week, but without success. Thanks for sharing!
    Also thank you Rick Whelan!
    Can’t wait to get back home to give these a try.

  • Thanks for the tip! It work on my GTX 980Ti :)

  • Michał Wachułka

    Did it like in the guide. I dont see the diffrence. gtx970

  • Edited as per instructions but can’t see any difference. Without AA enabled everything looks just as jagged. I know what supersampling looks like because I use it on Assetto Corsa. My steamvr.vr file doesn’t look the same as the one shown here.

    • Albert.CR

      I just built a beefy PC (gtx1070X, i7-6700k, 32GB DDR4… etc) and my Vive should arrive shortly. My main goal is to play Assetto Corsa in VR, would you be so kind as to advising the steps you followed to make it work with the Vive with the best possible image quality?. Thank you in advance for your insight.

      • e92m3

        AC folder>cfg>oculus.ini


        1.0 is default. 1.5 and or better 2.0+ improves fidelity to an amazing extent. My 290x can’t handle more than 2.0 with large grids, though it’s game on for pushing beyond two once mgpu support is added to the public OVR builds aside from benchmark.

        AC is way better than I expect in VR. I was already pretty quick and consistent (minorating A-B) but the vive has really brought a new edge to sense of speed and awareness.

        At the very least, I find it much more exciting and immersive than trackir on 2160p 28″. Also, I’ve found the vive less fatiguing for some reason. I just don’t feel like I’m working as hard, it’s just that much closer to actual driving.

        • Albert.CR

          Thank you so much for your help. I can’t wait to do some laps in Nurburgring fully inmersed for the first time (the 2d monitor breaks the enchantment…)

          • e92m3

            No problem!

            I’ve enabled always-on re-projection as well since I wrote that and it has given me significantly more render-time to work with in AC and the tracking feels the same for this kind of game.

  • Yaniv Ben David

    Works like a charm on my gtx 970. Maybe I will lower it later on to 2.2 because of my ‘slow’ gpu.

  • The result is great, the image quality is better but my GTX 970 is far too slow… will try in some months with a new GFX card… :(

  • Small correction: the file name should be “steamvr.vrsettings”.

    Just did this on my i7-5820K, 32gb ddr4, single 970 and it seemed to work. The visuals do seem better and no lag or stuttering in Tilt Brush.

    • Thank you. Corrected.

    • Spike

      That is identical to my build. What multiplier are you using? I want to try this out but not cripple my game play.

      • I went with the suggested 2.5 multiplier

  • Badelhas

    Does anyone with a nvidia GTX 1070 or equivalent tried this? Are the results really noticeable? What about performance impact?

    • I have 1070 and have set to 2.5 or actually 3 at the moment. I think it does improve but I have to test more. I know that when using SS in Elite D via it’s options menu that makes big difference. Same with Assetto Corsa and LibreVR (editing corsa video config.ini)

      • Badelhas

        No impact on performance, then? That’s great to hear. It’s a pity we have to mess with config files to set it up.
        Do you believe that this will somehow be available in a easier way through steamVR settings in the future? That would be perfect. I mean, if some of us have the graphics processing power to improve the perceived resolution (Nvidia 1070 or 1080) without dropping from the minimum 90fps why dosent Valve allows without needing this “hack”?! I don’t get it.

        • Valve will never make it a feature you can adjust. It should be in game settings for each game. Elite Dangerous has it. Some other games too.

          I haven’t noticed any performance hit so far. I will test it further today. I am overclocking my 1070 so that might help. 235mhz on core and 200mhz on vram currently.

      • J.C.

        I have a 970 and a Vive, and had seen reports that Elite:D runs like crap on it, despite running decently on the Rift. so I haven’t fired it up yet. Are you running E:D on a Vive or a Rift? I’m assuming it runs pretty decently? I’m looking to grab a 1070 or 1080 when stores stop gouging on their pricing.

        • Robert Löfgren

          E:D runs fine on the 970 with settings set to very high. When running on Ultra i get a bit of jittering.

      • e92m3

        Yeah AC looks very nice with SS on vive. It’s actually a really amazing VR game, very pleased one of my favorite sims works this well, runs excellently on 290x.

  • John Stevens

    Thanks for the download link. The results seem to vary wildly depending on the game. Some look terrific and play silky smooth, some are unplayable. It does not seem to work with any games using revive. Still a great option to play with. Thanks!

    • Some games have SS options in their own config files. Assetto Corsa has an “oculus.ini” which contains an option for supersampling (and is of course a Revive compatible game).

      • e92m3

        No need for revive though imo. It does very well with the default option and is honestly one of the best vr experiences around i think

        The AC-specific .ini tweak is really handy, we really need this option to be game-specific.

  • Jake Watson

    Go to ncix us all of the 1070s are in stock

  • dannyhefc69

    Works great :) have to set it to 1.5, 2.5 is to taxing on my system and causes my vives’s displays to flash and tear. I can see the biggest difference in steam, text is so much cleaner. Only game i haven’t seen any change is pool nation vr?
    My specs- i7 4790, R9 290X, 16gb ram, win 10

  • Orlando

    This worked very well for me with i5 4690k 980 Ti. honestly it makes a big difference.. Colors are even more vibrant. 2.0 works for me but i feel more comfortable with 1.5.

  • Konchu

    A warning to people doing this it is a great feature but seems multiplicative. So if you have the setting jacked up on a game this will multiply those in some cases, with my 1080 I was able to take The gallery to max settings and max HMD resolution,before upping text was hard to read on the cassettes but was great on high. But with my settings set to 2.1 the game was choppy, setting my quality down to low did not diminish the text quality nor did taking HMD resolution, lowering these settings did help the frame rate. may have to play with to see if I am missing anything else by reducing these settings. Also Chronos on revive was playable on epic but with this setting it was Bad. Setting to defaults made it playable and saw no major difference to epic with my initial tests.

    On a secondary note those wanted to play with the settings might want to download the New Retro Arcade Neon Demo it has a FPS counter bound to one of the grips (was left for me) and has some posters on the wall that are good for seeing the difference. the back row of arcade machines is also taxing on video I am staying above 80 ish in this bad area at 2.1 this may not be a good test as this could be code related performance though.

  • jimrp

    What rig two 1080 ?

    • e92m3

      Neither crossfire nor SLI is enabled for OpenVR or oculus aside from the steam benchmark. It’s in active dev, hopefully see something soon.

  • Stu Whisson

    My file contents are very different, exact location and identical file but all it contains is this:

    “steamvr”: {
    “background”: “F:\Games\Steam & VR\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\backgrounds\viveNight.png”

    • e92m3

      Then try:

      “steamvr”: {
      “background”: “F:\Games\Steam & VR\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\backgrounds\viveNight.png”,
      “renderTargetMultiplier”: 2.5

      • Tumbler

        I had something very similar, did the above and it works – i5 / GTX 980 Xtreme / 16Gb 300 tried 2.5 / 2.0 with irrational exuberance, was better both times, but both a little juddery

        • e92m3

          Glad it worked. Anything above 1.0 is going to improve aliasing at least very slightly.

          try 1.2 and above as well, I find it’s better to trade off some lighting detail and especially post processing in favor of super-sampling.

          In case someone else sees this, my last message is cut off a bit now for some reason.
          “steamvr”: {
          “background”: “F:\Games\Steam & VR\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\backgrounds\viveNight.png”,
          “renderTargetMultiplier”: 2.5

          The comma after the proceeding argument (ends with vivNight.png”) is the important bit.

  • Waji Anwar

    Made a big difference thanks so much. Even the text is that much clearer

  • maestro72x

    use notepad++ every pc should have this app! its great!

    • q23main

      or Notepad2 at least. Those are for Notepad what PaintDotNet is for Paint!

      • Rick Kelshall

        PaintDotNet is a bag of shit

        • Angel

          PaintDotNet has limited features but technically it is more advanced than Photoshop. It is much lighter, faster and you can see and tweak results immediately in real-time without hitting apply button because it is using latest technologies. Photoshop is based on bloated old code so it doesn’t know how to use modern hardware efficiently. PaintDotNet is better than Photoshop in everything it can do. It can save you a lot of time when Photoshop features are not necessary. Photoshop is relic from past and it has to be rewritten from scratch.

          • Rick Kelshall

            There is a reason why Photoshop is the industry standard for professional photo work and pixel graphics and that is because it is far and away the most capable application and has been for many years. It’s always been ahead of the competition even when it was a 2 horse race between Photoshop and JASC Paintshop Pro years ago. Despite your false claims it has undergone masses of rewriting over the years. It started out written in Delphi, migrated to C++, in recent years filters were recoded to harness GPU acceleration. That’s just a few factual areas that tear a new asshole in your bullshit make-believe ideas that Photoshop is “bloated” and “old code”. Paint.NET most certainly is not “lighter” or “faster” – if you had Photoshop installed you would know that.
            If you don’t edit images professionally (which you clearly don’t) options like Paint.NET / The GIMP are there to fill that space – cheap and cheerful, somewhat capable – but not professional tools.
            The notion that “it can save you a lot of time when Photoshop features are not necessary” is completely idiotic. Just because an application has more features does not mean you have to use every one to achieve a task – that’s a like saying a Ferrari is incapable of driving at 30mph just because it can do 200.

          • Samuel

            Photoshop bloat has grown over a gigabyte and it takes 10 seconds to start. Of course a simple image editor can’t be compared to features of Photoshop. Paint.NET starts instantly and it is a joy to use for simple tasks. It is the fastest image editor available because it is heavily optimized. It is much more polished than Photoshop. Photoshop is powerful but not intuitive. Try rearranging layers, adjusting tolerance of magic wand tool, using gradients, changing applied color of paint bucket tool… In Paint.NET everything is animated, smooth and dynamic with rel-time results. In Photoshop there is no preview, you have to undo and repeat until you are happy with result.

          • Rick Kelshall

            If Photoshop is taking over 10 seconds to start I suggest you ditch your dog shit rig and get a modern SSD. I just opened it and it was less than 2 seconds. Where are you getting this “there is no preview in Photoshop”? There’s a check box on many filters that provides a real-time preview. For example, take Gaussian Blur – a small window opens with a mini-screen thumbnail, but if you select the Preview checkbox the whole live image blurs in real-time as you move the slider, contrary to what you say. Same with image adjustments, sharpens, color corrections etc. All real-time. But I thought you said it didn’t do that? Truth is you know fuck all about Photoshop :)
            Paint.NET does not provide comprehensive none-destructive editing to my knowledge despite it being a much requested features.
            Photoshop on the other hand provides extensive none-destructive editing with Smart Objects.
            This is a prime example of the kind of feature professionals rely on in their daily workflows where Paint.NET lags massively behind,
            Perhaps if you rely on software for a living and take a serious interest in graphics software you would realize why Photoshop is the streets ahead and why Paint.NET is for enthusiastic amateurs who want to edit their avatars or do rudimentary photo correction…for free – AKA you.
            Just because your software accommodates your limited use case don’t hold it up as some kind of champion.
            The reality is the GIMP is possibly the closest thing Photoshop has to a rival in terms of features and that’s being kind. Paint.NET though??? Fucking joke. You are ill-informed if you believe Paint.NET is anything beyond a glorified subset of Photoshop.
            Just waiting for the next bullshit post with the next wave of lies like “photoshop only works in black and white” fuckin morons.

          • Samuel

            Great programs run fast even on shitty computers. Shitty unoptimized crap don’t. I have tried using gradients in Photoshop and there is no live preview. I can’t adjust magic wand tolerance with live preview. I can’t change color without reapplying it. Even rearranging layers doesn’t have a nice visual feedback. I can’t even simply drag and drop image from desktop to a new layer. Photoshop is powerful but unpolished and unoptimized. PaintNET is very useful to me as 3D artist for editing textures. It is simple but supports hundreds of plugins. It is super small and lightning fast compared to Photoshop. Most users don’t need all features of Photoshop.

          • Daniel Passmore

            Lets not pretend adobe uses best practices when it comes to coding please. Their applications are full of crap code.

          • Rick Kelshall

            Worked there have you? Know all their in-house rules do you?
            Who the fuck are you? Daniel Skywalker taking on the evil Adobe empire? Get a fucking grip you know nothing about Adobe’s code – all you see is what the rest of us see… a bunch of uninspiring features over the last 12 months and an ever growing installer that leads you to the irrational conclusion that their entire codebase is fucked and they are now purveyors of bloat. Surprised you’ve not tried to claim they install malware.
            In all honesty I am uninspired by Adobe’s foray into clipart and all that shit. They can keep that. Unlike other commentators here though I am not an irrational dickhead who throws the baby out with the bathwater… despite some of their decisions I frown upon in recent times, I have the honesty and objectivity to tell that their product is still streets ahead of the competition despite them including a few features I’m not interested in.
            I will happily take the 95% of Photoshop that is tremendous and not worry about 5% for people who want an integrated clipart library etc.
            Let’s be honest about the product. Not get our fucking nipples out and start getting hysterical about bloat just because they include stuff for mac users and kids with funny haircuts.

          • Daniel Passmore

            I wouldnt know anything about it your right. Its not my job to know these things or anything. Im a cyber security consultant moron. Just because you are not capable of seeing the code does not mean others as dumb as you.

            You are the only toxic poster here. Oh and your opinions are just that yours. Hurry up and Darwin yourself out already. Your sense of self importance is nauseating.

          • Rick Kelshall

            Haha security consultant… couldn’t get a proper job. There’s a self-proclaimed bullshit title if ever I’ve heard one. Daniel you guessed wrong and now you look like a cunt. I think you’re a lazy layabout afraid of doing a hard day’s work. Any IT guy brandishing the monica consultant is normally very full of shit. You’re no exception. I bet your Linux knowledge is great and your personal hygiene absolutely disgusting. Fuck off you dirty little man, I could snap you like a twig.

          • Daniel Passmore

            Im willing to bet my shitty consultant title cashes a bigger check. Thanks though. If it werent for half ass coders like yourself i wouldnt have a job that pays twice as much as yours.

          • Rick Kelshall

            Stop embarrassing yourself. A 2-bit “consultant” like you earns peanuts next to an accomplished, experienced and meticulous engineer like me. Unlike you, with my expertise, I’m hard to replace. “Security consultants” are like web developers. Every fucker is one. Not only that, I suspect if you compared your malware knowledge next to mine I would run rings round you. I’ve reverse engineered copy protections, have a lot of experience reversing malware, even written a metamorphic code engine. Let’s guess what your security consultant expertise comprises?… You know which AV products to advise on and best networking practise. Fucking amazing – like I said, a pretty common, pretty abundant skill set. LOL
            I’m glad I nauseate you. I would probably feel sick too if I told a guy he didn’t understand an apps inner-workings and he turned out to have infinitely more insight into the subject than me. Then, even worse if it turned out there was a very strong chance he was better at my own job than me.
            That’s what just happened to you dickhead! How embarrassing for you Daniel Passmore. How very embarrassing indeed.

          • Daniel Passmore

            Now you are talking in circles. A few comments back you stated that i wouldnt know anything more than “the rest of us” about adobes code since i dont work there.

            Now all the sudden you are reverse engineering malware. Enlighten me on how that is done without a knowledge of how to see the code of a compiled program.

            This also tells me that you not the coder you claim to be. You might do data entry or something like that. You are no tech savant. You are a basement dwelling troll. You have zero friends and nobody likes you.

          • Rick Kelshall

            Pissmore I know you call yourself a security consultant. Good to see there are rehabilitation opportunities for convicted pedophiles.
            To reverse malware you stupid little fuck, you load the target into a debugger: I like OllyDbg myself.
            Prior to this, you may need to depack the target as they are often packed with the same executable packers as demos/keygens – often the cause for false positives. Anyway, using an external depacker or, with the right knowledge you can breakpoint the target on the OEP (Original Entry Point) and start analysis from there.
            Library calls are a good heuristic indication of the capabilities of a malware target, which kernel hooks its using, which library calls it is making, which registry keys does it read/write.
            [Talking about a typical packed/obfuscated virus rather than anything more advanced here – not got all day to go into the intricacies of metamorphic code, VM based antimalware detections etc.]
            As I was saying, simply by debugging and stepping through (brutally tedious but can be accelerated with scripts in olly) reveals the flow of execution and guts of the virus.
            Hope I’ve mentioned enough to validate my claims. Yes malware is a broad church, I’m talking about unravelling a nasty email attachment here – no delving into web attacks, other delivery vectors. It was only a brief essay pissmore.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            You’re damn right I’m no tech savant. I’m not autistic and have people skills. Oh look, you forgot the negative connotations of being a savant. I love your attempts to employ words you don’t fully understand it’s as priceless as it is indicative of low intelligence. Exactly what I’d expect from a 2-bit security charlatan.

          • john Smith

            Why are you so insecure?

          • Daniel Pissmore

            Because I got touched by a man like you as a child.

          • john Smith

            Sure. But, how does that conclude that you should lash out at the world, instead of confronting the man who touched you?

          • Daniel Pissmore

            He’s dead. And now I can’t even go near sock puppets.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            Nice brand new ID – created 27 minutes ago awwww… Hi Daniel, created a friend to back you up… wow you’re elite.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            It’s genetic. My parents were full of self-doubt. I got their insecurity gene according to 23 and me.

          • Rick Kelshall

            Yes you are “a cyber security consultant moron” as you stated (just following your punctuation there, I’m a punctuation consultant.

          • john Smith

            Your analogy doesn’t help your case. If a Ferrari is a manual stick shift, versus a Honda Civic automatic, then for most drivers (most of who can’t drive stick), the Civic would be the preferred car, especially, for city driving which has a lot of stop and go driving with stop lights. Sure, you can run errands driving a stick shift and getting 10mpg, but it’s not the best solution. Opening up Adobe photoshop and being inundated with menus, tabs, pop ups, so on, gets in the way, when you are simply trying to do some basic editing of an image. In that case, Paint.net is the better choice. I know, I use both Paint.net for most of my work, and Gimp, when I need more fidelity.

            Paint.net’s simplicity is probably by design. It’s simply a tool. If you are a master with Photoshop, good for you, but that doesn’t negate the fact, that a cleaner designed program has it’s use cases over more complex programs. Examples include, Android versus IOS, Sketchup versus Blender. I use Android, but would recommend IOS for my parents. I use Sketchup for geometric models, but Blender for more organic shapes. And in the majority of cases, using the simpler, more refined tool, saves time.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            You created a brand new ID just to argue with me. I’m flattered.

            You’ve never worked professionally with graphics as far as I can tell. I’m not interested in the opinions of people who are scared by Photoshop’s options and menus.

            The fact that there are dumb simple tools out there doesn’t detract from the best still being the best.

            Daniel Passmore is a pedo.

          • Mike Moeller

            You’d still get better mpg in the manual with city driving vs an auto in the same scenario

          • Jaekovkurosaki

            Butisexpensive! Maybe I can steal a copy somehow………

          • Daniel Pissmore

            You can rent it for $9.99/month these days so it hardly seems worth the hassle.

          • Maxwell_Edison

            Shame it’s still stupidly expensive.

      • Yossi Cohen

        GIMP! ahhm

    • DougP

      Re: “every pc should have this app”

      Or, more accurately – “every *Windoze* pc should have this app. ;)

      • Rick Kelshall

        That’s a hard and fast rule in computing. Just like “never employ a Linux guy because most of them don’t wear deoderant”. It’s true 90% of the time.

        • DougP

          meh… doesn’t hold true nowadays for *desktop*.
          Ubuntu alone had expanded accessibility of *nix’ish on desktop.

          [ But do get the joke ;) ]

          • Rick Kelshall

            Not convinced Doug. Never met a Linux guy who didn’t stink. Ones who don’t are just not hardcore Linux. The full trinity for guaranteed lack of hygiene is 1) Linux fan, 2) doctor who fan, 3) networking topology fan. Its impossible to like those 3 simultaneously and maintain personal grooming standards. Liking less than 3 doesn’t count.

          • Eric Paters

            Linux users don’t stink. Fat people stink no matter what OS they use.

          • Rick Kelshall

            That’s what all very smelly, skinny Linux guys say, especially the ones with really bad breath.

          • Eric Paters

            No my love. I’m a fat stinky Windows user just like you but less frustrated. Too much computer is hurting your brain, you should try socializing outside. Fresh air will make you less miserable :)

          • Rick Kelshall

            I’m not that stinky unless I’ve been eating Pizza Express doughballs with garlic butter. The problem with most Linux guys Eric, is they’re unemployable. Nobody told them when they were 13 that puberty would lead to body odour if not tackled by a daily regimen of washing and grooming. So they live in this autistic denial cocoon of bash command lines and body odor. I don’t need to tell you Eric, you are one.
            About socializing… I don’t like people so why would I want to socialize. 95% of people are generally fucking stupid as evidenced by the idiotic commentary posted so readily on here. They say ridiculous things like Photoshop is not the best image editing program and Linux is fun.

          • ZenInsight

            I’m not a Linux guy, but I love to feed trolls. Tasty troll bait awaits you mate. It’s great I rate 8 out of 8.

            Kali Linux is liquid awesomeness.

            And it isn’t getting bent over by MS server chatty Cathy’s all day long, pwned by …ha..haaa…I have to sneeze…HAAACHHAOOORGGnsaERGG”. Excuse me. I think I got some on your pocket protector.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            Nobody understands a word you’re saying except for your black-t-shirt-wearing dungeons and dragons friends that you role play with. Do us a favor? Have a bath.

          • Jaekovkurosaki

            RNGesus told me to tell you to leave D&D out of this.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            What’s your persuasion? Roll a twenty-sided dice to see if you pulled that off.

          • Flamerate1

            I’m having a hard time telling if these comments are violent or playful.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            Autism can be very unforgiving.

          • ZenInsight

            That’s it? Lol. Weak sauce.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            You know all about “weak sauce”. It’s what your Daddy put in your Mommy to make you – you genetic accident! Boom. Flawless Victory!!

          • ZenInsight

            You are trying so hard. Good boy.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            A desperate bid to sound condescending. Love it. You were destroyed 2 comments ago and publically humiliated. You should conserve your strength. Come on, show us more of your abject lack of creativity by repeating your last “idea” with slightly modified wording. You know, the parent-child lines. Yes that’s right – it’s very easy to predict anyone so tedious and lacking in imagination. That’s why you’re a soap-dodging Linux-guy. You just suck up and imitate what you perceive to be the choice of the enlightened. You use Linux because you think it ascribes you renegade kudos… Try cleaning your teeth and earning some kudos with people who don’t speak Klingon or own a Battlestar Galactica boxset you unemployable eczema blizzard.

          • ZenInsight

            Maybe too hard. I don’t need to defend myself against someone like you. You know nothing about me, and if you did your pretend insults wouldn’t even make any sense. Publicly humiliated? This little fantasy tough guy online world isn’t real life buddy…and no one cares about you here. You just look like an ignorant bigot. A metaphorically sad little man who never grew up from getting picked on in school, or molested as a child (If true my condolences. They shouldn’t have done that to you. No child deserves that), or whatever you experienced that made you such a uncompassionate ego maniacal gentleman. I’m just glad you aren’t a cop now, out emotionally or physically terrorizing people in the real world. Only God can help you change, because your character is clearly garbage and I’m sure those around you pay for it dearly all the time.

            What’s next in your highly limited socio-pathological antagonizing vocabulary of random insults that you feel is such rapier wit? Vent away my friend. Online therapy for you…is my pleasure. May be it will keep you off the streets.

            But it won’t make you feel better about how black your soul is.


          • Daniel Pissmore

            Wow that last one really upset you so much you wrote War & Peace. Achievement unlocked “Mind rapist”.

          • Daniel Pissmore

            “if it wasn’t for my profession all the users of the world wouldn’t be able to speak to each other”. What a bizarre claim!
            Would the absence of your profession invoke global loss of speech?
            I know you meant computers communicating with each other but that’s not what you said and I only understood because I am able to speak your dialect of nerd as well as plain English. I have to work with a wide range of people, both normal people and real dandruff-snowstorm-creators like you.
            You phrased your point like that because that’s how wrapped up in the IT world you are. You’ve lost the ability to communicate with everyday people because you use so many shortcuts and make so many assumptions about your audience.
            It’s the same reason guys like you nervously thumb through the blu-rays at parties because you know if you talk to anyone there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll take an instant dislike to as you will sound aloof and disconnected from their everyday world.
            You know what I mean? Take one of the first thing you said in this thread:
            “Kali Linux is liquid awesomeness. And it isn’t getting bent over by MS server chatty Cathy’s all day long, pwned by …ha..haaa…I have to sneeze…HAAACHHAOOORGGnsaERGG”
            I can just imagine you saying that during a dinner party and people looking at each other like where the fuck did you find this lunatic.
            To be fair though, you’ve never been to anything like that. Anyone who knows you wouldn’t invite you because you’re too weird. Achievement Unlocked “Autism Detector”.

        • JustNiz

          Hey I resemble that remark.

        • Richard Sandoz

          Usually the c beard that holds the smell.

    • James Butlin

      *cough* Sublime Text *cough*

      • CityLims

        is at this point simply nagware. Atom is way better

        • Daniel Conder

          +1 atom

        • Navihawk

          Atom is love, Atom is life.

          BASK IN THE GLOW OF ATOM. lol.

      • Jack Witherell

        vim tho

      • Navihawk

        *cough* Atom *cough*

    • James Beam

      What’s a good way to tell if it’s working or not? What game or application would show the most obvious difference?

      • Mike Moeller

        Keep steam vr open and watch for spikes in your gpu.

        Fwiw I have a 290x and I barely get by in assetto corsa.

        • Dylan Gilman

          Yeah, I worried about that. I bought a 1070 with my Vive for that reason

  • Shaun Ritz

    Is there a possibility that steam updates will overwrite the added code?

  • Peter

    I don’t recommend doing this with a 2.5 multiplier for anyone. I have a dual gtx 1080 hbsli setup and the edit still caused bad jittering in space pirate trainer and portal stories vr, the only two apps I tried while I had the extra line in my configuration file. It did sharpen the view for text but obviously not worth the trade off.

    • Psycold

      I have a 980 TI extreme overclocked edition with a 6700k @ 4.6ghz and 32gb of DDR4 @ 2200mhz and I get horrible judder in all the games I tried using the multiplier. Only the SteamVR menu is smooth. Even 1.6 seemed to give me judder. To me personally, it’s a much better experience losing a little screen clarity and having constant 90fps so reprojection doesn’t kick on. I’m glad this feature has been discovered because it will be great when I upgrade in the future.

      • DougP

        Did you try anything lower than 1.6 that worked well enough a variety of titles?

        I’ve got similar (maybe slightly beefier) specs:
        Zotac’s crazy Amp Extreme! 980ti – OC’d a bit beyond already OC’d
        5930K OC’d 4.2 to 4.4
        64Gb 2666mhz mem OC’d

        So from what I’ve read of “success stories” with this tweak, I was expecting that my rig could handle 1.5+ easily.

        Now after reading your comment I’m concerned about even trying it.
        Turning it on-and-off, just for games where it works well & makes enough of a difference wouldn’t be a bad option….IF it works on fairly top-tier systems like ours.

    • DougP

      I don’t believe the dual (SLI) part of your config is currently supported or having an affect on your results.

      Did you try it at anything lower where you had success? 2.0? less?

      • Peter

        I didn’t try anything lower yet but will attempt it at some point soon and post about it. Thanks for letting me know about the sli support issue – I’m going to look into that too.

  • Rick Kelshall

    For simple tasks may as well use pixlr.com as it’s the guts of Photoshop with no install required. PaintDotNet is not something I could ever recommend professionally or otherwisr. I don’t use The GIMP or anything Linuxy if I can help it too. (I’m one of those computer guys who uses deoderant, so more Photoshop than GIMP).

    • Daniel Passmore

      You must be a mac owner. Whats the air like up there on your high horse?

      • Rick Kelshall

        I’m a 41 year old head coder for a pharmaceutical company, 2 kids, family man, avid interest in games programming all my life, ARM demo coder, now into VR, also certified expert in photoshop. i think all mac users suck cock. guess again daniel passmore! Your psychological profiling needs a lot of work young man.

        • Rick Kelshall

          Thinking about it, I deserve extra points for hating all mac users. I have spent crazy amounts of money on music hardware/software which is dominated by one giant mac-user jerk circle. In that community I routinely slam people who post stuff like “I finally upgraded to a mac” and wait for applause. I love to set them straight and point out that their equipment is a giant turd on a stick next to my VR rig which is apple free.

          I’m going now to ruminate about other reasons why I’m brilliant.

          • Allanius Leonis

            Loved this rant Daniel. You win. And there was never any competition.

          • H00dpolitics

            Okay. Two things. The first is I have to commend you on your insults. When you called that guy a walking ezcema blizzard, I lol’d. Had to keep reading because I was interested to see if someone would come along and best you. Kudos. As for the second, you stated that you are 42 years old? Great occupation, and you’re a father? I really don’t care how well-versed you are in your profession, or how “brilliant” you think you are. Arrogance and confidence are completely different things, and someone your age should not be acting like this.

            It invalidates any and all claims of you possessing superior intelligence. How can you be that gifted, and allow yourself to be affected by others in a way that resembles a high school facebook argument.

            You need to do some thinking. At first it was funny, and the Linux jokes were good. But then you just turned into an egotistical maniac.

          • PauIo

            A few points to pick up on here on this delightful argument you’ve dug up from 2 months ago (you fucking weirdo!).
            1) How exactly should a 42 year old father behave? Like a 1950’s Dad smoking a pipe? Should he demand his wife iron his shirts, bang his fist on the table and ask “Where’s my dinner?” I don’t know what your preconceptions and stereotypes demand but know this: not everyone is the same and if I don’t conform to your preconceived notion of what I “should be” then I’m fucking delighted to exhibit some individuality. Not everyone is the same. Learn about life you cunt.
            2) Regarding your horror and distress at exclamations of my “brilliance”… Two logical possibilities present themselves here. Either A) I suddenly transformed into an egotistical maniac (your theory). Or B) I say things like “I’m brilliant” in the name of silliness and for fun… I think the technical term is “comedy effect”.
            Obviously, only people with a sense of humour might assume B…
            So let’s consider the possibilities and which is more likely? My complete bipolar character transformation or me being silly in the name of fun?
            If you can’t accept that the answer is B then perhaps you need to study more of our “Earth humor”.
            Personally, I would hate to travel through life without humor, it would be one bitter fucking grind.
            Remember, if you don’t have a slightly childish sense of humor, then you don’t really have sense of humor at all.

  • While oculus doesn’t have a global supersampling option, many games have their own config for it. Assetto Corsa has it in it’s oculus.ini (and is Revive compatible).

  • Daemon Hunt

    I have dual GTX1080 FE’s and they can barely handle 2.0x SSAA in Elite:Dangerous set to VR High. This is mostly because E:D doesn’t work in SLI so one card gets loaded up and the result is jitter. Someone suggested using the 2.0 multiplier in the Vive config, and then using 0.65 multiplier in E:D but it seems a bit odd to me to do this, and too finnicky as the multiplier in the Vive config is ‘system-wide’. So I just leave it at the default multiplier and play E:D at Ultra instead. No issues, but could be sharper! I would like to set set SSAA at a per-application basis and am digging around figuring how to do this. I’m currently exploring SSAA in Unreal Engine 4 on a per-project basis, and looking forward to SMP, Single Pass Stereo, Lens Matched Shading and VR SLI being fully enabled in UE4 going forward.

    • Daemon Hunt

      Reply to my own post. Found how to do SSAA per-application: nVidia Profile Inspector. Tadaaa! *cough*

  • Benjamen Ter-wiel

    there was no steamvr section can i just add it


    Will this work with Oculus Rift games you play on Vive? Or only games in Steam?


    After yesterday SteamVR Update, The system will ignore the (“renderTargetMultiplier”: 2.5) setting.. or if you set at 1.5 , System will change it to 2 for you .

  • SD2018

    Back to the 27″ so i can dogfight again
    have tried a variety of settings, but it does not help even if you have a 1080 card installed

  • Rex Thorne

    Upgrading from a 970 to an overclocked Strix 1080, and then setting the multiplier to 1.5 is a huge visual improvement. The card cost almost as much as the Vive, but it’s worth it.

  • Rex Thorne

    Upgrading from a 970 to an overclocked Strix 1080, and then setting the multiplier to 1.5 is a huge visual improvement. The card cost almost as much as the Vive, but it’s worth it.

  • Rex Thorne

    Upgrading from a 970 to an overclocked Strix 1080, and then setting the multiplier to 1.5 is a huge visual improvement. The card cost almost as much as the Vive, but it’s worth it.

  • Robbie DeRoo

    At the time of writing this, they had taken the “SteamVR” section out of the JSON config file. You can always add it back in again like I did. This is the entire contents of my config file:

    “modelskins”: {
    “stage”: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\250820\722654545\root\root.obj”,
    “stage_PublishedFileId”: “722654545”
    “steamvr”: {
    “mirrorViewGeometry”: “0 0 1080 600”,
    “showStage”: true,
    “allowReprojection”: true,
    “renderTargetMultiplier”: 0.75

    • Robbie DeRoo

      Yes, I am using 0.75. Only because the recent SteamVR updates seem to have made a lot of games start to jutter, whereas before they did not; (on my gtx 980ti, i7 6700K).

      • Ranger Larry

        I’m assuming that the default is 0.0 and you’re going up to .75.

        • Robbie DeRoo

          Default is 1.0 and I’m pulling it down a hair to minimise the recent spate of juttering which I think is caused by a driver error (either SteamVR, nvidia or UE4). But I’m sure it will be fixed in due course. My 1080 arrives next week so I hope to bump it up to 2.5, as per the article (or even 1.5 which gives a considerable visual improvement too.)

          • Ranger Larry

            It’s odd, there are games I can run smooth as butter with a i7-6700,
            16 GB RAM, GTX 1070 and some games with a system requirement far less than that look like an earthquake is happening there’s so much stuttering. I don’t know if it’s a driver thing or what. I feel like I would be constantly going in and changing it.
            Every developer should build in the ability to adjust the supersampling like Brookhaven Experiment or Space Pirate Trainer have done.
            I’ve also been on some discussions forums on Steam reporting issues with micro stuttering on the games I’ve had problems with. And the developers are often puzzled, most are independent developers that built the game on a less powerful rig that what I’m using.
            With some other users responding they have the same problem and some users saying they don’t have that problem at all.
            It may just be inexperienced independent developers optimizing the games for the rig they built it on?

  • Steve Gregory Webb

    I have a 1080 card as well as a i7-4790K so I was assuming I would not have any issues super-sampling at 2.5 or higher but I find the images are not as smooth when tracking,even the slightest head movement will cause a slight lag and focus issues , If I keep still images will become sharp.
    Do I need to overclock the card or CPU?
    I installed MSI Afterburner but am unsure on how to proceed

  • Roxconn

    Sorry I’m probably just a moron but what does he mean by need grunt?

  • You can know grab a SteamVR Dashboard add-on called “OpenVR Advanced Settings” that’ll let you easily change this and other ‘hidden’ settings:


  • Tom Daigon

    A much easier and more powerful way to alter settings. https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/5hgtuz/release_openvr_advanced_settings_v21/

  • StarLightPL

    This is long obsoleted by OpenVR advanced settings: https://github.com/matzman666/OpenVR-AdvancedSettings/releases

  • StarLightPL

    Don’t do that, use OpenVR advanced settings. It starts a settings page inside VR. No more messy text files.