‘Rock Band VR’ Announced by Oculus and Harmonix


At The Game Awards 2015, Oculus has announced Rock Band VR, a new title in partnership with Rock Band creator Harmonix.


Taking to the stage after a comedic promo involving the band DragonForce, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey announced that Rock Band would see a virtual reality rendition in Rock Band VR, coming to the Oculus Rift in 2016.

Created by Oculus Studios, the VR company’s first part game studio, and in partnership with Rock Band creator Harmonix, Rock Band VR will make you “feel like you’re standing on stage looking out at the crowd cheering for you,” according to Luckey.

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While Rock Band could in many ways be a natural fit for VR—a standing experience that doesn’t require much locomotion—it will be interesting to see how Oculus and Harmonix will handle both tracking of the guitar and whether or not players will be expected to be able to play ‘blind’ without seeing their fingers, or if there will be some solution to that problem.

So far the only gameplay revealed was of the guitar instrument, and there is not telling if drums or other Rock Band instruments like the keyboard will be supported, though given that this is a Rock Band game and not Guitar Hero, we can certainly hope. Another unanswered question is whether or not players already invested in Rock Band instruments will have to buy new equipment to be compatible with Rock Band VR.

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  1. That’s the great BIG announcement? Game which we maybe see in next year? This is disappointing. For ‘q1’ 2016 left 26 days, and we don’t know when or how we ever will have cv1. Boring. When is release date? How many copies of cv1 they will produce? If they will be sold out in a hours, are next will be available in another year…? Two, one year ago I was excited, I’ve read all articles,followed news, but I’m really starting losing interest in VR for now.

    • As much as I would have loved to hear a release date, this IS big news. I couldn’t care less about the game itself, but this is a title that could bring a lot of people into VR. Even more so than a “Half-Life VR” I’d wager. ;)

      • Well, speaking about game – I don’t think this or other ‘vr game’ will’ bring a lot of people into VR’, especially because of really weak graphic. If you wanna feel, like you are on stage, you have to look on people, not on pixels. In my opinion VR guys are do it wrong. Losing money and time to designing cheap, undemanding games without market is pointless. 90% of people will be playing old PC games on VR goggles – if they can’t, they will not buy VR. Look on YT – everybody are playing ‘professional’ PC games on DK2.

        First you have people familiar with your hardware, willing to buy your ‘special’ games, than you invest millions to create those games. That’s the order.

  2. Palmer & Oculus have stated since day 1 that their goal was to advocate for mass adoption of VR. Between the release of GearVR, and securing titles like Minecraft & Rock Band, they are moving in the right direction. I don’t care about either of these games, but there are millions of gamers who LOVE them, and will be encouraged to enter the Rift.