15 years after the launch of the original Rez (2001) on Dreamcast, the new Rez Infinite (2016) will come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

On the official PlayStation Blog, Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi says that Rez Infinite is “the futuristic ‘synesthesia’ experience I’ve wanted to create from the beginning.” He says that the development of technology since the original game has finally allowed him to achieve “the game [that] comes closest to what we saw in our heads when we were creating [the original Rez]: vivid colors that blend seamlessly into one another, crystal-clear textures, and razor-sharp lines…”

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13 Rez Infinite screenshots give an idea of the wild look of the next-gen and VR version of this genre-defying on-rails rhythm shooter.

Mizuguchi also confirms that Rez Infinite will be fully playable on the PlayStation 4 in non-VR as well as a PlayStation VR mode. The non-VR mode will run at 60 FPS while the PSVR mode will take advantage of Sony’s reprojection rendering for 120Hz rendering.

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  • lanthas

    I wouldn’t go so far as calling it next-gen; the graphics, gameplay, levels, music etc. are all exactly the same as in the original Dreamcast game (and the later XBox 360 release). If you have neither of those, you can find full HD 60fps playthroughs of the entire game (including the scenes in these screenshots) on Youtube.

    The only new thing is the added VR support. As for this, keep in mind that by its very nature as an on-rails game, the camera direction is fixed and can only be slightly nudged around by moving the targeting reticule (unlike a traditional shooter where you turn the camera and the crosshair stays in the center). Looking at the video in the previous article, there indeed appears to be no head tracking.

    Rez in stereoscopic vision could still be fun though, even if it consists mostly of lines rather than polygons :)