WEVR, formerly known as WemoLab, announced their new $1Million grant today, a program aimed at anyone looking to get into the new field of cinematic VR.

WEVR, the VR company collaborating to produce experiences such as 360 video Space Shuttle Endeavour, and new HTC Vive demo, The Encounter, have announced OnWEVR today, a new $1 Million grant program that could net prospective VR content producers anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000 in project funds.

Apply For OnWEVR Grant

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WEVR collaborates with several independent studios already to produce content for their VR distribution platform; including mobile, desktop, and the sort of room-scale VR content made possible with HTC Vive. Successful applicants of the grant will have free use of WEVR’s proprietary VR media player and distribution technology platform, but it’s unclear whether grant winners will be obligated to publish solely with WEVR.

‘theBlu: Encounter’ demo for HTC Vive

“Our main hope is that OnWEVR will help producers who come up with exciting VR experiences to launch themselves in this new space using the grant funding,” says co-founder, Anthony Batt. “There really aren’t many funding opportunities for VR storytellers, so we wanted to create something very lightweight that helps producers, helps us, and helps the VR community.”

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Grant Guidlines

Your project must be a VR experience a few minutes in length and use WEVR’s VR media player software. All that’s required for consideration is a short written pitch, a video (either on YouTube or in a DropBox folder) explaining your VR story, and a URL for any other supporting files (videos, graphics, presentations), if applicable. The OnWEVR program is for anyone in the VR community, from the enthusiast experimenting with making their own VR content to the seasoned veteran.

The company has made no specifications regarding the sort of VR experiences eligible for their grant, whether they’re preferring 360 video or rendered content. We’ll be following any news to come out about the grant and its winners, so check back for updates.

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