3dRudder, the VR locomotion controller, already comes in both PC and PSVR flavors, both of which require a wired connection. Now, the France-based company announced its bringing a wireless version of the device to enterprise customers later this month.

3dRudder Pro Wireless is intended for use with Oculus Quest and other Android-based standalone VR headsets. The device is slated to launch on March 30th at the cost of $200, and will be available via 3dRudder’s website.

Image courtesy 3dRudder

And yes, that’s actually a wire you see in the photo above despite its Bluetooth capabilities and ‘wireless’ moniker. That’s because the Pro Wireless version needs external juice to run, such as a power bank. The company says one of the benefits of not having an internal batter is users can put it in a checked bag when flying.

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Like its PC version, it can also be used with standard SteamVR-compatible headsets as well through the wired USB 2.0 connection though, which makes it a bit more convenient as a cross-platform controller.

And like all 3dRudder devices, you navigate by using your feet; tilt the platform forward/backward, left/right, rotate it, or exert pressure to move up or down, and you’ll move in those directions in VR. It’s not for everyone, but those with mobility issues may find offloading some of the hand controller tasks to be useful in some situations.

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  • Pablo C

    Don´t get how is this for Quest

    • Richard Vermeulen

      New software could have the option to use the 3dRudder using bluetooth on the Quest.

      • Pablo C

        I got that, but the whole point of the Quest is walking around, albeit limited, not within a disc. This looks more for a seated experience, and the Quest aims to the opposite.

        • Dr. Dre

          Quest link ma boi

          • Pablo C

            In my limited experience, Quest link is not a good PC VR.

        • MosBen

          As the article says, this can help someone with mobility issues to utilize VR. Not everyone can or wants to walk around.

        • asdf

          there are a lot of games like fallout and skyrim that you can play for hours but 80% of the time isnt fighting and walking or even the fighting is you using a bow. So playing seated becomes a really good way to experience the game and youre still in vr interacting and changing your perspective.

          So i see the rudder as freeing up some of the controls and your thumbs by taking those inputs off of the controller.

          • Pablo C

            Those games are not for the Quest. I can see this as a PC VR feature, I just don’t see it on the path of mobile VR.

  • Good for people that want to use the Quest while seated

  • Trenix

    Spending $200 for something you can do with a joy stick provided with your controller, stupid.