HTC Vive today announced it will soon be offering two new business bundles for Vive Pro Eye, its enterprise-focused VR headset with integrated eye-tracking. Additionally, the company is reducing the original ‘all-in’ Vive Pro Eye kit to $1,400 from its original launch price of $1,600.

HTC is introducing two new packages sometime in Q2 this year, which it says will give businesses more flexibility of choice: Vive Pro Eye Office and the Vive Pro Eye Office Arena Bundle.

Vive Pro Eye Office, priced at $1,600, includes the ‘all-in’ Vive Pro Eye headset and the company’s newly revised enterprise-level warranty & services, previously called ‘Advantage’. Vive Pro Eye Office Arena Bundle, priced at $2,350, includes all of the above as well as an extra pair of SteamVR 2.0 base stations and a 20m fiber cable.

Vive Pro Eye Office Arena Bundle, Image courtesy HTC

HTC says that with the launch of its new Vive Pro Eye bundles, the company has simplified its business warranty and support program, which includes a two-year limited commercial-use warranty, support, and services.

HTC Vive Pro Headset Permanently Reduced to $600

Released last year, Vive Pro Eye features the same dual 1,440 × 1,600 AMOLEDs as Vive Pro, although it includes integrated eye-tracking created by the Sweden-based company Tobii. Eye-tracking has a number of potential uses such as like foveated rendering, user-intent analysis, and gaze-based interactions.

The new packages signal a fundamental rejiggering of the company’s enterprise-level VR options. The same can be said about its consumer-focused offerings, the latest of which was the Vive Cosmos, which is now offered across four different variations thanks to its faceplate modulatiry, bringing the company’s new total to 13 different headset combos. It seems HTC is making a big bet on modularity and wider choice as it competes against companies invested in monolithic product segments.

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  • Super GenieTale

    They have to stop taking drugs at HTC !

  • johngrimoldy

    Well this will certainly push VR forward considerably… (eyeroll).

  • Mei Ling

    Not sure if HTC is Pimax or if Pimax is HTC at this point :)

    • Bob Smith

      Tried an Index. Bought a Pimax 5k instead. After living with 170 degree FOV, I could never go back to the cramped little view other headsets offer. The company has its problems for sure, but they still make the best enthusiast level HMDs available. And they work with Index knuckles and base stations. Best consumer level setup available, no matter how much people like to mock the company itself.

      • Mei Ling

        It’s the business strategy I’m mainly referring to.

        • Bob Smith

          Fair enough. Thanks for making that clear.

      • Pulstar44

        If it worked reliably with every game I threw at it I would have one too. That’s why I returned it.

        • Bob Smith

          How long ago was that? The only game out of more than 100 which had some graphical issues I couldn’t fix was Subnautica. Like the Pimax, the Index has canted screens, so more developers are including fixes for canted screens.if it runs on Index it should run on Pimax.

  • kuhpunkt

    “thanks to its faceplate modulatiry”


  • I am confused

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Get a used odyssey first get for 150 on ebay or a new odyssey 2nd gen for 250 having the same res.

    • gothicvillas

      HMD is only half story. The rest story is told by controllers. In Odyssey case, controllers tell not so nice story…

      • Pulstar44

        The WMR controllers are a heck of alot better than vive wands…

        • Bob Smith

          And the Odyssey+ controllers are the best WMR controllers so far. If only knuckles would work with the + it would be the best HMD under $500.

          • Pulstar44

            The knuckles controllers do work with the Odyssey plus. You just need lighthouses. There’s a YouTube video on how to do it

          • Bob Smith

            I know it’s supposed to be possible but have you actually done it? I’ve read that it’s pretty janky.

      • Sion12

        But does Valve index/Vive pro controller tell $750+ better story though? thats why i think its difficult to recommend any of the high end headset on a value point of view.

  • mepy

    Come on, just release news about a Vive Pro 2 already.

    Something with:

    – 140-180° FOV
    – OLED
    – At least double the pixel count
    – Eye tracking option
    – Wireless compatible

    • Bob Smith

      Valve isn’t going with OLED because most consumers aren’t smart enough to know the difference between it and TFT LCDs. Wish it wasn’t so. But it is so. Why I bought a Pimax XR. Maybe Samsung will buck the trend and release an updated OLED Odyssey. We can hope.

      • mepy

        It’s the price difference. OLED is that much more expensive. But in a “Pro” headset OLED clearly needs to be included.

      • mepy

        LG and Google were working a 1443 PPI OLED display in May 2018. JDI started mass producing the 1001 PPI LCD display they were working in May 2018, now in February 2020. Perhaps LG is also nearing the point were they can mass produce their 1443 PPI OLED displays, and this is what Vive is waiting for before they release a new Vive Pro?

        However OLED and LCD are different technologies, and it may take longer to set up mass production of the comparably much newer OLED technology. Or it could be it happens this year some time? Some news from LG would be welcome.

        • Bob Smith

          I would love to see more OLED options. Thanks for the info.

    • Mei Ling

      There won’t be a Vive Pro 2 since they’re already working on the Vive Proton lineup of products. Depending upon the success of that venture will determine if they will push forward with a second iteration of their enterprise lineup.

      Personally I don’t think that will happen as once the Vive Proton is released it will probably be subjected to poor fanfare and sales which will most likely result in HTC going into administration. The Vive Proton is their make-or-break situation.

      • mepy

        The Vive Proton isn’t a comparable headset to the Vive Pro, it’s not ment to be used in the same way.