Oculus Medium, the company’s new 3D VR sculpting app revealed at this year’s Connect, allows anyone to create clay-like works of art from the very simple to the frighteningly realistic with a few swipes of Oculus Touch hand controllers.

But don’t take our word for it, because Medium’s twitter handle has been buzzing with some intensely cool creations to come out of the first demos with the program.

Keep in mind that attendees only had about 5 minutes to learn the controls and another 10 minutes to get to work making their art—some of which is clearly above the level of what I would call ‘beautifully slapdash’.

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We sifted out 8 of the most interesting works from the demos that show just how intuitive Oculus Touch controls really are at creating something surprisingly solid and frankly a bit scary too.

(these aren’t official names, just something I came up with)

8. Sleepy Minion

7. Lego Dude

6. Homer Simpson

5. Trogdor ‘the Burninator’

4. Techno-colored Jamie Hyneman (by Tested‘s Will Smith)

3. Robot Mind-Meld

2. Pockmarked Goblin

1. Pan of Arcadia

Road to VR‘s own Ben Lang had a chance to demo Medium, so our full hands-on article is coming as soon as the poor guy gets a meal in him from all of the announcements to stream out of this year’s Connect, including Minecraft for the Oculus Rift and a $99 Gear VR coming in November.

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What’s your favorite creation from Oculus Connect’s Medium demo? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • brandon9271

    I’m very excited about VR content creation. Especially when the big names like Pixologic, Autodesk,etc jump on board. Hopefully Valve is working on tools like this for Source 2. It would be so much more intuitive to design a level this way instead of using Hammer..ugh, what a chore

  • justincase145

    Once you can really live and breathe in a world whilst creating it, that will be amazing. Like minecraft but way more intuitive.

    • brandon9271

      Exactly! Imagine literally being able to hand paint a world to texture it. Rage/iD Tech 5 has megatextures and would allow for just that. Being able to go in with a brush or spray can. Being able to place props in the scene by hand. Content creation is what makes the budget so high for games so having better tools will bring that down. I think the mod community will really explode to. Like you said, something like Minecraft but as intuitive as Lego without any limitation on detail. How awesome that will be. I think the sequel to ‘Garry’s Mod’ will be something to watch out for.