‘A Rogue Escape’ to Release June 10th, Splicing Mech Combat & Escape Room in VR


Developer Spare Parts Oasis and publisher Armor Games Studios announced that A Rogue Escape, a VR reimaging of PC puzzle game Nauticrawl (2019), is coming to PC VR headsets on June 10th.

Update (May 20th, 2021): It’s been six months since we last saw A Rogue Escape, and now developer Spare Parts Oasis says it’s coming to SteamVR headsets on June 10th, 2021, announced through a new trailer (linked above and below).  You can wishlist it on Steam here.

The original article follows below:

Original Article (November 30th, 2020): The genre-splicing title, which is based on 2019’s IndieCade nominated rogue-lite puzzle game Nauticrawl, puts you in the commander’s seat of a giant steam punk-style mech stuck on a hostile planet.

In order to escape the planet, you’ll have to figure out how the gargantuan machine works, and discover the functions tied to its dizzying array of switches, buttons, screens and levers.

Clues left behind by its former crew are indispensable, as you learn to navigate across the world to five control centers in effort to free yourself from the planet’s elite overlord class.

Image courtesy Spare Parts Oasis

Spare Parts Oasis’ Andrea Interguglielmi, the original creator of Nauticrawl, says the game isn’t a port as such, but rather a “complete reinvention of something that now seems like it was always meant to be experienced in VR.”

To create A Rogue Escape, the team also partnered with VR development studio, Sylphe Labs, to “reimagine Nauticrawl’s titular vehicle as a completely 3D inhabitable space,” its developers say.

A Rogue Escape is slated to launch on the Oculus Store for PC and via SteamVR headsets in 2021. You can also sign up for the game’s closed beta here.

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    It’s always a bit of good news to see something isn’t coming to Quest.

    • theailer

      Yeah, atleast a not exclusive to quest game.

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        Honestly no it’s a big step up when it’s not on quest at all because it means they’re actually focusing on a PC, what it can do, and PCVR standards. Quest is both much more constrained hardware and a different market so Quest ports will always be an unpleasant reality and a game made for both is going to be a sensitive thing because that rarely means exclusive features or functionality for PC.

        • John Cruddas

          Also means devs will make a tiny fraction of the money that they would have made with a Quest port…

          • Ad

            You mean when they’re rejected from the Quest store? The success of devs on quest is partly a matter of being one of a small pre selected group. There still aren’t as many Quests as PC headsets and when the market for software on Quest saturates, returns to devs will fall by a lot from more competition, higher standards from consumers (many games have higher ratings on quest than on PC), and lower sales per headset to a casual audience.

    • John Wills

      but I pcvr with my quest wirelessly….. don’t you?

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