MMO-like ‘A Township Tale’ Coming to Oculus Quest on July 15th


Multiplayer RPG A Township Tale is coming to Oculus Quest on July 15th. The quietly developed MMO-like has been available in early access on PC since 2018 as developer Alta has honed a deep profession and crafting system.

A Township Tale is a cooperative VR RPG that’s been in open development by Australia based developer Alta. With multiplayer at its core, the game will allow up to eight simultaneous players on Quest to experience a persistent world designed for adventure, discovery, crafting, and a sense of community participation.

“From the moment the Quest was announced, the requests from fans started to roll in
for a dedicated version of our game, even though the thought of delivering a world as
expansive as A Township Tale to a standalone device seemed crazy,” said Boramy
Unn, game director at Alta. “We began the process last year, and now on July 15 we’ll be
launching A Township Tale on Oculus Quest, bringing to life a fantasy we’ve had since
we were children: To truly embody the RPG characters we play in a fantastical world.”

Beyond having a hand-made world to discover, A Township Tale leans deeply into its crafting, allowing players to intuitively take on roles like blacksmiths, woodcutters, and miners, simply by taking the time to experiment and learn the process of each trade. Blacksmiths, for instance, must heat molded metal before being able to hammer it to shape to make a sharpened blade that can be affixed it to a hilt to make a sword or axe.

Image courtesy Alta

A Township Tale is set to launch on Quest on July 15th, priced at $10. The price will also include 1,000 Talems (the in-game currency) which players can use to purchase premium cosmetic items.

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The game is available free-to-play on PC. Developer Alta says that the Quest version of A Township Tale will include most of, but not all, of the PC version features at launch, with plans to reach feature-parity in the future. The studio also notes that cross-play between Quest and PC is unfortunately not supported yet, but plans to support one-way cross-play in the future by allowing PC players to connect to Quest servers.

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  • Ajedi32

    I’m super-impressed they managed to get this working on Quest; I’d have thought it too demanding a game.

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  • Perfect demonstration of VR news media. Awesome game that’s been tested for years on PC where it’s been freely available and constantly shaped by player feedback to an ever improving state gets zero mention until or if they announce a Quest port. So much for all the indies denied by Oculus or games that are impossible to port down (including even some of Oculus’ own older PC VR games so not by some fault of the developer). And lol @ pretending UploadVR’s Showcase didn’t happen/all the trailers didn’t debut.

    • guest

      So true. Its strange that the characters have no legs. Would think that a game with such complex mechanics would be able to figure out how to prevent feet from sticking into the ground. BTW, in American English the term Crafting also can means witchcraft, but I’m sure FB would not mind that!

      • Buddydudeguy

        Absolutely nobody thinks crafting means witchcraft. The word might have a history and old meaning/s but ya, no.

    • Tima Anoshechkin

      Just for clarification. All the main VR press including RoadToVR approached us years ago.

      We just ask politely not to cover us, to allow game to get better and keep focused on the game.